1-Ahau Full Trecena Analysis

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1-Ahau: Everyone gets a leg-up


I’ve decided to take the material collected here on Another Time and put together the first Eternal/Recyclable Calendar (temp title). The subtitle is going to be “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Time” (another temp I’m kicking around).

It’s going to be available in soft copy sometime within this tzolkin round, and I’ll let you know when you can pre-order it.

I’m going to incorporate many of the outstanding comments I got here from you LIGHT-filled guys, and discuss them. Please let me know if you wish to remain anonymous, or not to be included.

So when is this all going to end, already?

I’ve been discussing the post-Calleman end-date with some other distinguished researchers of the Mayan Calendar. There’s been plenty of fallout going, speculations and wishful thinking.

After discussing these aftereffects and primal reactions with Mike Shore of MayanMajix and Sharon Jorgenson, it was decisively concurred that there is no real, lasting substance in adhering to one particular follow-up theory or auspicious end-date.

All calendars are technological tools to be used or put aside.

All the tools that I’ve acquired so far; all the abundance and comforts provided for me by technology and human evolution – are the very ground I stand on.

This notion of the pyramid-structure of Time and Consciousness assumes that I need to be 8  years old before I can be 11 or 34. And I can’t be 34 without still being a kid, in some ways.

I stand evenly on both my successes and perceived failures.

Therefore, bits of culture like good lyrics, and famous quotes in my head, whether they cheer me up or bring me down – are all there for me to pick and focus upon, or put down and forget about.

Similarly, the Tzolkin, Tun, Gregorian, and all other gadgetry of previous underworlds are all History, already. They cannot and should not be second guessed – any such attempt indicates a limited perspective by definition – but rather re-investigated and embraced as a worthy piece of the gestalt.

I chose the Tzolkin, by the way.


1-Ahau is the trecena which demonstrates de-facto that the Tzolkin is unique in its mechanics, since it maps the movement of Time in both directions (Past/Future, Back/Forward in common words).

Why? Well, Ahau is the last sun-sign, and its trecena is located a mere 3 trecenas (39 days) from 1-Imix – the first trecena.

This pattern is repeated and engraved within the Tzolkin biological composition: after 39 days, 1-Ahau is followed by 1-Cauac, then 1-Edznab, etc.

This is a holographic overtone built into the Tzolkin musical arrangement. It incorporates what I can simply refer to as a “double-helix”, with strands going forward and backwards in time, depending on their frequency.

Actually, it a “triple/quadruple/whatever-helix”, but I won’t get into this right now. It’s still Early.

Everyone gets a leg-up

When I go back in Time, and rely on the ancient wise men who lived here before my fathers, every sun-sign gets a boost.

This is what this trecena is all about.

[Before proceeding, I’ll just point out that this is true only when considering 1-Imix to be the 1st day of the journey.]

So, the first sun-sign Imix (Crocodile) graduates to stage 2, the wind reaches the communion of 3, the house Akbal is defined by 4, etc.

Since Ahau also means Enlightenment, this trecena teaches me the way to find the best wheels that have already been invented, instead of wasting Time constantly starting over, reinventing whatever, and ultimately second-guessing grandpa.

1-Ahau: One SUN

Born on this day: Roman Polanski, David Bohm, Jessica Alba

One Sun

"It's easy to direct while acting — there’s one less person to argue with." - Roman Polanski (1-Ahau)

David Bohm was the first old-school physicist who officially went berserk.

After reaching a point in his research, he realized he’s only beginning to scratch the surface of something that cannot be fathomed within the confines of the Lab. He also realized that he’s basically surrounded by sheeple disguised as PhD’s, and decided he needed something completely different.

So he hooked up with Krishnamurti (11-Ik). That Indian cat sent his Sunny behind back down to brass-tax.

2-Imix: Im/Ix

Born on this day: Joe Biden


"If we do everything right, if we do it with absolute certainty, there’s still a 30 percent chance we’re going to get it wrong." - Joe Biden (2-Imix) demonstrating duality on the Swamp-level

One swamp has enough raw material to begin a new life cycle that will last a thousand years.

Two swamps are already considered meddling with polite evolution. The concept of territoriality for a 2-Imix archetype must be confusing to say the least.

The same goes for his/her preferences for extreme leisure…

3-Ik: Wind-Freedom!

Born on this day: Ian Ziering, Tracy Chapman


"Finally the tables are starting to turn." - Tracy Chapman (3-Ik)

3-Ik is a divine marriage of the Nature and Expression of communication. It is an unbridled wind of ideas and honest rhetoric.

Chapman and Sanders in a High-School Holocaust lesson

I remember listening to Tracy Chapman when I was in High-School.

Come to think of it – it was also right around the time I looked up to Steve Sanders (Ian Ziering, also 3-Ik) depicting that wealthy guy from Beverly Hills 90210. And for good reason, too.

Think about it. I mean, in the real world of today’s Reality Shows, this guy is probably raking it in, working as the Apprentice to some Gordon Gekko/Donald Trump maniac, finding humane ways to club Seals and get them to the Market on Time.

Anyways, Chapman’s most famous album used to be on reply on my cassette walk-man. She told me that the revolution will not be televised.

It will be like a whisper.

And so it is, as it always was. The rubble gossiping between themselves and gaining a group consciousness that might topple the Crown. It is basic, unbridled communication, under the radar, between detention cells.

It was exactly the way I learned about History in school, back in the 80’s, when I got cast into classes for euro-shock-education, based on Sparta.

"The curriculum's a cell-block...
Instructor come separate the healthy from the sick
It's dark now in Dachau and I'm screaming from within" - Zack de la Rocha (11-Cib, 1-Cimi trecena coming up)

I have no problems writing that last pristine sentence from de-la-Rocha, even, on this most sacred Ahau trecena of the Dead, when I take Time to think of my ancestors (on my father’s side) who were Sheeple, led to the gas chambers of Dachau and Majdanek.

School is a Factory where True Knowledge and True Thinking come to DIE. Period.

Occupy Movement/99% get bullied under the Shadow of 9/11 in NY City

When I got my wish last summer I know the Good Seeds of the Good Words, the Good Deed, and the Good Thought – were sown forever.

The “Occupy” movement has let the cat out of the bag. It has exposed the backwards way in which government perceives its divine duty to maintain social integrity, welfare, and well-being.

However, hiker, be wary that whatever movement Occupies more than 13, 18, or 20 days/kin in Creation – has taken root.

It is bound to be reconciled in the Year of the Boomerang.

4-Akbal: Discriminating Intuition

Born on this day: Rod Stewart, Herbert Pagani, Aimee Mann, H. G. Wells, Donald Trump, Sofia Coppola

Discriminating Intuition

"Money and credit are as much human contrivances as bicycles, and as liable to expansion and modification as any other sort of prevalent but imperfect machine." -H. G. Wells (4-Akbal)

Portal Day

Speaking of Donald Trump (4-Akbal) and the Power of the Zeitgeist of the media and PR Hydra, H.G. Wells was interviewed along with director Orson Welles (4-Imix, 1-Edznab trecena), who used Wells’ War of the Worlds to scare the bejesus out of America on 30 October 1938 (2-Cauac, just two days before Welles’s Tzolkin birthday on 4-Imix).

It was a Halloween Special that reshaped and redefined the power of Media, PR, and mass deception. It was only many years after that the Simpsons came close to doing the same with their Halloween specials, way back when.

It is timely for me to be reminded that I am in the midst of the 1-Ahau trecena, that has everything to do with the Dead and the tricks they seem to keep playing on the warm/breathing ones among us.

Here is H.G. Wells and Orson Wells interviewed after all the noise and terror they brewed, in the days when Terror actually meant something.

Here is a great and farseeing excerpt from the interview:

Wells: You aren't quite serious in America, yet...
You can still play with ideas of Terror and Conflict.
Interviewer: Do you think that's good or bad?
Wells: It's a natural thing to do until you're right up against it.
Welles: Till it ceases to be a game.

5-Kan: Precise Net

Born on this day: Steve Swallow, Johnny Carson, Sheryl Crow, Hugh Grant, Gene Hackman, Charlie Sheen, Scarlett Johansson, Chernobyl disaster

Precise Net

"Can't is the cancer of happen." - Charlie Sheen (5-Kan)

Isn’t it strange to have all 3 major (known) nuclear-plant disasters within 3 consecutive trecenas and between 2 Gregorian months?

  • Three Mile Island: 28 March 1979 [6-Edznab, 1-Ben]
  • Chernobyl: 26 April 1986 [5-Kan TODAY]
  • Fukushima Daiichi: 11 March 2011 [3-Muluc, 1-Manik]

Is the Tzolkin trying to tell me something about divine providence?

Please note that the oldest disaster is furthest down the Tzolkin, while the most recent is earliest (again, going Back to the Future).

More on this later…

6-Chicchan: Kahn’s Belly-Dance

Born on this day: Wyclef Jean, Eminem, Luciano Pavarotti, Colin Firth, Billy Connolly, Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine), RMS Titanic Sunk

Kahn's Belly-Dance

"Life is a waste of time. Time is a waste of life. Get wasted all the time and you'll have the time of your life." - Billy Connolly (6-Chicchan)

Please refresh this page to read updates here.

7-Cimi: Death’s Purpose

Born on this day: Róisín Murphy (Moloko), Ehud Olmert (12th Israeli PM), Lori Singer (Fame)

Death's Purpose

"I dreamt that the boogie-man went down on Mr. Spock, suger was a-flowin', sock it to 'em sock." - Róisín Murphy (7-Cimi)

On the first trecena, Cimi appears on stage 6, the stage of flow. Since death is ever-present and entwined with Life, stage 6 suits it well.

However, on this trecena Death (Cimi) attains the crest of Stage 7, where purpose is instilled throughout the growth process.

Therefore, 1-Ahau shows me a possible purpose to death, as the element in Nature which bestows its wisdom before clearing the stage for the New and the Youth.

8-Manik: Forever Cured

Born on this day: Dana International, Anthony Kiedis, Pras (Fugees), Wayne Shorter, Jack Lemmon

Forever Cured

"Greedy little people in a sea of Distress; Give your More to receive your Less." - Anthony Kiedis (8-Manik)

Jack Lemmon (8-Manik) starred in the film “The China Syndrome”, which was released on 16 March 1979 (7-Cimi, yesterday).

Just 12 days after its release, on 28 March, the Three Mile Island accident took place. This nuclear plant disaster was literally taken from the movie script. “The China Syndrome” is related to a nuclear plant core meltdown (like Chernobyl <5-Kan, 3 days ago> and Fukushima <3-Muluc, previous trecena>). The core gets so hot, legend holds it that it sinks down to the Earth’s core and comes out the other side (China).

According to the Gregorian calendar, all 3 disasters occurred between March and April, when Spring is on the move, and the planet stirs.

Here is a tribute to the movie, made by a fan 3 years before the Fukushima Daiichi disaster.

9-Lamat: Final Star

Born on this day: Björn Borg, Jimi Hendrix, Tina Dico (Zero 7), Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots), Robert Cray, John Hurt, Lea Thompson (Lorraine Baines McFly)

Final Star

"I'm the one that's got to die when it's time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to." - Jimi Hendrix (9-Lamat), If 6 was 9

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10-Muluc: Thankfully Wet

Born on this day: John Lennon, Julia Roberts, Helena Bonham Carter

Thankfully Wet

"Nothing really affected me until I heard Elvis. If there hadn't been an Elvis, there wouldn't have been the Beatles." - John Lennon (10-Muluc) on Elvis (2-Muluc)

John Lennon (10-Muluc) and Yoko Ono (2-Cauac) are interviewed by Dick Cavett (7-Muluc) about the big scare back 35 years ago – overpopulation.

It’s a marvel the U.N. is still trying to peddle it in some neglectful way.

11-Oc: Loyalty’s Compromise

Born on this day: Jeff Probst (Survivor), Eddie Vedder, Justin Bieber, Theodor Herzl, Russell Crowe

Loyalty's Compromise

"Dream and deed are not as different as many think. All the deeds of men are dreams at first, and become dreams in the end." - Theodor Herzl (11-Oc)

Portal Day

Do you need any reason to have some kind of HOPE these days?
Well, I needn’t look too far, since a currently debated Trillion dollar lawsuit might end the financial tyranny I am still finding myself living in (maybe).
They say another DIP is on the Horizon – it’s pure BS, my fellow hitchhikers. the economy is booming everywhere locally. It’s just that I only get to see the corporate angle in the mainstream media…

And it’s global there, and mighty bleak…

12-Chuen: Art Over-stood

 Born on this day: Rowan Atkinson, Thomas F. Wilson (Biff Tannen), Peter Boyle, Robert De Niro

Art Over-Stood

"Why don't you make like a tree and... get outta here?" - Thomas F. Wilson (12-Chuen) as Biff Tannen in Back to the Future part 1

Portal Day

I had to quote de-Niro, too: “There’s no such thing as not being afraid.” (Esquire, January 2003)

Please refresh this page to read updates here.

13-Eb: Road 2 Roads

Born on this day: Kate Bush, Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx, George Gurdjieff, Moby

Road 2 Roads

"The evolution of man is the evolution of his consciousness." - George Gurdjieff (13-Eb, supposedly)

So much to write about this day… gimme a couple of days…

Please refresh this page to read updates here.

One response to “1-Ahau Full Trecena Analysis

  1. EagsGood To See Your Still In The Time-bandit Game.Today 6/Kan Movement Of Knowledge Transmuted To Wisdom.The Kundalini Serpent Power,Cosmic Energy,Knowledge Of The Ajpus, Ths Sexual Majix Of The Dew Of Heaven Joining With Pacamama ,Creating Human Potential.
    Our Brains The Most Complex Unit In Our Solar System Still We Must Listen And Live By Our Hearts

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