13-Serpent/Kan: Winter’s Terror (29 May 2018)

Born 13-Kan: Heath Ledger, Sylvester Stallone, Jodie Foster, Mark Wahlberg, George W. Bush (43rd US president), Osama bin Laden, Ted Koppel

Winter's Terror

“I cannot believe in God when there is no scientific evidence for the existence of a supreme being and creator.” – Jodie Foster (13-Kan) As quoted in Calgary Sun (2007), and sounding a lot like Dr. Eleanor Arroway

The United States declared independence on the Tzolkin date 9-Ben (1-Kan trecena). So, today these two related sun-signs (Serpent and Reed) meet again, but in reverse.

Generally speaking, people born on day 13 are other-worldly in many ways. They are either full-on present, or altogether absent and ether-vapor like. This resonates and is consistent with how the Maya regard the number 13, being the last number of the trecena period. Any last number of a cycle is considered to be zero as well as the actual number (13, or the 20th ‘seating’ day in the Ha’ab calendar). This way, the last day of one period, is the fruit of that period, and at the same time – carries the seed of the next period.

So how does this affect the sun-sign Serpent? 13-Serpent types, like Sly Stalone and George Bush Jr., have learned the lessons of the Serpent, and are less prone to the unbalanced aspect of the archetype, like say 4-Serpents and 9-Serpents are. When doing readings to 13’s, I’ve noticed that the sun-sign traits are familiar to them, but at the same time they know how to put their gifts to work in their lives. Their innate connection to the other-worldly often beckons them to listen to divination, like a Tzolkin calendar reading.

What resonates most with 13’s in their readings has to do with the number 13 being both fruit and seed, as described above. When 13’s hear that, to them, each achieved mountaintop is an accomplishment, while at the same time – an opportunity to get the first glimpse of the next mountaintop – they find this insight helpful.

What a gift it is to have such fine individuals among us…

Dead Kennedys

To find that Bush and Bin-Laden shared the same Tzolkin birthday (13-Serpent, today) really got my attention a few years ago. Bush is the 8th US president to have his birthday on this trecena. I wonder if this record will be beaten. His father, BTW, Bush senior, was born the very next day in the Tzolkin – 1-Cimi. In other words – close, but no cigar.

The sun-sign Aj seems to have a lot in common with the United States. Heck, even Obama was born on 9-Ben! Our current commander in chief, Mr. Trump, was born 4-Ak’abal, which has little to do with the Serpent (Kan), but is the sun-sign opposite to Aj. So, in some ways, he’s something other than the archetypes around the United States.

… and what’s this hang-up I have with presidents and politicians, anyway? Time to get off the authority trip. Time for a change.

So the last day of the Tzolkin Fall is 13-Kan, which is a divine flavor of fluidity, with an unreal scent for drama – directly contrasting our point of origin (1-Aj, the unitary steel pipe).

Tomorrow, 1-Kame, is the beginning of the Tzolking winter; the second quarter of the round begins.

… and Moses remained on mount Nebo, and watched his flock cross the Jordan into the promised land.

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