The Tzolkin Calendar – Did you know?

Here are some interesting facts about Tzolkin birthdays of well-known people (Posted 2 May 2011, 3-Imix):

  • Last weekend the British royal family had a wedding on the Tzolkin day 13 Edznab. The following day – 1 Cauac was Princess Diana’s birthday.
  • Osama Bin-Laden, who was allegedly assassinated earlier today, shares his Tzolkin birthday (13 Chicchan) with – believe it or not – George W. Bush…
  • Barak Obama was born on the Tzolkin day 9 Ben, which is the same day the US came into being on 4 July 1776.
  • Abraham Lincoln was born on the Tzolkin day 11-Akbal, which is the birthday 2 other, later Presidents of the US.
    (1) After James Garfield was assassinated (most say because his attempt to have the US control its own money supply), his VP was declared President. His name was Chester A. Arthur, and his Tzolkin birthday is also 11-Akbal.
    (2) The Hoover Dam between Nevada and Arizona was built during the Great Depression and was named after the 31st President of the US – Herbert Hoover (who was also born 11-Akbal).
  • Vladimir Lenin shares his Tzolkin birthday (13 Eb) with the father of socialism – Karl Marx.
  • Sigmund Freud has the same Tzolkin birthday (10 Ben) as his contemporary colleague Carl Gustav Jung.
  • Menachem Mendel Schneerson, a.k.a. the Lubavitcher Rebbe, considered by many to be the Jewish Messiah, was born on the Tzolkin day 9 Ik, which is also the day of Quetzalcoatl (or Kukulcan) – the Mayan Feathered Serpent deity who represents Christ consciousness. On the other hand, Hilary Clinton was also born on 9 IK, and so did Larry Flint, Andy Warhol, and the infamous Wernher von Braun.
  • Christina Aguilera and Bionce share the same Tzolkin birthday: 13-Muluc.
  • Adam Duritz (Counting Crows singer) shares the same Tzolkin birthday as Ozzie Osbourne and Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro: 10-Cimi.
  • L. Frank Baum, author of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz shares the same Tzolkin birthday with Dick Cheney: 6-Ik.
  • The Mayan Tzolkin day for celebrating the feast of abundance is 8-Kan. This is the Mayan day of birth for Buckminster Fuller, Jim Morrison, Ashton Kutcher, and Bill Cosby.
  • And, on a lighter side, Patrick Stewart, who played Captain Jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation, shares the same Tzolkin birthday (13 Imix) as his Executive Officer on the show – Commander William Riker (Jonathan Frakes).
Picard and Riker

Frakes and Stewart - Two Ascending Crocodiles

10 responses to “The Tzolkin Calendar – Did you know?

  1. Nice connections you’ve found.

  2. Gr8 site… Please send me up dates…

    10 Cauac

  3. Martin Scott

    I would add this is more evidence that these people have many karmic connections. I didn’t know of these relationships, I strongly suspect Bush and Bin Laudin have fought in other lifetimes also. In this life, Bush won. In other lifetimes Bush was the loser in this conflict. Will they ever learn?

    • Hey Martin,
      It can indeed be safely assumed that these people do have karmic connections, and have shared previous lifetimes.
      I’m not so sure Bush won this time, however, nor that Bin-Laden lost, since only TIME will tell. It is also possible that neither of them won or lost.
      I’m pretty sure, though, that they have learned something in this lifetime…
      Thanks for your comment,

  4. Brother Eagle, i have been following the Mayan Tzolkin for the past 6 years. My husband and I publish The Daily Guide to the Mayan Sacred Calendar that Mike sells on his web site.The Universe has made this all possible since discovering Ian Lungolds work back in 1995. On my personal journey with the Mayan Oracle i have been thrilled with the most subtle, most fascinating connections people have with their Mayan Birthday. I am 11-Men (kin 115) and it was no accident that I discovered your work on this 4-Men day. Just for fun in 2010 I started keeping a record of peoples Mayan Birthdays. What a joy it will be to include birthdays that you have discovered. My Galactic week, 1-Serpent, is coming up and because it has 10 Portal Days it has always proven to be a most powerful week. Some other people that share this week are Oscar Wild, Andrea Bocelli, poet EM Forester, Ghandi,Norman Mailer, Obama,Judy Garland, Ann Sexton, James A.Baldwin, James Redfield. Can’t wait to discover others you have researched. Loved your article about Mayan Calendar and Baseball. Life is SOOOOOOOOOO Beautifuly inner related and connected. Bless your heart and may the Heart of the Heavens nd the Heart of the Earth continue to guide you, Karen

    • Hi Karen!
      Thanks for your amazing comment, and all the names you helped me add to my collection.
      I checked Norman Mailer and found his birthday to be 31 January 1923, which is 10 Lamat (not on 1-Chicchan). I also checked Ann Sexton (the soul singer) and she was born 5 February 1950, which is 10 Men (also not on 1-Chicchan). If I’m wrong – let me know!

      I’m truly blessed to have you follow my blog posts. Your response reassures my conviction to keep doing what I want to do, which is write about my favorite subject…


  5. Sorry you are correct about the birthdays for Mailer and Sexton. I’ve done so many it’s good that you checked on my dates. Sometimes I also do death dates and I think that was part of the mistake, atleast for Mailer. Our last Daily Guide will be for 2012 and I’d like to put Mayan Birthdays for the quotes we use. I quess i better double check my dates. Thank you for your help.

    In kinship, Karen

  6. Hi again, I decided to check Ann Sexton and she is a poet born Nov. 9, 1927 Mayan Birthday 13-Earth week of serpent. “Watch out for intellect, because it knows so much it knows nothing and leaves you hanging upside down, mouthing knowledge as your heart falls out of your mouth.” — Anne Sexton

    Also Mailers death was 8-Road week of Serpent. I feel better that I wasn’t mistaken

  7. Sister Karen, you might say Ian Lungold picked up where Carl Calleman left off in certain ways, with what the Mayans were really doing in the jungle. His work was not so much to do with figuring out birthdays according to the Mayan information. He was telling critical information for our survival to navigate through the matrix of illusion, in order to be able to transition into a new world.

    As you quote Anne Sexton, the left brain intellect is based upon a structured indoctrinated belief system from birth, designed to deceive when you think and every time you open your mouth, by default.

    In other words, everything you think you know is wrong. That is a hard one to swallow for most, because they are made to feel they are responsible – just because they work a job and pay their bills. That idea is not correct, it is wrong.

    Everything works out in reverse of what we were taught and trained to think. The current belief system will not work moving into a new world. That is why there is a systematic deconstruction process taking place on all levels, on a grand scale, in order to make room for the new and better.

    Unless anyone is able to use their right brain imagination, they will not be able to make the leap in consciousness required to ascend to a new world. You don’t bend the spoon with your mind, you bend the spoon by bending your mind.

    Ian was telling the simple answer in plain sight, it’s just not that easy to grasp or figure out, while stuck in a left brain world living in the matrix of illusion, where your 5 sense reality construct is constantly confirming what is all wrong.

    Living in a little intellectual box that was given to us through the de-education process growing up, made everyone think they are smart, so they would easily look the other way to the death, disease and destruction taking place, in front of their face. This is not responsible.

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