1-Iq: A new surge of spirit (20 July 2019)

Born 1-Iq: Pink, Sade, Robert Johnson, Mick Jones (The Clash), Otto von Bismarck, Scott Bakula, Lesley Stahl


“A conquering army on the border will not be stopped by eloquence.” – Otto von Bismarck (1-Iq)

For the past ten or-so years, much has been written and said about the Maya culture, and in retrospect, too much of that has been speculation and misleading mirages that lead nowhere, while causing a lot of intellectual and spiritual damage.

Anyone who’s been interested in ancient cultures and knowledge in general, and the Mesoamerican variety in particular, has immediately sensed deep wisdom when first tapping into the Maya civilization. For me, it has always been numbers and mathematics. Since I started studying the various cycles of the Maya count of days, I’ve found many amazing insights into these subjects, while new insights are still being discovered at unknown intervals.

However, I feel I must right off the bat highlight some of the words I jotted above so incautiously, like tapping intocivilization and mathematics. These immediately draw specific pictures within Western minds, but can mean very different things to just about anyone else. Which is why any type of caution and self-reflection have always been good ideas in such studies.

Like any other student of new and radically different knowledge, early western scholars of the Maya culture (my early self included 😉 ) sought creative ways to bridge the cultural gap between, let’s say, the people in the tribe they were visiting in Guatemala and their western audience and peers back home. It wasn’t an easy task by a long shot; the basic worldviews at the heart of each of the cultures are mutually alien to one another.

Some (my early self included) got way too creative.

Also, the strive to ‘keep it real’, and be as authentic and as close to the living Maya as possible, has always been professed by any and everyone serving as ambassadors in the west of the Maya culture and calendars. But naturally, there’s always a difference between simply professing something and actually living by it.

And, like any European or North American fad, the bulk of Maya calendar followers and ‘fans’ jumped ship on December 22nd, 2012, when ‘nothing happened’, and it was high time for a new and different spiritual fix.

My guess is that only a handful of us die-hard, English-speaking Tzolkin Maya freaks are out there – speaking many tongues, scattered far and wide over the globe, and left to navigate this ancient but rock-solid vessel to a new port of call.

Today, sound, serious, and (perhaps most crucially) willing sources of Maya knowledge are still very hard to come by. Which is why I highly recommend you pay a visit to Living the Tzolkin’s new blog.

The blog’s author and owner Paul has been interviewing Mayan scholars on his podcast for some time now, but only recently has he began publishing posts based on his accumulated material, like show-notes and podcast transcriptions.

On 1-Iq, the trecena of good ideas and transmissions, I put in words my own personal wish, that serious Maya students strive to maintain a wiser, humbler, and more sensitive approach to the living Maya culture.

Click here to go to Living the Tzolkin’s new blog.

The new trecena

I like good quotes, which is why I keep copying them into my posts. A good quote puts into words good ideas and points to wise and deep courses of thought. The day of good communications is known as Iq, the sign of the wind and spirit (among other meanings).

In the glyph, the horizontal line represents the wind, and the perpendicular line is a tree. Trees and winds are intimately related in the Mayan culture, and might even be considered to be one organism. The wind carries seeds across great distances, and they fall to become new trees at new locations. The trees reciprocate by ‘calming’ strong and destructive winds down, softening and dispersing them, as they pass through them.

In the same way, good ideas are like seeds that fertilize new lands when they are communicated (like a quote).

A good idea moves mountains and meets deadlines with great gusto. It’s a glimpse of what a better reality could look like, which sets wheels in motion.

Good communications are key in any community, be it a community of brain cells (as in good thinking) or a beehive (good honey) or a Kibbutz (good parties).


Here’s the godfather of Blues – Robert Johnson (1-Iq):

One response to “1-Iq: A new surge of spirit (20 July 2019)

  1. You are absolutely right about how all the ‘Mayan experts’ disappeared into the Ether after “nothing happened” …

    Due to all the misinformation about 2012 I decided to delve into it to see where and why so many people got it wrong, because in many ways people got it epically wrong – so I discovered quite alot along the way – especially about the Katun prophecies and energies. I have just posted an article about the high level of polarisation that we have been experiencing this decade – the reasons for it – and how that contrasts heavily with the harmony that was forecasted for post-2012. Perhaps you would be interested in reading – and feel welcome to comment too. I don’t consider myself an expert, just an ager student who would like to present the real story.

    It would actually be great of some of the ‘Mayanistas’ could come back and set things right – the thing is the Tzolkin as well as the Katun (Short Count) calendars – the energies need to be oaid attention to and followed – and correlated with events – on an ongoing basis. Anyway – who knows, maybe there will be a revival at some stage when things start to shift really powerfully, which is bound to happen in the coming years.


    Here is my article:

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