6-Iq: Traditional conversation (17 December 2017)

Born 6-Iq: Maxi Jazz, Sia Furler, Bob Geldof, L. Frank Baum, Dick Cheney, Billy Crystal, Anderson Cooper

Flowing Wind

“In YOU the song which rights my wrongs; in you the fullness of living” – Maxi Jazz (6-Iq)


Here are some interesting facts I found about this trecena: 1-Noj.

World War II broke out on 9-Kan/Serpent, when the Nazis invaded Poland on September 1st 1939. Another notable, although less known world event that took place on 9-Kan/Serpent was the launch of Apollo 13 (11 April 1970 at 13:13).

That was the mission NASA called “A successful failure”. The same mission which Hollywood and Ron Howard (13-Ajpu) turned into the movie by the same name.

Another famous NASA antic also took place in this trecena: the first successful Apollo landing on the moon (Apollo 11) took place on 4-Ajpu

Likewise, in this very trecena we can also find the beginning of WWII on 9-Kan/Serpent, and VE-Day on 4-Ajpu.

Now what’s the connection between WWII and NASA? You might have heard about operation Paperclip, when US intelligence were smuggling German rockets scientists to the states. These scientists were the core staff that began NASA, headed by the first director of the Marshal space center:  Wernher von Braun (9-Iq).

Today, 6-Iq

Yesterday’s raw message (5-Imox) begins today to be spread throughout the earth. This is done by the primal power of the wind (Iq). Wind is the power of dissemination which is established in the uinal 2 days before seeds (Kat) come into play – the seeds that are disseminated by the wind.

So the wind comes before the abundance that it is supposed to spread. It might wonder around aimlessly above mountaintops and over the seashore. Then it comes upon a vast, over-ripe sunflower field.

This resonates with what Ian Lungold (12-Ajpu) used to say (and I’m paraphrasing): The tools required today were provided yesterday.

Airborne seeds in nature are the same as spoken ideas and comments in a network meeting. I listen, I comment, I joke around and talk around the lunch table. I am sowing seeds, using wind (or, more precisely: spirit).

6-Wind is a very gentle wind that never wishes to rock any boat. It negotiates and responds through the craft of speech. 6-Iq is someone needing someone else for whatever reason.

6-Iq is when the message of enlightenment as a basis for further evolution (4-Ajpu) crawls from the swamp (Imox) and goes global, on the wings of the wind.

Culture shock

Here’s Sia Furler (6-Iq) singing “Destiny” with Zero 7, more than 10 years ago:

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