Earth Frequencies (CABAN)

(This piece is based on and inspired by the works of Dr. Carl Yohan Calleman, specifically his third book: “The Purposeful Universe”)

Earth is a cosmic organism which operates at the lowest frequencies. Its rhythm of evolution heartbeats spans billion of years, and all other evolutionary frequencies of Life and Consciousness are undoubtedly synchronized with these, lowest-of frequencies.

Any musician can tell you that a bass note means lower frequencies and a longer wavelength. If you watch a plucked string on bass you’ll be able to see the slow wave, as opposed to a violin string, which vibrates much faster.

This principle is global, and it particularly applies to the way in which Humans and all other Animals evolved and through which they communicate. It also applies to the Earth itself and all things alive.

In frequency, Whale songs are 10 Hz – 31 KHz. This means ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) to LF (Low Frequency). The actual length of these Whale song tunes is 100,000 Km to 10 Km.
The Earth operates on all frequencies, but the ELF and LF frequencies are so much older. They belong to the beginning of Life on this planet.
The reason why whales, migratory birds, and Elephants know where to find food/water and communicate across hundreds of miles is because they are all in tune with the lowest frequencies of the Earth.

Rythym and Harmonics

Out of Synch Evolution

Ocean-faring submarines (nuclear), which stay under water for 3 months minimum, communicate with their naval superiors using ELF frequencies. Oceanographic studies show that this modern channel of underwater communication is one of the reasons whales are to be found beached on unprecedented scales.
I think it’s important to add, that on a practical level, the Navy bases in Alaska, Sevastopol, Vladivostok, and elsewhere operate massive transducers to facilitate communication with their deep-sea submariners. To produce a wave length thousands of km long they need a massive amount of energy, which practically boils the off-camera ocean and beaches.
Considering the fact that the cold war was declared over almost twenty years ago, I question the continued maintenance of these out-dated operations. If the only threat to National Security left on Earth is somewhere in the Middle East, there is no reason operating subs in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. If there is no real threat to submerged submarines, they can communicate with American bases in Afghanistan and/or Iraq via old-fashion, reliable, air-borne radio (High KHz, MHz, GHz). This range has been affecting migratory birds for over a century, and I am unaware as to their level of adaptation to it.
Using ELF appears to carry a high price to pay considering wild-life survivability and the Environment in general. However, this is well outside the scope of this discussion.

Endangered Species

Now, Earth frequencies do not remain the same over time. There are various modulations that are added over Time on top of the lower frequencies. These frequencies drive Evolution, and their level multiply by a factor of 20 (e.g., 1 Hz, 20 Hz, 400 Hz, 8 KHz, etc.) according to a quantum time table. Their amplitude also seems to change, but it’s unclear to me by what factor and according to what.

Organisms that fail to get in synch with these frequencies of evolution, especially during modulations of the frequency dynamics (which Evolution presupposes), are phased out, and are widely known as “extinct species”. These never-to-return species are pieces of the human collective memory and history, along with extinct species of mythological origin (like the Dragon). Their tenure on this planet served its purpose and made way to different intelligence, adaptability, and ultimately survival.

The way that extinct animals, like the T-Rex, are eradicated is similar in Nature to the way bad habits are dispelled. If the T-Rex has nothing to feed on, or has eaten something that affects its regenerative abilities, logic says it won’t stick around for too long. From this perspective it doesn’t make a difference whether it was a meteorite or the Divine Plan in lethal action. If the groove of evolution on which the dinosaurs evolved actually lead to an evolutionary dead end, it means that the Earth’s frequency was modulated in some way, and the dinosaurs were on the wrong frequency.

If the mammals and plants continued to thrive and evolve, while dinosaurs died, it only means that they were in synch with the Earth’s frequencies and modulations. Being tuned into these frequencies means survival and Life. However, it never means eternal life.

This is the source of today’s Human stress, confusion, and conflict.

It’s important to add that this view does not merge with Darwinism. As a metaphor, Darwin played old-fashion music with old-fashion harmonics; I could never join that band. Darwinism presupposes random mutations and no purposeful evolution of Life and Consciousness whatsoever. While I suppose there is a purpose which guides evolution in ways we cannot yet grasp.

The reason I reject the religious POV is that it uses Faith to fill the gap between the known and the unknown, and does not accept the existence of an unknown territory in Consciousness. God IS the Unknown, and he is very territorial (in fact, he IS the territory). On the other hand, the proposed POV needs no Faith, only curiosity and patience.

Faith is a manifestation of thoughts and desires, and it feeds on Fears.

3 responses to “Earth Frequencies (CABAN)

  1. captain mission

    it is in fact consciousness that evolves, our reality just reflects this, everything being connected, which is why one of the most important things an individual can do is be responsible for their own evolution. this involves quite a lot of de programming and undoing. eventually one has to un do ones own dna, patterns and programs.

  2. I call the approach you’re talking about “The rebirth of Homework”. Doing your homework – reading, writing, communicating with your community, is what you need to do in practice in order to be responsible for your own evolution, rather than following your teacher or guru.

    De-programming and undoing, again – I’m staying on a practical level, involve “Reverse Engineering”. For example – if you were raised a Christian, you should do your homework in Judaism and Islam. If you love reading Buddhism and practicing meditation – you should seriously check out and do your reading on Hinduism (being the forerunner to Buddhism).

    Thanks for the comment, Captain.
    I’ll catch you on the Flip Side, as David Gilmour used to say.

  3. Thank you for this explanation about Caban. Most interesting.
    Always, eileen

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