10-Cib: Stories that hisss

"It is experience, rather than understanding, that influences behaviour." - Marshall McLuhan (10-Cib), Understanding Media (1964)

“It is experience, rather than understanding, that influences behaviour.” – Marshall McLuhan (10-Cib), Understanding Media (1964)

Here is my own personal version of what happened (history).

After Kennedy was out of the way, back in late 1963, the people of the world wanted to see the American flag on the moon. Well, maybe just half of them wanted that flag. If Kennedy said it’s possible to do so before the hedonistic 70’s begin, then his successors must deliver on that promise.

So the shadow gov turned to the egg-headed scientists of NASA, some of whom were former party members (and we all remember that party). Can we place an American flag on the moon and make it look like Iwo Jima? A lunar selfy, maybe?

Von-Braun said: “Sure, it can be done. I can setup a McDonald’s outlet right on the beach of the Sea of Tranquility. The sales department will love it.”

“Beautiful” said shadow gov Y. “When can we expect delivery?”

Werner’s facial muscles were softly solid and calm. “Around Rosh HaShana, 5775.”

Y’s face was a-puzzled. He turned to look over his right shoulder and conferred silently with a balding, yet ageless-looking consultant.

“That’s almost 15 years into the next millennium.  Unacceptable. The martyr movie-star president said ‘by the end of this decade’, so anything beyond the 73 middle-eastern skirmish is out of the question.”

Doc Braun frowned for the first time. “By 1973 we might be advanced enough to use robots to put up the first arch of the restaurant’s rotating, bouncing logo marquee out front. That’s about it. We need at least 30 additional years of non-stop research and bi-weekly global Zen meditations to place 3 live ferrets on top one of the dunes up there. However, they won’t be able to carry (let alone plant) any flag over six inches long.”

“Hrmpth” went Y in a singular display of imbalance. “We’ll be in touch, Doc. Keep working on it. Money isn’t an issue, just get it done.”

"May the spirit of peace in which we came be reflected in the lives of all mankind." - Neil Armstrong (10-Chuen)

“May the spirit of peace in which we came be reflected in the lives of all mankind.” – Neil Armstrong (10-Chuen)

Several years passed and no tangible progress was made in NASA’s factories and laboratories, despite the ridiculous money that was pouring their way. Their Russian counterparts seemed to be ahead, and to the Russians NASA seemed to be leading. But they were both faced with the same cosmic facts about the big blue marble. It was beginning to dawn on the ones in the know that nothing alive could stay alive when it physically ventures too far away from its Mother.

So shadow gov Y’s itinerary was set for a mansion near Hollywood. Mr. Bob O’Brien of MGM studios was there with his Head of production Bob Weitman. Both Bobs were awaiting a visit by a top-echelon man, whose name remained unknown after he later left.

Y wasted no time once seated, and went straight to the point. “I’d like to rent out one of your studios in the UK for one weekend. Name your price.”

Bob looked at his Head and asked “which studio?”

“The one managed by your director Stan Kubrick. I believe he’s currently working there on a science fiction feature. The sets he has put together are just what we need for our current global PR project. I’m not at liberty to divulge any further details about our business in your studio over the weekend we’ll need it, but I can assure you that you’ll learn all about it along with the rest of the world eventually.”

The Bobs knew very little about Y and the people he represented. Lucky for them, they were very experienced in knowing an offer that cannot be refused when they heard it. It’s plain dangerous to turn such offers down.

So one of the Bobs named his price, Y’s operators picked up the tab, and history was televised into existence on July 1969.

The MGM science fiction feature “2001” was released well in advance (April ’68) as a teaser in disguise.

1-Manik trecena daily digest: begins 16 June 2015

Preface: Clearing the air

Keren Ann (8-Ix, next week) is a musician of a magical kind. If you let her in she’ll work her spells on you. Very much like Perry Farrel who shares her Mayan birthday, her musicmanship and sheer skill stand out from the first notes you hear. The sound is clean and precise, the volume levels are just right, and the mastering is BOOM.

To be born on the 1-Manik trecena and sing about not going anywhere is like a contradiction in terms. Manik stands for perpetual travels out in the wild, unknown parts and less-trodden paths of the land. The spirit of the four-legged animals is embodied on this plane to pace the earth within neighboring woods and well beyond them. When a stag (another word for Manik) is not going anywhere he is probably too busy protecting his community and offspring diligently.

However, being a stag, you can never know when he’ll disappear, maybe not ever to return. Then you realize that his young bucks have grown up already, and the pack guard is being releaved by new recruits. It was good timing after all. The aging stag is now off on a new pilgrimage, reliving his days of youth and hormones.

In Hinduism, this is known as being a Varna Prasta – a forest dweller.

His spirit dwells still around his old breeding and child-rearing grounds. Sons and daughters tune into the frequency left behind by their ancestors, and learn the way of their kind by resonance.

1-Manik: Path of blessings

1-Manik: The lone pilgrim

Born on this day: Bob Schieffer, Matthew Modine, Franz Beckenbauer, Antonis Samaras (incumbent Greek president), Moses Montefiore, Ernst Alexanderson

Today I plant a seed of healing

Today I plant a seed of healing and cleansing

The sun came up clear and warm this morning. The skies were clean and pristine, no clouds and no aerosol debris. Every morning can seem just like the one before it, but this one didn’t. I was different.

Comfort runs deep enough to elude me. It begins with my body vehicle – where I sit and how long I sit there; the paths I take from and to. It continues with the people I talk to and meet. Then comfort gets too comfy dwelling on ideas that are “same, same, but different”. It goes on and on and it’s all-pervasive.

It’s time to try something that really scares me.

Manik is essentially this overall impression. He is the lone pilgrim.

“There’s more to life than this.”

2-Lamat: Doubled rabbit

Born on this day: Elvis Presely, Cal Ripken Jr., Kenny Wheeler

"The image is one thing and the human being is another...it's very hard to live up to an image." - Elvis Presley (2-Lamat)

“The image is one thing and the human being is another…it’s very hard to live up to an image.” – Elvis Presley (2-Lamat)

The restless 1-Manik, ever-looking for some new adventure, constantly evolving spiritually – finds his/her match on 2-Lamat. In other words: be careful of what you wish for!

Lamat is an ancient word for multitasking. Lamat-types can have many different interest going around on their mind at any given time. For example, I was born 8-Lamat and I can safely say it’s been that way ever since I can remember my conscious self. All Lamat-types also have Ik on their right-hand cross, so the craving to learn more about many different things (shining star in all directions) can be explained this way, too.

Today I meet Lamat on a 2-day. In numbers, 2 is the one and only natural number that multiplies its predecessor (1). When you go from 2 to 3 it’s already a lesser “leap”.

Two is also related to a question, or “duality” in the parlance of our times. So the lone pilgrim 1-Manik who was edging to try something new and terrifying yesterday wakes up to a showstopper question – “why bother? What’s out there that isn’t right here/now?” So many destinations – and Lamat is bountiful.

However, Lamat’s comfort zone is low self-esteem, a.k.a. the argumentative “black hole mode” Lamat.

You heard me, rabbits.

3-Muluc: Active liquid

Born on this day: Mick Jagger, George Washington (1st US president), Kyra Sedgwick, Rob Lowe, Shirley MacLaine, 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami

"Make the most of the Indian hemp seed, and sow it everywhere!" - George Washington (3-Muluc)

“Make the most of the Indian hemp seed, and sow it everywhere!” – George Washington (3-Muluc)

The third day’s sunrise was a deja-vu revision of that first, transparent one I witnessed the day before yesterday. It couldn’t be identical, though, because sunrises never are. I was different again.

I remembered the first seed of rebellion vs. Comfort I sowed then. Last night’s dilemma (2-Lamat) has to be transcended by action. My spiritual horizons never used to came up to me while I sat and watched them in awe, and this time it’s going to be just the same. I need to meet the horizon at least half way.

So I made some calls and got organized. My 15 minutes of fame in the shower made me think in 5th gear. Water on my skin does that to me every single time. I pick up a thread, pull it until I become self-conscious about it, then pick up a better thread. When I finished I came up with my daily wisecrack:

The sunrise is just a symbol. It means Wake Up!

Waking up can mean so many things, but many of them can be summed up by some kind of “responsibility”. Is it the grownup type? Job, bills, kids? Na, not this time. On the lone pilgrim’s journey this means loving my own destination to the point of not letting go of it. This approach can no longer be called “responsibility”, but it’s so much better than it.  Muluc has to be passionate about her paths of devotion, otherwise she’ll turn to wherever her passion guides her.

Dedication. I can’t get around without it; I can’t get around it without falling right back on comfort and my own personal conformity. When fully awake, Muluc has to be on the move, and she takes me along with her. If I’m wise I’ll let her take the lead.

The number 3 is a dynamic power source that knows no boundaries. Whatever I decide to dedicate myself to becomes total and engaging. I interact closely with that goal I’m focused on, I nurture it and it nurtures me back. Indeed, dedication can easily be both a means and an end at the same time.

Then I just went out the door.

Procrastination is a nice word for a self-inflicted guilt trip. Dwelling on it just doesn’t help anyone.

4-Oc: Complete devotion

Born on this day: Branford Marsalis, Kevin Bacon, David Broza, Tzipi Livni

Bravery sets the boundaries of spiritual healing

Bravery sets the boundaries of spiritual healing

Devotion offered freely is a powerful engine. But even engines have limits, and so must be treated every once in a while with some tender loving care. I know people who do the devotion thing all day long. Other people love them, they get tons done, but mental fatigue builds up in deep and secret places. Then one late afternoon they realize they’ve got nothing more to give.

Oc is the guardian, defending his clan from ignorance and malicious trespass till his tomb, and then again beyond it. This is the flavor which makes him/her a favorite and down-to-earth kind of pack leader. Tonight I let Oc take care of me, and keep his vigil in case I overdo devotion and forget about having fun doing it.

When coupled with the stabling effect of the number 4 Oc becomes a very astute kind of canine. One who guards boundaries wisely and consistently.

5-Chuen: Power of Art

Born on this day: Flea, Richard Wright (Pink Floyd), Cat Stevens, Tim Roth, Marisa Tomei, Lasse Hallström

"The Koreans have influenced us a lot, through their loving attitude, evil dictatorship, and funky bass playing." - Flea (5-Chuen)

“The Koreans have influenced us a lot, through their loving attitude, evil dictatorship, and funky bass playing.” – Flea (5-Chuen)

The road leading to the temple took several days off my terrestrial tenure span, and gave me many profound memories in return. When I tell stories about my trip people are entertained, especially the ones who don’t believe half of them. Those are usually the ones that don’t share my pet peeve of doing truly scary things.

Before reality became just another entertaining story it was real and present. Walking the road up to the mountain temple wasn’t easy, but the hardships were not as significant as the magnificent way in which they were negotiated. My old self arrived at unfamiliar surroundings, as new strands were woven into my dusty, familiar tapestry. Living the road was like putting brush and paint to a canvas, or like playing live in front of the living.

It was ALIVE, and it still is.

Art empowers me by inspiration. I’m a curious lone pilgrim, in constant awe of new things I learn every day and in every way.

“How’s it hanging, McFly?” – Needles (5-Chuen) to Marty (5-Caban)

6-Eb: Traditional path

Born on this day: Jerry Lee Lewis, Liberace, Joe Perry (Aerosmith), Juliette Lewis, Ray Liotta, Mel Brooks, Christopher Marlowe (baptised today), Mariano Rivera

"Hope for the best. Expect the worst. Life is a play. We're unrehearsed." - Mel Brooks (6-Eb)

“Hope for the best. Expect the worst. Life is a play. We’re unrehearsed.” – Mel Brooks (6-Eb)

Like the veins of the great mother, roads course through the old country, tracing the same routes for many years. The steps you took yesterday for the first time have been already taken by many feet before yours. Maybe one of your forebearers walked here before, and now you walk with him.

As any stranger in a strange land you rely on community and companionship to satisfy your mundane needs. Total strangers offer hospitality and advice, provide maps and directions. They let you into their world and homes, treating you as a fellow soul feeding off the mother.

After eating your fill and resting, other needs begin to replenish and balance off. Things like having someone really listen to me, and reciprocating. Cravings like sitting still and enjoying company. Loosing track of time by simply sharing life with fellow humans. You realize the mundane and the elevated are one and the same.

Someone once said something about the meek. The Eb energy is very much about respect, which is the only type of foundation any community can have. Respect guides you when you ask a stranger for help. Respect guides the stranger who bravely reaches out back to you.

However, respect has nothing to do with authority.

7-Ben: Purpose and destiny

Born on this day: Hafez al-Assad, Hermann Göring, US civil war ends

"The only one who really knows about the Reichstag is I, because I set it on fire!" - Hermann Göring (7-Ben)

“The only one who really knows about the Reichstag is I, because I set it on fire!” – Hermann Göring (7-Ben)

One afternoon I took a hike with my host up one of the hills. I couldn’t tell how he picks his way, cutting through overgrown thickets and revealing hidden paths. But I followed him anyway, maybe because I had no other choice, or perhaps because his staff was made of local wood, and it gave its bearer at least a measure of soft authority.

The view I got just wouldn’t allow me to dwell on any kind of thought.

When we stopped he pointed to the horizon and told me the name of a close community. I knew it was time to go.

Seven has that sense of staying where I am, right up until that point when I gather what’s mine, get up and start walking again. When I arrived it felt right to stay here forever. Now it’s clear my stay has elapsed, and no more rest is needed.

Onwards to whatever experience my destiny has in store over the hill. It was destiny that made me stay and share life with the local community. Now the same destiny shifts polarity and becomes dynamic again. Destiny begins here and now, even if it seems like I’m going nowhere for a while.

Wanderlust, as a perpetual way of life and destiny, is the fuel of the pilgrim, whether he’s by his own fireplace or blazing a fresh, unknown path.

8-Ix: Infinite magic

Born on this day: Keren Ann, Perry Farrell, Margaret Thatcher, Buzz Aldrin, Orlando Bloom

"Oh, but you know, you do not achieve anything without trouble, ever." - Margaret Thatcher (8-Ix)

“Oh, but you know, you do not achieve anything without trouble, ever.” – Margaret Thatcher (8-Ix)

Wild, untamed nature dwells in a realm beyond what the word “beautiful” can ever express. It is magical in the most mundane and spectacular sense of magic; the deep magic that makes the flowers bloom is too much for even the god of spring to fathom.

In the silent, bubbling wells hidden in caverns lies the essence of the Mayan archetype known as the jaguar. The purity of real Mountain Dew, its vitality and freshness – all embody the hallmark of Yucatan jungle evolution. A feline so magical it is a demigod in the bush.

The jaguar’s magic is present in any manifestation of nature. Besides the springs, the jungle itself is guarded by the energy of Ix, along with sacred shrines, overlooking the entire green and brown vista.

9-Men: Macro-vision

Born on this day: Chick Corea, Teri Hatcher, Stephen Baldwin

The eagle's perspective bestows patience.

The eagle’s perspective bestows patience.

Then I saw it.

A white and yellow temple on the side of a high cliff. A sacred place for generations of truth seekers and pilgrims. It looked exactly like the old library in Alexandria, only completely different. An unknown treasure was waiting silently for an enthusiastic seeker to show up.

All that I saw from the other side of the ravine. Fantastic visions aside, I still had to find my way there. I still had to communicate with whoever was there and gain access and maybe a bed and some food.

I am still

gaining altitude, circling around peaks and finding thermals.

A bridge spans the chasm above me.

10-Cib: Forgiveness now

Born on this day: Marshall McLuhan, Zoe Saldana, George Gershwin, Daniel Barenboim, Fred Durst, Arthur C. Clarke, Thomas Young, Robbie Gee, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton)

"It is experience, rather than understanding, that influences behaviour." - Marshall McLuhan (10-Cib), Understanding Media (1964)

“It is experience, rather than understanding, that influences behaviour.” – Marshall McLuhan (10-Cib), Understanding Media (1964)

Read about 10-Cib in a dedicated post.

The stones that were assembled to make up the temple had a cold knowledge deep inside them. Even in the summer sun I could place my hand on a random pillar and it would be cool.

11-Caban: Creative frequency

Born on this day: Christopher Hitchens, Roseanne Barr, Bob Odenkirk, Jay-Z, Timothy Leary, Michael Cera

"Think for yourself and question authority." - Timothy Leary (11-Caban)

“Think for yourself and question authority.” – Timothy Leary (11-Caban)

On the way back home from my pilgrimage my thoughts took on a pristine quality. Something was cleaning up inside, and the journey with all the experiences I had are what made this clensing happen. I felt very strong and healthy, as if I just got out of a morning shower.

My life had one kind of routine going before I left for this trip. This kind was now doomed to be discarded. I realized I cannot go back to being the person I was. My family and neighbors that are now waiting for me to return are waiting for someone who I used to be.

That said, when they see me they’ll still be able to recognize me immediately. We’ll all be very happy for a while, as my long-awaited return is celebrated. Then I’ll slowly begin picking up the threads and ties of my regular life.

Adaptation is on my mind as I pick my way down the landscape increasingly familiar to me. The new and the old adapt to each other, making good ties stronger and bad ties fall apart.

12-Edznab: True completion

Born on this day: Georges Moustaki, Annie Lennox, Louis Armstrong, Lou Reed, Shania Twain, Daddy G (Massive Attack), Rudyard Kipling, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Michael Flatley, Martin Scorsese, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jacques Chirac, Lincoln’s assassination

"Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet, till Earth and Sky stand presently at God's great Judgment Seat" - Rudyard Kipling (12-Edznab) The Ballad of East and West (1889)

“Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet, till Earth and Sky stand presently at God’s great Judgment Seat” – Rudyard Kipling (12-Edznab) The Ballad of East and West (1889)

My grandson came to visit me the other day. He came to say goodbye before leaving on a long and far away journey. As he knew growing up, out of all the elders in the family I was the one who traveled the most.

So we sat down together in the living room with our drinks and I told him the stories that no one remembers anymore, about what happened on the way to the temple, how amazing it was to be there, how stupid I was going around backward countries with next to no luggage or equipment.

How lucky he was today for being on the doorstep with one foot in adventure.

That was the last time he saw me.

13-Cauac: Divine cleansing

Born on this day: Vandana Shiva, David Hyde Pierce, Janet Jackson, Axl Rose, Edgar Allan Poe, River Phoenix, Kevin Pollak, Kim Thayil (Soundgarden)

“They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.” – Edgar Allan Poe (13-CAUAC), Eleonora (1841)

High rain clouds pass overhead indifferently.

1-Lamat trecena daily digest: begins 8 May 2014

When the credits come up at the end of the feature the theater lights are turned back on. It’s time to get off your seat and walk out into reality, pondering the make-believe experience you just went through.

It fades so fast. Five minutes ago you were still riveted to your seat, living some other life. Now you try to grasp at stale excitement, an elusive odor that is now obsolete.

“Baby I’m a star!” – Prince (12-Cauac)

World – keep on turnin’

I'm so darn glad HE let me try it again,
'cause my last time on earth I lived a whole world of sin.
I'm so glad that I know more than I knew then.
Gonna keep on tryin' till I reach the Highest Ground.
- Stevie Wonder (3-Eb)

1-Lamat: Starseed

Born on this day: Roger Daltrey, Avril Lavigne, Willem Dafoe, Rene Russo, Tiffani Thiessen, Keith Allen, Engelbert Humperdinck


“I can go anyway, way I choose. I can live anyhow, win or lose. I can go anywhere, for something new. Anyway, anyhow, anywhere I choose.” – Roger Daltrey (1-Lamat), Anyway

1-Lamat begins the trecena of the Spiritual abundance embodied by the maturity of learning yesterday’s lessons to the letter. It is the last chance to gather insights and precious lessons from the current frame of awareness. Beginning May 21st (1-Imix), the Tzolkin autumn will begin, and it’ll be time to manage the seeds that are collected Now.

It is the last trecena of the round, located in the 13th uinal a.k.a. Saturday. The resolutions I decide to focus upon are all going to be packed and shipped over to the next Tzolkin round. These will then be unpacked according to my personal sequence, and applied to my future reality.

Stage 13 is the equivalent of the Fruit stage of the natural cycle in the Flora domain. So what do I do with fruit? I can eat it, save the seed for next season, or let it rot on the vine or the on ground after falling under the tree.

So, metaphorically, these are my options regarding whatever my awareness picks up during the next 12 days. Let’s say I’m 3 months after finishing a house renovation. A good friend shares his experience and viewpoint and singles out an idea I can implement to make my home even more beautiful, efficient, practical – whatever.

I can disregard it, I can “consume” it right now and get my ladder and tools, or I can just keep it for the next round of renovations.

Who’s watching me watching you?

Every star has two sides to it – two observers. You never really know who’s looking down at you from the night sky. There are so many of them; there are so many of us. The multiplying aspect of Lamat means that the more convinced I am about something – the more surprised I’ll be one day when I realize that the opposite view can be just as convincing.

This Lamat duality is especially potent where Lamat rules – the 13th Uinal. It is the dilemma between fruit and seed, between One and Thirteen and back again.

2-Muluc: Wet Moon

Born on this day: Mickey Rourke, Madeline Kahn, John Travolta, Omar Hakim

Wet Moon

“But the servant must wait, while the master bates.” – Madeline Kahn (2-Muluc), History of the World Part I

Boy, 2-Muluc. If there ever was a day in which José Argüelles came up with the idea that Muluc is the moon – it would be today.

The moon reflects the sun as water does. The moon draws and releases bodies of water.

2-Muluc is recognizing this feminine heartbeat that’s so easy to overlook. For the star (Lamat) to become a near source of Light (Ahau) it must first recognize the pattern of reflection in this world; the play of origin and destination. The key for achieving this realization lies in Muluc – one of the 3 Gathering signs in this trecena (along with Ix and Cauac).

Muluc tells me that gathering begins with a true intent of gratitude and sharing later. The Offering of water means that I’m gathering water not just for myself and my own, but as an offering to another or to the Divine. This liberation from personal indulgences creates a gap in mind and awareness.

When I gather just for my own survival my awareness is not the same. When I gather through Muluc I allow new available space in my being. This space wiggles and vibrates with refreshing overtones, as all new space does, and gives me the gift of adaptability. These two ingredients – the gap and the fluidity – are exactly what creation needs to present me with new abundance in places I never knew before.

3-Oc: Omni-Love

Born on this day: J. Robert Oppenheimer, Nelson Mandela, Eddie Murphy, Annette Bening, Chico Marx, Newt Gingrich


“(- Now, then, baboons, what is a corpuscle?) – That’s Easy. First ‘s a Captain, then ‘s a Lieutenant then ‘s a Corpuscle.” – Chico Marx (3-Oc), Horse Feathers

Whatever you come across as News, my advice to you is to take it with a pinch of ridicule and doubt. Why? Well, yesterday was 2-Muluc, dealing with illusions that inhibit thankful sharing. Tomorrow will be 4-Chuen, realizing that not taking things too seriously leads ultimately to the truth (11-Edznab) and enlightenment (13-Ahau).

But hey, besides the serious Oppenheimer 3-Oc seems to be about something very funny and liberating. Nelson Mandela is still inspiring good people today, and so do Eddie Murphy and Chico Marx.

Under the Hood

Yesterday’s dilemma is resolved by today’s sun-sign Oc and its message of Love and loyalty, along with the 3rd stage of rhythm and motion.

The Dog has similar meanings in various cultures. In Islam he’s the one animal admitted into heaven. In the Greco-Egyptian stream the Dog is Sirius the faithful dog-star (duo-star, to be exact) that faithfully affects affairs down here on Earth from millions of light-years away.

According to other studies it is also associated with the planet Mercury, governing faithful communication of knowledge and wisdom.

In the Book of Numbers (12:4) Caleb Ben Yefune was one of the twelve scouts who “went in front of the camp” to tour the promised land. Ten of the scouts reported high impregnable walls and towers, a host of giants, advanced war machinery and a big useless desert. Two scouts, Caleb and Joshua were the only ones who told the people that the land is good, and that any adversaries there are no match for them. As a reward, they were the only two who were admitted into the promised land, as the old generation of the Desert all died away.

In Hebrew, Caleb (or Kelev) means Dog, and the word itself can be meaningfully divided: Lev means heart and Ke-lev means ‘all heart’ or ‘as a heart’.

For the Maya Oc carries a torch in his jaws and leads the way for Man down the dark labyrinth  of the underworld.

All this symbolism makes perfect sense, and it comes together to stand for the kind of love and devotion that goes beyond Death. When coupled with the 3rd stage, which is the fuel that drives the next 10 days – I get something very romantic and warmhearted.

It feels like the right key ingredient during the current edition of Ascension by Dawn.

best-friend Comedians

Here’s Chico (3-Oc) Groucho (6-Ahau, previous trecena), and Harpo (4-Ik) Marx in Horse Feathers, during a college biology lesson:

4-Chuen: Fantasia has no Boundaries

Born on this day: Trey Parker, Tina Turner, Mark Margolis, David Bowie, Marie Fredriksson (Roxette), Sean Connery, 1st Atomic Bomb (Hiroshima)


“Oh man, look at those cavemen go! It’s the freakiest show.” – David Bowie (4-Chuen), Life on Mars

Chuen is the spirit of art and craft, and today it appears on the trecena of the Star to become a what’s called a Rock-Star. You know, like Ziggy Stardust.

Art assumes a stable expression on 4-Chuen; firm foundations of creativity to build upon. Hence – Rock (solid)-Star. It originates from love (Oc), transmutes loyalty to others into loyalty to a higher self, and thus enhances creation by adding a weaving motion to the flow of time. Chuen weaves ideas into the tapestry of existence, and turns mundane time into a play of destiny.

It is said that a true artist is the one who makes obvious something that was completely disregarded. Well, when the artist manifests and then wanes the Road (Eb) becomes clearer.

Going back to the cultural discussion under 3-Oc, it seems that Chuen embodies the other aspect of the planet Mercury (the first being faithful communication – Oc). This other aspect deals with the craftiness, playfulness and ingenuity that complement and are the result of the first aspect.

Here’s Marie Fredriksson (4-Chuen) and Roxette in an inspiring song:

Listen to your heart

There’s nothing else you can do

5-Eb: Man’s Stairway

Born on this day: Ron Paul, Dwight D. Eisenhower (34th US President), Fred Alan Wolf, Mike Myers, Claus von Stauffenberg, Rev. Jim Jones


“BIBLE – Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth” – Mike Myers (5-Eb), The Love Guru

On November 18th, 1978 Rev. Jim Jones (5-Eb) led his sheepfold to mass suicide, emulating the desperate story of Massada from the 1st century CE. He was the kind of leader that could actually pull that kind of sacrifice off on a grand scale. He shares his Tzolkin birthday with two other common-people leaders: Ron Paul and Ike.

Another 5-Eb heroic failure would be Claus von Stauffenberg.

5-Eb means knowing how to find and follow your one true path of integrity and purpose, which must always lead upwards and onwards, like a staircase. Having established Chuen in the previous stage, I now return to the theme cardinal direction for the first time (south) and incorporate the essence of Eb in order to walk the path of the Stars.

5-Eb also means knowing what moves you forward and what keeps you back, as the Buddha once said (Buddha being the Hindu name for Mercury). Since Eb is a sensitive and communal sun-sign, those boosters and obstacles can be the subtlest things – an orchard in bloom, a far-away snow-capped peak, an off remark.

Rather than keeping things hidden inside, today I share my thoughts about where I am and where I’m heading. I pin-point the landmarks that offer promise, and those that present challenge. I rally my tribe to follow me down the star-spangled path of the universe.

You know, like Ike.

6-Ben: Staff of Tradition

Born on this day: Andy García, Meat Loaf, Beck, John McEnroe, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, Graham Hancock


“I really love that Rock n’ Roll!” – Meatloaf (6-Ben) as Eddie in the Rocky Horror Picture Show

I think you have to be born on a Ben day to be the head of a distinguished family dynasty, like old Mayer was in the mid 18th century. He raised his five daughters and five sons – literally raised them, as any spiritual ladder/leader does; from the ghetto to the very top of the world.

Of course, the five sons in particular were his life-long project. In due time, he sent each son to a different country in Europe in order to establish a financial and political beachhead. All five sons succeeded beyond imagination. When the French Revolution came along the family business got a boost from supplying Britain with mercenaries – a business move many think they still use today.

In his recent book, Kenneth Johnson depicts Ben-types as being insatiable at their worst. They can never quite get enough of anything. Does this trait fit Mayer’s card by some strange coincidence?

Biographies aside, 6-Ben embodies a unique mix of tradition (6) and family (Ben). These two words seem to go along well together, and share a mutual web of meaning. As opposed to the example I gave above with Rothschild and the extremities of the Ben aspect, 6-Ben is a balanced and nurturing mother – the kind of guiding light of the family and home that Ian Lungold talked about. She draws her power from the last Eastern sign we had – Muluc, and her every action is dedicated to elevating herself and her family.

Here’s Beck (6-Ben) doing “Deadweight”:

This music video has scenes from the movie “A life less ordinary” (1997). Amazingly, it includes 3 people born on the same trecena: Beck (today), Cameron Diaz (10-Caban) and Ewan McGregor (12-Cauac).

Don’t let the Sun catch you crying…

7-Ix: Magic Mountain

Born on this day: Muhammad Ali, Sarah Palin, Waco siege end


“I’m the greatest thing that ever lived. I’m so great I don’t have a mark on my face. I shook up the world.” – Muhammad Ali (7-Ix)

After 2-Muluc, the second Gathering sun-sign in this trecena appears on stage Se7en. Ix is the sign of magic and of skill. It embodies a gathering of spiritual potential.

The Starry Shaman 7-Ix lives on the top of the Magic Mountain. He shows me the path that I’ve walked so far, through 19 trecenas, and teaches me that the ultimate purpose of the journey is something magical and profound, something that’s lying in ambush for me on the next Tzolkin round.

Muhammad Ali (7-Ix) interviewed before and then right after his “Rumble in the Jungle” bout with Foreman in Zaire: “I’ll TKO him. Humiliation will stop this fight!

8-Men: Forever Vision

Born on this day: Bryan Adams, Émile Zola, Gates McFadden (Star Trek TNG), Swami Vivekananda, Dr. Sanjay Gupta (CNN, 60 Minutes)

Forever Vision

“In a day when you don’t come across any problems — you can be sure that you are traveling in the wrong path.” – Swami Vivekananda (8-Men), Pearls of Wisdom

On January 6, 2009, CNN announced that Gupta had been considered for the position of Surgeon General by President Barack Obama.” – Wiki on Gupta

I think Gupta can make a dandy Surgeon General. Big pharma and big medicare have nothing to worry about. NOT!

Panoramic vision is one of the gifts that the Eagle was given by the Maker. This aspect is true for all Men days, but 8-Men has a special twist to it.

Let’s say I have panoramic vision but at the same time I’m also biased towards a particular course of action. I will probably use my vision to pursue that course without considering alternatives. Maybe it’s just because I’m used to it.

8-Men doesn’t have that problem. Since this kin is multiplied by Lamat’s energy, and ultimately leads to enlightenment (13-Ahau) it has no permanent bias to speak of. It is an idealized version of Men that is totally free on all levels because of its fine balance.

Jesus, meet Krishna

On September 11th 1893 (2-Men) Swami Vivekananda (8-Men) took the stage at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago, representing India and Hinduism, and gave the following famous speech:

Some say that this speech brought the spiritual philosophy of the sub-continent to the West for the first time. Well, I’m not too sure about that, but I’m pretty sure it’s the first time an Indian guru was recorded on tape, speaking to some seven thousand people in Illinois.

9-Cib: Wisdom of Patience

Born on this day: Tori Spelling, Warren Buffett, Marlon Brando, Gabi Ashkenazi (previous Israeli Chief of General Staff)

Wisdom of Patience

“After all, we’re not murderers, in spite of what this undertaker thinks.” – Marlon Brando (9-Cib), The Godfather

Warren Buffet (9-Cib), the Godfather’s aura has been dispelled. Take a seat.

The cardinal direction of the trecena appears again today, 9-Cib. This day has a special emphasis on our ancestors and on honoring their memories and wisdom (even more than other Cib days).

Honoring fore-bearers and parents is a value that is common to all mankind, and it seems to be indispensable. If I thought I can do without it when I was a child, chances are I’ll have no choice but to do without it when I have my own children (because they’ll do the same to me). When my parents are no more I will think about the honor I gave them while they were around. I’ll face the mirror with my own children, and strive to create something new with them.

Since the next stage is manifestation, stage 9 stands for the actions and factors that lead to it. It is always close to the now, but not quite (t)here. The wisdom and tranquility of our ancestors (Cib) is the same. It is available to me through reminiscing at any given time, but it’s already disembodied and above the material plain, so it’s never here.

Maybe this is the reason why Kenneth Johnson points out that the Nine days are usually reserved for remembrance  rituals, taking place in graveyards and memorial sites. I assume that 9-Cib and 9-Ahau are especially devoted to those, and for good reason.

10-Caban: Universal Heartbeat Now

Born on this day: Chris Noth (Sex and the City), Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon, Avigdor Lieberman (Israeli Secratery of State), Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (Incumbent Turkish PM), Marco van Basten, Lara Logan


The Star (1-Lamat) manifests as the Global Heartbeat (10-Caban)

Lara Logan (10-Caban) was born 2 days after Sanjay Gupta (8-Men) according to the Tzolkin. They are both doing very well in the mainstream media. I wonder where they draw their lines of integrity. Does their Boss help them draw it?

One aspect of Caban has to do with frequencies, modulations, and harmonics. The rules that govern these sciences seem to permeate and remain relevant on all planes and spectra.

For example, in harmonics there is a term called resonance. Resonance appears in music as well as in color. It manifests in network meetings under pavilions and during live performances on stage.

It happens when I write something and you know what I mean.

But always, every time the trecena chimes Ten – responsibility dawns. Other 10’s might take a break. Not 10-Caban. Since it carries within it the resonant message of all previous manifestations, 10-Caban chooses responsibility every time. It’s very logical to do so. It is the only thing conceivable.

11-Edznab: Tomorrow’s Mirror

Born on this day: Britney Spears, Condoleezza Rice, Kiefer Sutherland, Dominic Monaghan (portraid Merry in LOTR 2001-3), Chris Farley

Tomorrow's Mirror

“I can get a great look at a t-bone steak by shoving my head up a bull’s ass but I’d rather take the butchers word for it.” – Chris Farley (11-Edznab)

I wouldn’t bet on an end-date if I wasn’t willing to gamble on the extraordinary off-chance. You know, like Kiefer Sutherland (11-Edznab) did in “Flatliners” back in 1990.

But then, coming back to reality, I count numerous “end dates” that came and went in the past. The usual example would be the Y2K bug, but there were famous men and women of divination that clearly marked a certain date for something extraordinary to happen, on cue. And then that date came and went into obscurity, followed by the fame and name of the professed prophet.

However, I only need one end-date to be correct in order to manifest this long-awaited “Event”. I’m sick of waiting and I have no more fear of catastrophes. But most of all, I’d like an end-date to be true in order to, ultimately, have it behind me already!

I can go on and on, by the way – going back and forth between heart and mind, cause and effect, Orient and Occident. The mirror does that to me.

In essence, 11-Edznab means Reality as a twist in the plot, as an anti-climax. The key question 11-Edznab asks me regarding my preoccupation with end-dates and prophecies that work is – Then what? You still need to clean up, remember? Don’t you know the destiny of Man?

I mean, think about it. Just about now – aren’t you in a mood for another Adventure?

Rhythm is a dancer

Shlomo Bar (11-Edznab) is a Moroccan-born musician who wrote the music for an 80’s band called “The Natural Selection”. His fellow band members were from many different countries, including India, Israel, and Iraq. Here he is  singing “Yeladim ze simcha” (Children are happiness):

12-Cauac: Purple Rain

Born on this day: [music] Prince, Miles Davis, Antonín Dvořák, Alban Berg, Butch Vig (Garbage, “Nevermind” producer), Jonas Hellborg; [stage/screen] Steve Martin, Peter Sellers, Kyle MacLachlan, Ewan McGregor, Tim Allen; [politics] John C. Breckinridge (14th US VP)

Purple Rain

“If I can’t really find a way to live with myself, I can’t expect anyone else to live with me.” – Peter Sellers (12-Cauac), The Hollywood Book of Extravagance

The third and last Gathering sign is Cauac – rain clouds are collecting water and bringing a storm of Purification and freshness.

Whatever transpired around the vernal equinox is already yesterday’s news. Today I understand the deep meaning of being cleansed; of preparing happily in the bathroom for an amazing night out with some neighborhood demigods.

ATHEISTS got no song

Before signing off, here’s the indestructible Steve Martin (12-Cauac) singing about the Atheist’s angst:

13-Ahau: Everything is Satisfactual

Born on this day: Ethan Jesse Coen (younger brother of filmaker duo), Ron Howard, Alan Arkin, Nigel Terry, Arjen Robben, Japan surrenders 1945, Bob Dole

“Today, freedom is on the offensive, democracy is on the march.” – Douglas MacArthur (4-Edznab) in his WWII Victory broadcast, on 5-Edznab

13-Ahau. Clock strikes 13, it is almost tomorrow.

Stage 13 undoubtedly affects the following stage 1. One is never a beginning. It is a seed of yesterday’s fruit.

Could it be that 13-Ahau is the fruit of the entire round that’s ending? Could it be exercising its effect on the entire round to come?

If it does, then any other day on the Tzolkin must do the same.

The Tzolkin round is circular and endless. I apply beginning dates and end-dates just so I’ll be able to grasp its dance somehow. A dance that cannot be frozen inside a word for more than one day.

However, taking this powerful masculine sun-sign Ahau and coupling it with number 13 must mean something. The same goes for tomorrow: 1-Imix – the young alligator in the swamp marks the beginning of Fall.