1-Chicchan: Trecena Analysis Part 2 of 2

1-Chicchan - from the Libido out to Space

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The human spirit which dwells in the body has the divine ability to adapt to any and every situation. The current Time period of the Serpent (1-Chicchan) serves to remind us of this constant. Chicchan is pure passion and Lust for Life, which can be manifested both as self-preservation and instinct of survival, but also as sincere service to others. Both traits are expressions of our adaptability, and both are also equally valuable and needed during these escalating times of rapid change.


“Where there’s a will there’s a way”. The serpent represents a basic will to live life passionately in any and all ways. In popular culture, passion can be very extreme in the way it expresses itself. When you’re passionate about something or someone you’d like to have them your way right now. However, at stage 8 of this trecena, the theme of the previous period (1-Eb – the Road) reappears to balance the serpent’s innate extremities. 8-Eb is realizing that there are infinite roads and countless ways that are there for you to channel your enthusiasm – some represent extreme polarities and some are just in-between. In addition, 8-Eb offers a humble realization that every small step you take changes your perspective and distills your understanding of what “destination” actually means.

Born on this day: Meyer Lansky, Philip Baker Hall, Claude Debussy, Skye Edwards


In the Mayan language “Ben” means “Reed” or “Staff”. In the context of this trecena, it can be attributed to the rod/spinal cord on which the serpent coils itself. This rod is the medium which connects Earth to the heavens, and the libido to the brain. Therefore, 9-Ben deals with the basic “mechanics” of life and destiny: whatever’s envisioned by the mind manifests down on earth, and whatever transpires in reality invariably affects the mind and guides the spirit. In between heaven and earth, dream and reality – there is (still) Time, and stage 9’s title is “Patience”.

Born on this day: Charles Dickens, Judy Garland, Kristin Davis, Barak Obama, The US of A (4 July 1776)


Ix can be translated as the Jaguar Shaman or wo/man of deep wisdom who invokes the benevolent spirits of the jungle for the benefit of all. On 10-Ix the Serpent completes its transformation and manifests as a stealthy and skillful Jaguar. While the Serpent is dramatic, ascetic, and tends to allow itself to be cornered before overreacting – the Jaguar is fully aware of its abilities and strengths, so it lies unseen in ambush and knows exactly when to pounce. Thus the journey of life’s drama leads to the perfected Shaman, who responsibly and skillfully combines wisdom and instinct; spiritual enlightenment and basic survival.

Born on this day: Ian Holm, Ethan Hawke


1-Chicchan is a deep process which contains many powerful insights into basic human experience. 11-Men is the last of 10 consecutive portal days, and its message can be phrased as: perfection is never enough; in other words – perfection is relative to perspective (or “altitude”). The perfect and responsible Jaguar Shaman achieved yesterday might suffice to his/her immediate tribe, but the Eagle (Men) ascends the spiraling winds of the heavens to provide us with a larger perspective. Whatever’s good for the family needs adjustment to be good for the community, and so forth. On the 11th stage the Eagle’s vision is a gift of refinement and resolution, which encourages further transformation and constant learning in expanding spheres of influence.

Born on this day: Daniel Day-Lewis, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Rupert Grint, John Deacon (Queen)


Life is sacred. The essence of 12-Cib is understanding the sanctity of life as a whole, and accepting life’s promise of both ecstasy and agony. Cib means wisdom, and it is also depicted as a shrine of worship. Imagine you are visiting the far-away ruins of an ancient city. You enter the remains of a temple and place both hands on a pillar. From the depths of time a subtle echo of sacred and forgotten wisdom reverberates through the skin of your fingers. This is the energy of Cib.

Understand that the temple you visit on the day 12-Cib, and on every other day experienced on Earth – is the most sacred temple which is your own body.

Born on this day: Brad Dourif, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Bob Moses


When the sanctity of the individual is realized, the next immediate step is going global on the path of “Ascending Earth” (13-Caban). The holographic principle “As above, so below” means that whatever hold true for your body and spirit is inevitably true for the Earth itself, and therefore – the universe. The journey of 1-Chicchan began with the subjective little dramas of life and death, climaxed and was turned around with the ironies of the artisan (7-Chuen), and today it culminates in synchronizing with the Earth’s heartbeat (Caban).

Tomorrow, reality will begin to be reflected in the Mirror of Truth (1-Edznab), as the Tzolkin ride enters the Core.

Born on this day: Alanis Morissette, James Baldwin, Carroll O’Connor, The Edge

Link to next trecena: 1-Edznab

7 responses to “1-Chicchan: Trecena Analysis Part 2 of 2


    Merci… pour vos travaux, vos recherches et vos analyses au quotidien.

  2. I really enjoy these posts, keep up the great work. Your analysis of each Trecena offers a nice perspective and reminder that I find extremely useful.

  3. What a day 13-Caban as the culmination point… spent four hours in the forest wanting to record some crucial messages for a DVD…. looked great and great inspiration – simply could not. Enjoyed the animal life and the spark of nature. The days of Serpent have been building up and it has been a wonderful process. Much of the day has been in nature and been grateful for everything and a deeper understanding of how much there truly is to be grateful for. Felt a huge love and only positive vibes for the video messages though there are tough themes to give people a chance to make a turn around.It is so obvious today that there is no hate or anger towards any one – there is only love and clear-cut intelligence – forgiveness is the way, since the ones doing “bad” things are ignorant one way or the other. A day just by the real book – and a wonderful mirror unfolds now. Thank you for your excellent contribution with these analysis/reports.

    • You’re welcome, Julius! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings.
      The serpent’s raw power, after it’s fully realized on 13-Caban, contributes to the mirror’s sharp intellect and precision.

  4. hey eagle..here is your 9 muluc..Tawakel Karmen..youngest nobel prize recipient..”mother of the revolution”..perfect huh? Hope to talk soon..

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