7-Kat: The need for Seed (9 November 2017)

Born 7-Kat: Erich von Däniken, David Byrne, Robert Duvall, Martin Short, Kim Cattrall, Adam Clayton (U2), Jan-Michael Vincent, Dennis Ritchie (programmer), Steffi Graf

“Money is power. Sex is power. Therefore, getting money for sex is simply an exchange of power.” – Kim Cattrall (7-Kat) as Samantha Jones in the 1st season of Sex and the City

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

As I look deeper into the mirror (1-Tijax) and delve deeper into myself it becomes clear that reality itself, and the way I perceive it – IS in fact a mirror of my own consciousness. Therefore, a flaw I judge in reality is a reflection of a flaw that is built into human awareness and my own experience of it. Had it not been identified and labeled inside it could not be recognized as such outside.

This realization is fertile ground for infinite opportunities to evolve and grow; it is the reflective reed (7-Kat), which is formed on the tree of life, and holds inside it the promise of a new tree.

Abundance is always a presented choice. The Reflective Seed 7-Kat is placed in front of reality’s mirror (the trecena’s theme) and a question mark appears above it:

Which seed is the real one? the one in the mirror or the one in front of it?

But the duality presented by the simple question is easily overcome, since the seed is coupled with the divine number 7 – the trecena’s core, so it is already reflective within itself.

And what do I get when I place a seed between two mirrors? -infinite abundance.


The 7th uinal, which began recently on 4-Imox, has 2 reflective days: 7-Kat and 7-Noj (seed and earth/thought). On these days a window of opportunity is opened to get to know the 7th stage both on the daily energy level, as well as underneath in deeper levels through the overall theme of the 7th uinal – the absolute middle of the 260-day cycle.

What is special about stage 7 is that it is the first stage in which I can actually see where I am heading. Using the mountain-climbing analogy on the trecena diagram, when I climb up the steep side of days 1 through 6 you can only imagine what the other side is going to look like. When I reach the apex of day 7 the other side becomes completely visible for the first time. From 7-Kat I can see 13-Ok below, 1-Ba’atz and whatever’s beyond it (1-Kat).

1-Ba’atz is Roland Orzabal (Tears for Fears)’s Tzolkin birthday, and he sings:

“Anything is possible when you’re Sowing the Seeds of Love… An End to Need and the Politics of Greed” – Tears for Fears

Culture shock

About 30 years ago, I read ‘Chariots of the Gods’ by Erich von Daniken (7-Kat) for the first time. Being a teenager, reared faithfully by a quasi-religious public school system, the book was a revelation.

I was into science, and the bible didn’t make too much sense to me, at least not as a historical document. A collection of good and beautiful stories for sure. But what else?

Then came this meticulous Swiss researcher Daniken, who said god was actually an intelligent visitor from outer space. Science and the bible could be finally reconciled.

Erich said we used to be savages, hunter-gatherers, not at all refined Europeans. Then came superior beings from outer space and made us wise, civil, and crafty. Nothing supernatural or divine about it. They were our first god-kings because we owe everything we know to them.

It was like a grand math lesson in a vast high-school auditorium. Featuring us as the ill-informed students, who are mere lost  babes in the galactic woods, and Master Yoda from the Degoba system as our guru and arch-teacher.

Fast forward 30 years, and we get the History channel on cable TV, and the Ancient Aliens misinforming documentary.

The alien meme has to be maintained in the global media to allow for that particular NWO scenario. And what scenario is that? It is the one in which the Earth is unified under a socialist one-world government, following an imminent alien threat to the entire world. This threat would force all petty differences to be put aside as chaos, in order to usher in a unified global order, capable of fending off any dark Alien invader.

Besides being a threat, the alien scenario can be adapted to the religious narrative, by which our galactic masters have returned from exile, to reclaim the world that has been theirs from the start. While doing so, they’ll send us to our beds without dinner, being the spoiled, naughty boys and girls that we are.

Recent decades have shown that the question of whether this alien threat or visit is real or not is of no consequence. AI and 5G cellular networks are in place now to make sure that a staged alien assault on Earth would, to you and me, look and seem as real as an actual space invasion or comeback.

Daniken’s naive 80’s example shows me that pseudo-science can be as destructive and misleading as pseudo-spirituality. With a little less Eurocentric hubris, I can see how our ancestors and predecessors probably weren’t as dumb and as backwards as we would dare to consider. They might have implemented tools and wisdom that are long lost, and of no use to us today.

As the lost and forgotten children of post-modernity, and as the grandchildren of WWII veterans, we can allow ourselves to feel more mature and sure of ourselves, being content with our own challenges and victories; without the need to downgrade and belittle our ancestors, and remember them as mere primitive pupils of some unknown, super-smart, (male) galaxy guru.

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