3-Tijax: Scattered Reflections (22 January 2018)

Born 3-Tijax: John Mahoney, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Enrique Iglesias, Jack DeJohnette, Napoleon Bonaparte, Keanu Reeves, Terence McKenna, Dana Carvey, Cesar Millan

Scattered Reflections

“From the heights of these pyramids, forty centuries look down on us.” – Napoleon Bonaparte (3-Tijax) speaking to his troops in Egypt

Stage 3 is the first stage in which the trecena’s 4 axis/theme days (Ajmaj, Ajpu, Kat, and Qanil) are objected to and criticized. Here stands the mirror of reality (Tijax), revealing current truths right in our esteemed, serious face. Ajmaj’s deep wisdom abides only because it is subjected to reality-show-type trials, to yet again prove its timelessness insights.

The scattered reflections of everything that’s true and real right now on earth points to a glaring deficiency in wisdom (no Ajmaj). In other words – everyone seems to be still sleeping soundly, dwelling on known evils, and dreaming about how things will work themselves out eventually. An end-date deadline will keep dangling in front of our collective eyes, so that we’ll keep plodding along through yet another day of grind and mental fatigue. This is how old karma is allowed to persist, and the location of responsibility remains externalized.

3-Tijax means exposing false beliefs wherever they may be, and regardless of where this exposure might lead. This is the only way to universalize ethics and truly accept the proverbial other (with all his ‘misguided’ ideas).

Culture shock

To me personally, Terence McKenna (3-Tijax) was a modern-day apostle and martyr of the religion of the Self. I often wonder what he would have to say after his earth-shaking 2012 prophecies came to naught. Regretfully, he didn’t live to see the world just around the corner, where his intricate and well-thought-through timeline led to.

I wonder if he would maintain his Utopian vision of a technocratic society, propelling itself towards distant habitation stars, leaving behind a dying cradle-planet it has successfully depleted beyond redemption. Would he join forces with the Ray Kurzweils and Elon Musks of the cyber tomorrow world? Would he be the first to take the fountain of youth pill they all promise?

Regardless of his own personal inclinations and techno-visions, Terence was a pioneer triptonaught, going well beyond our mental horizons. Multitudes of curious experience-buffs are now following his vanguard.

… and to think that American tax dollars payed for all his trips!

“What’s happening is that 8% of the world’s people use 35% of the world’s petroleum, and are ready to blow everybody off the map to keep it that way. This is nothing more than a manifestation of junkie psychology on a mass scale. We’re addicted, they got it, we’re happy to pay for it, but if they won’t sell it we’ll break into their house and take it, because by god it will go into our right arm. that’s the plan… Politics without responsibility IS fascism.” – TM (3-Tijax)

*Image curtsy of Israel Oliveras Horta.

One response to “3-Tijax: Scattered Reflections (22 January 2018)

  1. Thank you. Knew Terence….loved his mind…💞

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