1-IMIX trecena daily digest

Preface: This is the Sea

These things you keep

You better throw them away

You want to turn your back

on your soulless days

Once you were tethered

now you are free

That was the River – this is the Sea

– Mike Scott (7-Muluc) and The Waterboys

1-Imix: Go Back in time This Time

There’s only so far I can go forward before I begin going back.

When water reaches the sea and becomes ONE it gets as far as it can go. Anything that transpires afterwards is already considered going back. Water will return to the mountains and begin a new journey through the veins of the land and my veins, too.

This is the overall ‘gestalt’ vibe I’m picking up around me and also deep inside. I keep hearing the words ‘critical mass’ and ‘event’ from people and texts here, there, and everywhere. It is the transition from the river consciousness to the Sea allness.

Oh, and please don’t dwell on the word ‘event’. For your own good.

At the same time, to truly convey this message I sense that my best course of action right now is to stop writing. My experiences away from the keyboard (in the ‘real world’) have all of the sudden turned so engaging and vivid. When I meet friends, when I’m at home having diner – it’s just being there.

Regardless, I love writing, and will keep at it as long as someone out there is reading and syncing with me. Even if words and dissections of thought and language seem to be counter-productive at this moment, they remain my link to my past and to the great people who wrote before me and with me.

We all tap into the global mind to write, read, and speak; each tracing a path up his specific branch of Language. This human principal is known as Mercury, or Kukulkan, or Moses, Nabu, Hermes – among many other names.

But now, apart from the Mercury aspect of it, I realize that I tap into the much deeper global heartbeat (Caban) every time I emote somehow, internally or externally. When I watch a moving movie, when I pick a child up in my hands. When I can’t sleep and step outside at 3 AM to watch all those Stars.

No thinking, no wild day-dream imagining – just conversing on the spot with the situation, with that other me out there.

Is it time to put down all speculation, for the sole purpose of dissolving all our respective Sequences of Causality?

Is it time to begin emoting, acting, and talking under the firm conviction that those are the only factors that create subjective Reality?

Is this a complete overhaul of the concept of responsibility?

It is.

For my own part, I’m going to look into how the Tzolkin works when it is measured backwards. I mean, I always wanted to build a time machine, and you’re welcome on board!

Under the hood

The closing (1-Lamat) and opening (1-Imix) trecenas each has just one portal day: the former ends on a portal day, while the latter begins on one. There is only one other pair of trecenas that have this unique quality:

  • 1-Manik has only one portal day – at the end (13-Cauac)
  • 1-Ik has only one portal day – at the beginning (1-Ik)

Look at the Tzolkin “map” and tell me – can you see a pattern taking shape?

Important Note: If you get this post via email, stay tuned online and come back soon for more updates on this post in the following days, leading up to 1-Ix and beyond!

Updated through: 4-Kan

1-Imix: Leviathan

Born on this day: Amy Smart, Jennifer Aniston, Billy Wilder, Billy Bob Thornton, Alan Watts, Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot), Nick Cave, Scott Kazmir


“Sooner or later everyone needs a haircut.” – Billy Bob Thornton (1-Imix), The Man Who Wasn’t There

Portal Day

Here we go again ’round the World-Tree Bush (unless you visited Momostenango and switched to 8-Chuen along with Kenneth).

This time, I’m reflecting on yesterday, too – 13-Ahau, which was also a portal day. Then, I’ll proceed to count days forwards and backwards, and under each day you’ll see today’s kin (big) next to the corresponding day counting backwards (small). I’ve only just began using this method, and can already see some interesting patterns evolving.

Keep in mind that in about 65 days there would be a max/min convergence of the two counts, and between 13-Oc and 1-Chuen the counts will flip over. That’s just math.

1-Imix is a like cooking a full meal that’s based on a bunch of ancient recipes  – for the first time ever. Here’s the deal:

  • You found these recipes filed in a forgotten cache somewhere.
  • Some of the preparation methods and tools are outlandish and alien to you. There’s plenty to learn.
  • Some of the quantity statements in the recipe seem a bit vague, maybe even in units you don’t know. You might need to dial grandma’s number later.
  • Most importantly – all the ingredients are in front of you.

At the very least, you know that this small cache can turn into a dynamite dinner – if you can only decipher these recipes. Along the way, you’re bound to enhance your culinary skills and knowledge in a very unique way – by tracing an old cultural and familial landmark that is very near and dear to you.


Now, the recipes are 13-Ahau, stashed away by your forbearers, in desperate hope that someday their gifts will surface for the benefit of all the juniors. “Maybe through these amazing dishes the kids will forgive our misgivings.”

Just cut the Hair

In this trecena there are several personas involved in making the postmodern masterpiece that is “The Man who Wasn’t There” (2001). The first (naturally) is the leading role of Ed Crane, played by Billy Bob Thornton (1-Imix). In this next scene he’s in a dialog about extra-terrestrial conspiracies, leading to a mysterious assassination of a thriving (and conniving) businessman.

“Perhaps this will bring it out finally. Perhaps NOW it’ll all come out!”

– Ann  Nirdlinger Brewster, acted perfectly by Katherine Borowitz (what’s her birthday?)

2-Ik: Spirit

Born on this day: Ezra Pound, Slash (Guns n’ Roses), Kylie Minogue, Cynthia Nixon

“I recognized my own creative voice filtered through those six strings, but it was also something else entirely.” – Slash (2-ik) biography by Anthony Bozza & Mason Segal

2-Ik, resonating with 12-Cauac.

Continuing the discussion about Hermes/Mercury, Ik is the initial appearance of Mind and Spirit in the standard uinal (20-day period). It blows both ways. Wind begins with the number 2, since the first number that ever appeared in awareness WAS 2. It wasn’t One. One came right after.

Back to the kitchen, 2-Ik is when I start thinking – who am I going to subject to experimentation trying these old recipes? Which dish should I start with – the most familiar or the experimental one? Should I do it this weekend or wait for the holidays? All these questions are reflected against friends and other trusted advisers, as the energy of Ik brings good communication and ideas.

All this inquiry right at the kick-off sounds very logical and basic. It seems to carry a lot of weight when it is under consideration, but inquiry gets replaced by action and done decisions soon after. However, I know I’m going to look back on those actions and decisions after they play out. So it is very important to experience this practice in basic mental duality thoroughly, and maybe to take down some notes for future reference.


12-Cauac is like the last time you had a real good spa and shower, so to speak. It’s when all the good ideas for next time came to mind, as the body sang and purified itself in Water. Cauac also ties in nicely with Mercury and its learning/teaching aspect.

Cauac and Ik have an interesting link between them. 4-Ik takes place in the 1-Cauac trecena, meaning that the Wind defines the boundaries in which the Storm moves and acts. The wind is actually the main force that creates, drives, and dissolves Storms.

A Virginal

By Ezra Pound (2-Ik). Read by unknown.

3-Akbal: Campfire

Born on this day: Dennis Hopper, Louis C.K., John Williams, Jason Stathem

“The meal is not over when I’m full. The meal is over when I hate myself.” – Louis C.K. (3-Akbal)

At this juncture we arrive at the first burner-day match between the two sun-signs (Akbal and Edznab). We’ll have two more before this trecena is done. Can you guess at what stages?

Akbal is the dark house of the underworld, where we spend the night until dawn arrives. It is the sign of inspiration and intuition – of storytelling. When you meet someone born under this sign s/he’ll always have a story to tell you; something that makes perfect sense, and at the same time – based on profound spiritual truth.

The 3rd stage stands for exuberant action and communication on all levels and in all directions. Thus, 3-Akbal is like an engine of gut-reactions and rudimentary logic that drives the most physical trecena on offer (1-Imix).


Edznab shares many traits with its quad member Akbal, and adds its own special touch to them. A good story must have its own internal integrity of background and plot. This is what Edznab gives the stories I tell to others, and especially those I tell myself. Reflected in reality, the story that I’m a great husband (let’s say) must make sense. Reflected within myself and my values – integrity must be maintained.

However, 11-Edznab is an anti-climax kind of reality, so it doesn’t mean that all those reflections indeed make up a true story.

First and foremost, in order to be a true story it must be true also for my wife. That’s where the anti-climax might be lurking – when I actually ask her to find out.

Truth must be universalized (see tomorrow).

4-Kan: Plenty

Born on this day: Seth Green, Adele, Michael Madsen, Nigel Hawthorne, Sonny Rollins, Shlomo Artzi


“Minister, Britain has had the same foreign policy objective for at least the last five hundred years: to create a disunited Europe.” – Nigel Hawthorne (4-Kan), Yes Minister season 1 episode 5

The darkness and uncertainty of yesterday (Akbal) took some luck and good ideas to negotiate successfully. Now it’s time to set the boundaries for the next time Transformation is called for.

Kan (seed, lizard) is considered the most basic form of abundance. The seed is small, and can be stored in bulk in normal conditions without spoiling for a very long time. When it is needed, it is placed in convenient surroundings and conditions to begin growing. This means that 1 full silo of grain turns into bread for many thousands next year. This is nature’s abundance in its most humble form.

As another southern sun-sign (Eb) teaches,  the most humble have the best chances to achieve abundance. I don’t mean humble like a mendicant necessarily. I mean humble like someone who has the gift of listening.

4-Kan draws four lines in the sand and says – these are the minimal criteria for the physical world (Imix). To illustrate what I mean, I’ll go back to the Kitchen. It seems like one of the last bastions of the physical world within my home setting (that and the bedroom, of course.)

Thinking about the banquet I’m preparing, based on those ancient recipes – here are some examples of convictions I come across on the 4th stage of my project:

  • This meal should be planned with up to 9 people dining.
  • I found a couple of exotic ingredients in the recipes,  and decided to go out of my way for some of them, and substitute the rest with ingredients on offer. Note: I know I stated back on 1-Imix that I have everything I need, but that’s indicative of Imix and stage 1. Reality calls for constant adaptation.
  • I’ve set a date and some very special people I expected to be at the dinner called in to tell me they cannot make it. Alright, next time.
  • I’ve figured out preparation methods and quantities.

The bottom line message is that there’s only so much food myself and my family needs, the rest should go where it can do some good for others. This is 4-Kan.


The mirroring combination is 10-Caban, what I dubbed “Manifested Heartbeat” on the 1-Lamat trecena. Now, Kan and Caban have a special link between them, since the 1-Kan trecena is immediately followed by the 1-Caban trecena.

Let that sink in for a moment.

This coupling of kins demonstrates to a certain extent that the Tzolkin structure can be used to count time both forwards and backwards. Two opposing stages (4 and 10) yielded a resonance in trecena sequence harmonics.

Caban is the living Earth that receives the seed (Kan) in order to manifest abundance. It is the field of space and matter which creates the conditions for any seed or idea to be implemented in the physical world.

10-Caban is the last 10th stage of the previous round. Its message requires that truth and moral be universalized in order to make sense to anyone and everyone.

5-Chicchan: LIFE

Born on this day: Srinivasa Ramanujan, Andy Griffith, Marilyn Monroe, Demetri Martin (comedian), Hayim Nahman Bialik, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Daz Dillinger, Sammy Ofer


“An equation for me has no meaning unless it expresses a thought of God.” – Srinivasa Ramanujan (5-Chicchan)

The fifth stage is a time for organization and precise forward movement. It always resonates closely with the intent from which the journey began, since the sun-sign appearing on it has the same cardinal direction as stage One. Here we have 1-Imix leading up to 5-Chicchan four days later. This can be interpreted as an intention to initiate and nourish something new on day one, leading up to that something taking on a life of its own by day five. 5-Chicchan is an autonomous and dramatic force of organization which actually governs the pace and timeline of the process it’s involved with.

If the intention on stage 1 was to build a house, on stage 5 I already know what kind of house it’s going to be, how much it’ll cost, what materials I’ll be using, etc. Most probably, the house plans have already been finalized by stage 5, and on-site work is already underway.


9-Cib [TBD]

3 responses to “1-IMIX trecena daily digest

  1. good readings , are you going to add days 6-13

    • Hey Luis,
      Thanks for your comments. I’m working on the post as the trecena advances… I know I’m behind.
      Please check back today and in the following days to read the rest.


  2. what i mean is the current tracena analysis i only see it go to number 5

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