10-Ahau: Enlightenment is Overrated

In jubilation for 10-Ahau according to the Tzolkin, which marks the conclusion of the 7th uinal (Core), I warmly recommend watching the Muppets version 2012:

Enlightenment is always an ending, followed closely by a new beginning. This is the essence of 10-Ahau.

Church and Business

It is notable to mention here, that two very prominent men, namely Pope John Paul II and Edmond de Rothschild, have their Tzolkin birthday on 10-Ahau. It can be agrued that these two Men of Power have been influencing (to say the very least) the way the World is controlled, managed, and viewed for the better part of the Planetary Underworld.

You sit curled up in a ball of Fear in a corner of a dark room, while in the other corner there is a BIG SNAKE. You turn on the Light and discover that the snake was only a Rope… Now what do you do?” – Ken Wilber (4-Chicchan – “Stable Serpent” in the Mayan Tzolkin)

It was the most recently-well-remembered Pope who reminded the World that Religion can be ultimately reduced to pure business (for the past 1500-odd years).

It was Rothschild who made the Jewish STATE possible, long before Rockefeller came into the business of the Freemasons – Pentagram/Prometheus Re-Legion Stream of Consciousness (a.k.a. Nation Building). The Rothschild heritage to Mankind is summed up in their coat of arms (their “Logo”): Concordia (Unity), Industria (Diligence), and Integritas (Integrity) . Also, an arm with FIVE lightening bolts adorn their Coat of Arms. This symbol is known to represent the Five brothers/princes, who were the heirs to Meyer Rothschild’s global empire.

Messianic Tradition

To balance off one mode of Enlightenment, I’ll just add that, besides Rothschild and John Paul II, another Hero was born 10-Ahau. He was Graham Chapmen of the famous Monty Python crew. In their film “Life of Brian” Brian (Chapman) is thought to be the Messiah in 1st century Jerusalem. It’s an alternative view on Jesus, of course. He confronts his followers and tells them:

You got it all wrong. You don’t need to follow me. You don’t need to follow anybody! You’ve got to think for yourselves. You’re all individuals (Crowd: Yes, we’re all individuals). You’re all different (Yes, we are all different). You all have to work it out for yourselves… Don’t let anybody tell you what to do!

And his mother tells them: “He’s not the Messiah. He’s a very naughty boy!” Try to think of Edmond’s mother saying that…

Note that the cultural heritage of the Rothschild and Rockefeller lineages can be summed up by the Pentagon/Pentagram imagery. Namely – the masculine/Engineer/Doctor/Pilot/Businessman/Statesman paradigm of reality.

According to this Apollo-based paradigm, the world can be understood and Nature overcome by the sum of what one Palm of Hand can manifest. Whether it being a (Free)Mason who designs an builds, Henry Kissinger, who is master of Business,  Trade, and Double-Cross (Union Jack – imperialism), John Rambo who uses his fists, or Yuri Gagarin/Neil Armstrong/Wernher von Braun who heralds the excellence and Milestones of Engineering, as expressed through the Pentagon Point of View.

It is also pretty obvious, that this Point of View has something to do with the planet Jupiter, which in Hebrew translates to “Tzedek” (Justice).

The biblical figure Malki-Tzedek (King of Justice) is also related.

By the way, speaking of NASA, Apollo, and former NASA director Wernher von Braun – here is a great piece by Tom Lehrer:

"You too may be a big hero
Once you've learned to count backwards to zero
"In German oder English I know how to count down
Und I'm learning Chinese," says Wernher von Braun"
 - Tom Lehrer
(His Tzolkin birthday's Coming up in 7-Akbal, 1-Caban trecena)

Remember, fellow travelers, that the form of enlightenment associated with Pope John Paul II and Edmond de Rothschild goes a little further than halfway. It is always the beginning of the 2nd half of the Tzolkin round – the one in which Manifestation is the anchor and benchmark.

One response to “10-Ahau: Enlightenment is Overrated

  1. Hey man..so funny how the 10 ahau puppetji quoted gangaji..kind of..when she was born the day before 9 cauc..i was really close to her for years…

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