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12-Tijax: A tool in the right hands (4 October 2019)

Born 12-Tijax:  Georges Moustaki, Annie Lennox, Louis Armstrong, Lou Reed, Shania Twain, Daddy G (Massive Attack), Rudyard Kipling, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Michael Flatley, Martin Scorsese, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jacques Chirac, Lincoln’s assassination


“Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet, till Earth and Sky stand presently at God’s great Judgment Seat” – Rudyard Kipling (12-Tijax) The Ballad of East and West (1889)

Statistically significant

When gathering Tzolkin birthday dates for celebrities and people I know, I came across an inordinate number of prominent and admirable people born today, 12-Tijax.

I’ve recorded no less than 24 people born 12-Tijax. The most famous ones are listed above, out of which 5 are well known musicians.

But what really stands out for me personally is that 6 people born 12-Tijax are within my immediate family and good friends. The woman I married was born in 1976 on 12-Tijax. When we began sharing music we love, she introduced me to her favorite female artist Shania Twain (12-Tijax).

I have two 1st degree cousins, living in Canada and Australia, who were born 12-Tijax.

The high school teacher biology who disqualified me from getting my diploma was born on that day. She did the right thing, by the way.

I live in a small town of less than 1000 residents. Including my wife, I found a staggering FIVE people born 12-Tijax.

Considering the fact that the Tzolkin calendar has 260 unique combinations, it astounded me to arrive at this finding.

Why am I surrounded by this specific nawal?

1-Kej trecena concluding

Tijax types are known to be good with their hands. They have a genius and crazy kind of dexterity in their fingers that enables the determined among them to be legendary guitarists, craftsman, and surgeons.

Another reference to the hand can be found in the current trecena (1-Kej). Some systems define Kej (or Manik) as the Hand that heals.

The power the human hand has as a tool of remedy, relief, and vitality. When the right tool is in the right hands.

Kej stands for perpetual travels out in the wild, unknown parts and less-trodden paths of the land. The spirit of the four-legged animals is embodied on this plane to pace the earth within neighboring woods and well beyond them. When a stag (another word for Kej) is not going anywhere he is probably too busy protecting his community and offspring diligently.

However, being a stag, you can never know when he’ll disappear, maybe not ever to return. Then you realize that his young bucks have grown up already, and the pack guard is being relieved by new recruits. It was good timing after all. The aging stag is now off on a new pilgrimage, reliving his days of youth and hormones.

In Hinduism, this is known as being a Varna Prasta – a forest dweller.

His spirit dwells still around his old breeding and child-rearing grounds. Sons and daughters tune into the frequency left behind by their ancestors, and learn the way of their kind by resonance.