6-Edznab: Real tradition (4 September 2017)

Born 6-Edznab: Kimberley Ann Deal (Pixies), Zachary Taylor (12th US President), James A. Garfield (20th, same) , Benicio del Toro, Lisa Kudrow, Nicolas Godin (Air), Jim Abrahams

“The chief duty of government is to keep the peace and stand out of the sunshine of the people.” – James A. Garfield (6-Edznab)

Yesterday was 5-Caban, and since Caban relates to a global heartbeat and to the planet itself, it’s a good time to focus on the universal.

Whatever I find sacred in my personal life has a global counterpart – a value shared by any and all communities and families around the globe.

When pondering my own personal values I realized I cannot use “family” as a word for value. A value exists within what I call family. For example, giving respect to elders and leaders, giving due attention to children, or thinking about stocking the fridge and pantry (maintenance of abundance in the home). These specific values are indeed universal when it comes to human communities.

Likewise, “leadership” cannot be considered a value without first spelling out which specific acts of leadership exemplify the value you hold dear. Like leading by example, restoring peace between rival members, or applying sound judgement. Once specified, it’s easy to recognize how universal human experiences and lore are expressed wherever humans dwell.

As a day-sign, Edznab reminds me today to make clear definitions of the words I use to describe and communicate my thoughts and values. The Kich’e word ‘Tijax’ means an obsidian knife, a symbol of man’s acute intelligence and sharp mental dissection abilities. To draw a precise line between one meaning and another. To avoid misunderstandings and ill communication.


Edznab [Tijax] is a mirror or reality and truth. I look at a polished mirror and nothing remains concealed. Today’s energy can reveal those places where reality contradicts attitudes and perceptions.

I can go along with my day thinking I look dreadful, because of some misconception or attitude I have. Then I go to the bathroom and I know for sure whether I’m right/wrong about how I look. The mirror has that quality of changing (and even destroying) whatever misconception came before facing it.

When coupled with the number 6, Edznab becomes a reliable reflector. It demands the kind of truth that can be appreciated anywhere.


Considering the 2 past presidents of the US who were born 6-Edznab, we’ll begin with the least remembered one. Zachary Taylor, who was the 12th US president, came from the Whigs party of the mid-19th century. The Whigs basically supported the supremacy of Congress over the presidency and favored a program of modernization and economic protectionism.

Economic Protectionism, by the way, is called Anti-Globalization

James Garfied, called a Republican in the parlance of the times, was the 20th man in the White House. He got to call the shots for only 6 months, right up to the point where he got his two .44 mm shots by a ‘deranged assassin’. That happened on the Tzolkin day 8-Ahau (2 days after his Tzolkin birthday).

Two presidents, one nawal

James Garfield was the second US president to be assassinated (after
Zachary Tylor was the second US president to die in office.

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