12-Edznab: True completion (28 November 2016)

Born 12-Edznab/Tijax: Georges Moustaki, Annie Lennox, Louis Armstrong, Lou Reed, Shania Twain, Daddy G (Massive Attack), Rudyard Kipling, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Michael Flatley, Martin Scorsese, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jacques Chirac, Josh Johnson

Happened on 12-Edznab: Lincoln’s assassination

"Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet, till Earth and Sky stand presently at God's great Judgment Seat" - Rudyard Kipling (12-Edznab) The Ballad of East and West (1889)

“Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet, till Earth and Sky stand presently at God’s great Judgment Seat” – Rudyard Kipling (12-Edznab) The Ballad of East and West (1889)

Tomorrow this 1-Manik trecena will conclude with 13-Cauac. The 12th and next to last day of any given trecena is dedicated to reflection and digestion. In the growth process, it corresponds with that intimate and unique point in life, when the flower receives the pollens it was awaiting, and a new process of life begins, as fruit grows slowly, making the branch a little heavier each day.

Heaviness is a key word for understanding 12 days and people. The need to digest the entire 11-day growth process which lead to today is eminent.

After the initial exploding energy of seed to sapling (day one to day five) the new plant had to establish itself within its surroundings, to moderate that young energy and modulate it into a more balanced effort (day six to nine). On the 9th day the first buds appeared on strong branches, and on the 11th day – flowers.

But out of all other 19 sun-signs that have the number 12 next to them, today it is Edznab/Tijax – the mirror of sharp truth, sacrifice and reflection. The archetype of the mirror sits well with this 12th day of evolution (in a slightly different way than it does on other Tijax days like 2-Tijax and 7-Tijax). Both number and sun-sign speak of retrospection and a process that happens behind the mirror of reality. Digestion.

Sacrifice also aligns with stage 12. As the current process draws to closure, I need to sacrifice the old project and begin focusing on the new trcena, just over the horizon.

Adding the trecena theme (Manik) to the mix, I get a heavy and responsible kind of vibe on this day. What began as the pilgrim’s first steps on an epic voyage (1-Manik) culminates with the protagonist already back in his own living room, maybe years after the voyage was concluded. He has sacrificed his need to break new ground and seek adventure, and substituted it with guiding the young and telling the story of the people.

Like Martin Scorsese (12-Tijax), kicking back on old fairy tales with his old buddy De Niro (12-Chuen), reflecting on how crazy life used to be when the journey was still young; spending weeks on location in Sicily, making cinema history without being sure about it.

It is only in hindsight, in the wakeful light of many years, that the naked truth emerges about what exactly happened back then, when my own personal history was taking uncertain shape. In other words, digestion has to run its course, in its own special time.

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