11-Aj (26 April 2022): Real dreams/Dreamy reality

Prominent persons born 11-Aj: James Brown, Franklin D. Roosevelt (32nd US president), Oliver Hardy, Quentin Tarantino, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Jon Foster, Alicia Silverstone, Ryan Braun, Betsy Brandt, Gabor Maté

Real Dreams/Dreamy Reality
“But can I tell the genuine-article Italian from the poseur Italian? No. To me they all seem like poseurs.” – Quentin Tarantino (11-Ben), Playboy interview 1994

After the road has manifested (10-E’) comes the anticlimax 11-Aj. Finding a road in the dark is all well and good, but I’m not home yet. I need a guiding light and a sense of destiny (Aj). It wasn’t my fate to lose my way in the darkness, it seems. I can lead myself out now.

Especially to men and boys, Aj poses a mystery of Authority. Traditionally, and in a vein which can resonate across cultures, Mom gives life and nutrition by means of Love. While Dad, let’s say, “applies the required individual adjustments” to fit odd-spring to general society. His means are authority.

It’s curious to examine one’s relationship with authority. Seldom does it show up in our awareness along with fond memories and feelings of gratitude. These are forever associated with mom’s great contribution to our very existence. But when taken in prospective, the inner authority I adopted by interacting with Dad’s authority bites equally contributes to my daily, rubber-meet-road existence.

So what did Dad do all this time, hanging around the living room after work, indulging himself in current affairs and team sports?

What were the hidden dynamics that played between his background and her figure?

What framed our family portrait? the one centered around the dual, twisted trunk that is our parents?

For the lion’s share of my life, my regard to authority was very simple and direct:


Then I had children.

Maybe it’s time to let the Old ways die?

Quentin Tarantino (11-Aj) is one of the movie-wizards (along names like Guy Richie) who shaped a violent, albeit whimsical period of the late 90’s. After crystalizing into a type-cast moviemaker, he’s been going strong ever since, to the delight of millions (of mostly men) around the world.
He even has the nerve of numbering his movies nowadays. And setting aside one of his works as his final.

In this confusing era of disempowered male Pitt wannabes, old Quentin makes good on his promise of brute force (or guile) eventually winning the day. A little something to hang on to, to pull my shoulders back for, and take a deep breath before reciting:

“And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy My brothers.” – Jules Winnfield, Pulp Fiction, 1994

3-Kame (10 March 2022): Death by confusion

Prominent persons born 3-Kame: Hugo Weaving (The Matrix), Paul McCartney, Natalie Merchant, Faye Dunaway, Kurt Waldheim, Nick Swisher, Freeman Dyson (physicist), Nick Swisher, William C. Durant (GM co-founder)

“Tell me Mr. Anderson… what good is a phone call… if you’re unable to speak?” – Hugo Weaving (3-Kame) addressing Keanu Reeves (3-Tijax) in The Martix

Kame is a nawal associated with the ancestors. Kame natives are known for their psychic connection with remote grandfathers and grandmothers. Reflecting back to 1-K’at and its ancient journey through my agricultural heritage, 3-Kame is the day I nurture my garden and give due attention to the seeds and young plants.

Working in the garden with my hands and legs, I use the same body movements my forefathers and mothers used to tend their plot of land. Although my technology is different, I use the same tools, same methods, and consider the same administrative options. I cannot escape these deep connections. I have no reason to.

This used to be called husbandry. Our home planet yearns for it; agriculturally, environmentally and in every other way. All talents and life pursuits are welcome and desperately required. This is where nawal 3 (Ox) comes into place, since it embodies undirected effort, that is usually squandered. But whatever’s wasted doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of the trecena. The few efforts that do bear fruit are worth all the rest that don’t.

My own 3-Kame constellation

The chance of meeting someone who shares your nawal is 1 in 260 (~0.004%). It is much, MUCH more likely to meet someone who shares your nominal nawal (1 in 20 = 0.05%), and slightly more likely to meet someone who shares your numeral nawal (1 in 13 = ~0.077%).

My half-brother was born 21 years after me. His nawal is 3-Kame, and we have a very close and special relationship. The very fact that we managed to maintain a good and healthy connection, through many trials and questions, and considering the fact that we’re only partially related – is an achievement in itself. And thankfully, it doesn’t look like it’s going to change.

The drummer in a big-band I play bass guitar in also has today’s nawal. He was born approximately 21 years before me, and our relationship is also very special and close. In any given modern band, it is known that the rhythm section’s chemistry (or lack thereof) is key to the band’s success (or mediocracy). Our case is no exception. Undue modesty aside, I (8-Q’anil) and the 3-Kame drummer have brought on the voltage and so-called mojo to many ensembles. Thankfully, this also doesn’t look like it’s going to change.

In my less immediate circle of people I personally know, there’s yet another 3-Kame. He’s 6 years older than me, he used to be in my sister’s class, and he’s still good friends with her. This 3-Kame I never figured out, nor been his friend, so I’ll leave him at that.

Embracing generalities, what I found distinctly in common with the former two persons, is that both my 1/2 brother and drummer friend cannot stand it when they’re chatting with me and I’m not looking them square in the eyes, close to 85% of the time. I’m not even mentioning getting distracted by my phone, or anything as obscene as that. No. If my complete attention isn’t on them for more than 5 seconds, they reconsider our very meeting.

When I meet either of them, the focus is always on conversation: serious, in-depth, intimate.

They also both abhor small talk.

… and my 1/2 brother is an amateur percussionist. I thought that the drum connection has more to do with nawal 3 than nawal Kame, but I recently learned that Kame is also a very musical nawal.

Maybe 3 is the beat and Kame is the harmony?

10-Kej: A forest with strong roots and antlers (19 February 2022)

Prominent persons born 10-Kej: Lewis Carroll, Amelia Earhart, Timothy Geithner, Aaron Russo, James Cook

Truth's journey

“Preparation, I have often said, is rightly two-thirds of any venture.” – Amelia Earhart (10-Kej), Last Flight (1937)

Lewis Carroll, who was born on this Tzolkin day, is the author who wrote “Through the Looking Glass”. When Alice went through the rabbit hole she found herself in Wonderland, where the familiar and unfamiliar rearranged to create an alternative reality (which is entirely true in itself). Alice took her reality to Wonderland, and ultimately took Wonderland back to reality, and thus was able to better understand and develop both.

I do the same every day when I fall asleep and then wake up again.

Sleep and dreams, which I usually take for granted, are responsible for daily, natural cleansing and recharging processes, which both my body and mind desperately need at the end of each day. Whether I remember and relate to my dreams or not, they remain at the back of my awareness, as the backdrop and contrast to my daily, waking experience.

The deer Kej is a transformative nawal which purifies the negative by healing. In the context of this 13-Tzi trecena nearing closure, my awareness rests on individual responsibility to heal within and without. According to 10-Kej, the way to heal and dispel the negative is by sharing fresh and clear points of view with each other – the insights that were skillfully obtained “Through the Looking Glass” – and then applying them together and individually to our daily concerns.