5-Caban: Global Center of Gravity

Born on this day: Byron Katie, Fernando Torres, Robert Smith (The Cure), Demi Moore, Michael J. Fox, Nikos Kazantzakis, Michael Collins

Global Center of Gravity

“Jimi Hendrix changed my life. Each generation influences the following one and as a consequence brings it back to the past.” – Robert Smith (5-Caban) venerating Hendrix (9-Lamat, previous trecena)

The day after wisdom is firmly defined (4-Cib) it’s time to blaze new tracks using the global mind/heartbeat Caban.

5-Caban’s slogan might be:

“You live, you learn” – Alanis Morrisette (13-Caban)

As long as I’m breathing, eating, sleeping, communicating, expressing myself – I’m learning.

On the Eastern day of Caban I re-synchronize with the previous Eastern sun-sign which began this trecena. Ben types are known for making tribe members around them feel right at home and act naturally. You know, very much like being at your own H O M E.

So where is the place I go to “do everything as [I] like”, as Carlos Barrios puts it? I go out to mother earth. I go home to get my heart synchronized with whoever and whatever I hug there. I can effortlessly be myself, replenish and save on precious mental energy, and put some due focus and attention to the destiny I share with all that live and beathe together under my roof.

We all learn from each other all the time.

If I have to go global and specify where can that homey place be on Google Maps, I’ll say this place is wherever I travel with my family or my tribe on the home planet.

This can be any place on earth, even the places I travel to alone to meditate and remember home, family and tribe.

These are some of the main reasons I’m into house-swapping.

Well met

Going global is exactly what I’ve been doing today. The recent absolute gem I stumbled upon lately has been Debby’s Tzolkin blog Jaguar Spirit.


A meeting of fellow travelers/scholars/day-keepers is always a happy occasion. They can share impressions and experiences; one articulates to the other what the other cannot. Wisdom of many colors can combine to produce new colors and patterns.

So this is Caban (Noj). It is a frequency which unconnected people can tune into. But only if their hearts beat in synchronicity to the same, deep drum of sacred time.

It what makes every single follower of the Tzolkin I know also a musician.

Meet Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox, 5-Caban). He’s broken the time barrier. Busted his parents’ first date. And, maybe, botched his chances of ever being born.

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