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6-Men: Flowing Vision (28 July 2016)

Born on this day: Winston Churchill, David Koresh, Gary Lewis (film actor),  Daniel Craig

Flowing Vision

“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” – Winston Churchill (6-Men)

I’ll begin with a tangent, just to get it out-of-the-way, and hopefully stay focused later.

Although my first name is Eagle, I wasn’t born on the Mayan day Men (Tzikin). My sun-sign is Lamat, and I realized pretty early that Lamats and Mens get along well. More on that some other time.

Fiddler on the roof (12-Eb)

The sun-sign Men embodies physical abundance achieved effortlessly by acute vision, cooperation, good teammates, and a profound passion just for being alive and awake. On Men days the Maya give thanks to money and success in the most positive and guilt-free way possible.

For my own part, growing up in a western country, money has mostly been a negative element, almost always attached to some sort of guilt. In our childhood home, the ‘M’ word came to signify prosperity, education, culture, and a curious sense of self-betterment. Not to value money correctly, to waste it carelessly, not to appreciate the sacrifices it entails, or to aspire to live on social security and welfare – all came to mean “wrong, try again” for us.

As children to immigrants, we were expected to go to school every day and later get a good job to go to every day; a permanent job to last a healthy, 4-decade career. Our parents and family all wanted a better tomorrow for us, and the job recipe was the bona-fide, over-the-counter formulae to achieve it.

Needless to write (but I’ll go ahead anyway) today work doesn’t quite mean what it used to back in the 80’s. It really is awesome to stop and consider how much of the career world has been automated and outsourced out of existence in the last 30 years or so. It is a profound, forced (and probably organic) reform that has manifested much faster than any of the existing, traditional organizations have been able to react or adapt to.

It begs many questions regarding how prosperity should be fairly distributed between an ever-growing mass of unemployed people, made redundant by the very science and technology they themselves have realized as ‘human resource’.

Judgment + guilt free diet

Over the years, I was quite sorry to realize what hasn’t yet changed nearly as much.

The ‘g’-word.

As a teenager, for me to follow my father’s advice and get an engineering degree at the age of 25 meant my life as I know and love it is about to end. I saw his immigrant, foreign common sense in direct contrast to what I picked up as a native in a familiar land. I despised money as much as my parents revered it. So I  had to come to terms with their sacrifices, and with the degree to which I chose not to follow their advice and offered opportunities.

I guess the Mesoamericans are not quite like that when it comes to guilt and gilt.

Bulldog, Woodstock branch

Here is Winston Churchill (6-Men) giving one of his famous speeches on November 20th 1942 (2-Imix), following the Allied victory in Egypt.

“It is perhaps the end of the beginning” (on 2-Imix)

Isn’t it funny?

A positive Dreamspell contribution

When I first started following the Tzolkin I found a handful of superimposed interpretations, offered by José Argüelles in his Dreamspell system, which assisted me in getting into the unique rhythm of this 260-day cycle.

One interpretation/tool was portal days. The other was core days.

The third must be defining 1-Imix as the first day and 13-Ahau as the last.

That was back in 2010.

Since completely integrating the calendar into my everyday, back-burner/subconscious metronome, I’ve made the decision of following Kenneth Johnson’s lead to keep my entire work and research into the Tzolkin as authentic as I can possibly make it.

This is important to me mainly because there are highland Maya families and communities today living their lives on the other side of my planet, by a calendar that is their own cultural legacy. Any interpretations I might have of their calendar I can share freely with whomever is interested in knowing. But a clear line has to be maintained regarding where reports and evidence end and where opinion begins.

Right around the time Carl-Yohan Calleman’s Tun calendar turned the October 2011 corner, keeping the Tzolkin calendar ‘clean and real’ meant for me stripping it from Western interpretations, to the best of my abilities and judgement.

What does that mean? Well, for starters, taking a 5000-year-long (bak’tun) calendar’s end date and projecting the gospel of the book of Revelation on it is probably a good example of a miserable western influence and interpretation of the singularly-unique Mayan calendric system.

In appreciative retrospect, the 2012 hype was a fear-porn incentive for most people to remain irresponsible, in perpetual infancy and dependence, strung out on an authority fix, asleep and consuming. The meme had to be stripped.

But, it did bring the Mayan culture to the peeved attention of a great host of people from all around the world, which was all good and welcomed. That’s what it took.

José (10-Chuen), my pet Pascal lamb

Argüelles and his imaginative game board “Dreamspell” found himself playing the role of the usual suspect (and probably scape goat, too) in my book. Along with his very useful portal and core days. His great work must be, for a long time coming, recognized as inauthentic, destructive and untrue to the Mayan culture in general, and the Master Tzolkin specifically.

For starters, a misleading version of the Tzolkin count is included in the Dreamspell system, but the count itself is currently set 46 days ahead of the master Tzolkin (1-Caban in MT; 8-Akbal in DS). Secondly, the Dreamspell’s one significant day of the year is known as ‘the day outside of time’: the solar-cycle-based day we all know as July 25th. This makes the Dreamspell a heliocentric time meter, much like the Gregorian and other agriculture-based calendars, and a flawed one at that. It is no longer the cyclical, eternal Tzolkin.

What Argüelles , in his utter ignorance of basic math, has left out of the Dreamspell construct is of course the leap-year addition of February the 29th every four solar years. This accounts for the fact that in 2012, and again in this year, the Dreamspell calendar shows two consecutive days that have the same sun-sign and number (tone) combination in their Tzolkin reading.

This is a no-no as far as the basic mechanism of the calendar is concerned.

This has to be the one single mishap you should take on board as the tell-tale signature of amateur work, and misleading work to be sure. If there’s one good reason to let go of José’s new-age GMO Mayan soup, it is this one.

The Dreamspell is out of tune. It remains today the most important meme yet to be stripped.

A 260-bar music sheet

The way I understood José’s (still valuable) contribution was to look at the Tzolkin the way I look at a musical sheet for the first time. I personally begin at what I like to call ‘the legend’ of the score. This little map is always located across the top of the sheet, and on the top-left corner of the piece. It holds basic guidelines, like the meter, key, and scale.

Not the mention the title, which has a way of always meaning something.

Let’s say the piece is on a common 4/4 meter. So my next move is to go over the bars and add note and silence durations till I get to 4 per bar. It continues from there to other methods of getting the bearings and feel of the music, which is very individual for each musician.

The portal and core days in the Dreamspell Tzolkin represent what Argüelles  has superimposed over this music piece as a guide to its dynamics. Each portal day is like a new bar of music, which intensifies, reaches the core days, and then ‘exhales’ to a conclusion. This is actually a good way to look at this evolutionary process, but it is also artificial, linear rather than cyclical (as any Mayan calendar should be), and based on personal interpretations.

As a western student, it has been convenient for me to get a sense of the entire music of the Tzolkin by following the Dreamspell’s fairy tale. But soon after I began to understand and internalize the portal and core day rhythm I realized I have to leave them behind if I am to live by the Tzolkin in a more profound, authentic, and personal way.

The map and compass


Ian Lungold – the one who had his Soul distributed among a multitude…

Ian Lungold used to mention the Tzolkin in some off-hand way during his presentations. As 3-Seed Paul told me recently, “Ian used to say ‘yeah, and there’s this Tzolkin calendar the Maya based everything on. It’s cool – check it out!’ and then go back to Calleman’s presentation.” It’s kind of ironic.

It’s high time to grow up and move away from the supports and illusory scaffolds that used to comfort us and tell us how to think and how to understand a deep and sophisticated native culture.

It’s up to just one person now. You guessed it.

By inspiration from José, Ian, Kenneth, Carl, and all my teachers, past and present, I thought up my own Tzolkin primer intro paragraph, and it goes:

The Tzolkin is a map of time I’m giving you. It can help you personally to know your own way around time, and probably to ‘manage’ it better. Now, whenever someone gives you a map you need to ask them at least the following two key questions, the answers to which should help you in deciding which destinations to focus on.

The first question is ‘where am I now on the map?’ and it’s the first step in navigation.

The second might be ‘where did I begin?’ or, ‘when did my instrument begin to play this musical piece?’ This is a deeper aspect of the place you find yourself today.

Then you should be all set to GO!, unless you wish to know more about the map and terrain from the one who is handing it to you. Perhaps you’ll need some more time to prepare for the journey (which you’ve always been on).

On your path of establishing your own repoire with this map, keep in mind that whatever destination you set, at any given time you’ll be moving either towards it or away from it, since time is cyclic. You’ll recognize the same issues and patterns coming back to you at regular intervals.

Remember that your own personal history is the very ground you find yourself standing on today. It cannot be simply set aside as ‘the past’ if you are to understand anything, let alone yourself and your time. This is because time is a pyramid, built one floor over the previous one. In this respect another imagery can be a that time is the wake of a ship (which is also a triangle), beginning from the prow of your now, and expanding back behind you.

Remember also that you can never be exactly at the same place in Time when the cycle repeats itself and you arrive at the same day again. For time is a spiraling pyramid of evolution. And as an integral part of it, you, like nature itself, meet similar challenges at ever-increasing levels of complexity and demand.

1-Oc trecena daily digest: begins 6 November 2015

The dross is dry

A spark must be well placed so as to bring forth a living fire. As a delicate, young flame it first feeds on the fuel most dry and combustible. After developing further and building up heat, the fire can now diversify its appetite to anything close enough to it. If not contained and controlled, this is where fire becomes very dangerous.

When violence hits the streets, it is a manifestation of strategically-placed sparks, shielded enough from the winds as to start the chaos that is uncontrollable fire. This is the situation most favorable for centers of power and control. Order, whether new or old, must come out of chaos. Chaos comes out of constant polarization, bigotry and division between and within people.

But even if sparks are placed in the best strategic locations, the dross must still be sufficiently dry and innate in order to bring forth the fire out of the spark. In human affairs, dry dross means individuals and mobs ready to commit acts of violence and deception against some unlucky scapegoat. It also means that survival and personal gain take precedence to more worthy human concern and endeavors.

It means that an ongoing process of social bankruptcy is climaxing.

An out-of-control fire being born of a violent spark used to be something to worry about. But with the mass awakening taking place lately, the dross is probably very wet now. A small fire might spring up here and there, but it’s not going anywhere. It runs into moral-based communities and heart-centered people. It runs out of fuel and is snuffed out coming up against well informed individuals and carefully organized task-groups.


I walk in the woods, up a hill, picking up dry sticks to start a camp fire. I circle the site where I left my bags until my hands are full of wood. I return to a circle of small stones and drop my load inside it.

The wood is divided into starters and main fuel. I take the starters and arrange them like my father once showed me.

I make a small fire and guard it from the weather. The fire remains alive because the sticks are bone-dry. To care for and contain the living fire I add fuel when needed, clean around it, and split the longer branches. In turn, the fire takes care of me by just being there to keep me warm and hypnotize me to sleep.

It’s a mutual care-taking bond that shapes communities and civilizations alike.

Know and Protect your Territory, and mark its boundaries clearly

1-Oc [6 November 2015]

One Love

Born on this day: Eric Idle, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Sammy Sosa, Frances McDormand, Gabrielle, Sharon Stone, MCA (Beastie Boys), Bill Maher, Andy Rooney, John Major

One Love

“This is the moment I dreaded. I wish I could do this forever.” – Andy Rooney (1-Oc) on Oct. 2, 2011 (13-Ix). He died early the next month.


Once there was a bloodhound who decided to have a second career. After doing routines and watching over his own territory he decided to dedicate his keen senses and mind to the service of the common good.

At first he thought about a solid move to Law and maybe Justice a bit later. He remembered his days as a lonely hobo, spending cold nights with the underprivileged. He could help them out of trouble and give young cubs a fighting chance. There’s bravery in that.

But then he thought about corruption, and how it can undermine and get to even the bravest alpha males. Maybe corruption is especially appealing to that kind of dog. After all, they are the ones who tend to settle down for comfort way too early, and then come the treats and candy. Before they know it the new cubs outrun them.

Bottom line – He never got along with law dogs, and he’s sure as bark he doesn’t want to become that kind of dawg.

So he became a spy.

It didn’t happen overnight. At first it was just a pure decision, with no apparent change on the surface. After all, getting out of old habits never comes easy to any dog. There’s breakfast, walk, brunch, sunbathing, workout, and all the rest of it. It was rather a gradual transition, involving much soul searching and adaptation of existing skills to new applications.

“So what do I have to work with?” thought the bloodhound.

Loyalty, a territorial fixation, fighting and team spirits, great bravery, a solid aura of security, a natural affinity to the good life with family and friends… you get the picture.

He’s a dog.

2-Chuen [7 November 2015]

Artists and Artisans

Born on this day: Gabriel Byrne, Harrison Ford, Morley Safer

Artists and Artisans

“The Force is within you. Force yourself.” – Harrison Ford (2-Chuen)

On the second day of the spy retraining crash course Bloodhound is confronted  by a key question. It is key because its answer would determine what kind of spy he’s going to become.

The question put to him by 2-Chuen is: Can you fake it till you make it? Can you convince strangers that you are someone else?

If you can’t then you probably won’t be doing any covert ops overseas. You can still help the intelligence community, but at an administrative, logistic or analytic capacity near home.

But if you can, if you know the Monkey’s (Chuen) Business, the way of actors, performers, teachers, and brilliant salespersons – you’ll probably get a different kind of action behind the lines and beyond the horizon.

There’s no merit nor drawback to any of these options. The only way to know the answer is to know yourself. If you try going for some glory that has little to do with your gifts it might lead to disappointment and deflation. Then you end up doing what you should have picked today, anyway.

So the best way for Bloodhound to continue perusing his new career past day two is to follow his gut and nose. Not think too long and come up with some wiseass answer, shrouded in fantasies and tricks of the mind. He opts to be sincere and faithful to himself, to go with the first thing that naturally comes up.

He picks up a scent on the ground, looks around and sniffs the air.

Then he’s running.

3-Eb [8 November 2015]

Rhythmic Road

Born on this day: William Henry Harrison (9th US president), Neville Chamberlain, Chaim Weizmann, Stevie Wonder, Paula Abdul, Dan Aykroyd, Christopher Walken

Rhythmic Road

“I’m very nervous when I work in a film and very relaxed before a live audience.” – Christopher Walken (3-Eb)

Bloodhound ran and hiked up many roads. He got to know the main roads and their dangers, and then he recognized the side and hidden roads. During the third day Bloodhound did them all.

3-Eb is when he takes his orientation lessons and training. There are roads that are common to all spies, regardless of where their loyalties lie. There are ways that only a handful of canines know about. Then he learns about the situations when even the darkest road must be considered just to survive.

There is no way of knowing how good an unknown road is until I use it and see where it leads. As long as I have faith in my destinations, which road I take is a matter of choice.

4-Ben [9 November 2015]:

Stable Destiny

Born on this day: Bud Powell, Isaac Asimov, Deepak Chopra, O. J. Simpson, Jacque Fresco (Venus project), Rodney Dangerfield, John F. Kennedy Assassination

“If we are strong, our strength will speak for itself. If we are weak, words will be of no help.” – John F. Kennedy (4-Men) in the speech that was never given on 22 Nov. 1963 (4-Ben)

Leadership is a peculiar quality which allows me to walk an unknown road as if I know exactly where I’m going and how I’m going to get there. When alone I lead myself. When my pack is following me they tune to one frequency. Then communication becomes crucial.

Without leadership potential remains dormant and unseen beyond a bend in the road.

On the fourth day Bloodhound met his mentor Ben. It was clear right from the get-go that he could not cross any lines with this particular teacher. He submitted to Ben’s directions and restrictions, realizing he can’t go on trying a new way on a daily basis. He also had enough of going solo and was now looking for new and exciting best friends.

Team spirit was never an issue for Bloodhound. He knew that the best times he had were when he was part of a team, sometimes leading and then following. There was nothing they couldn’t do together.

Walking alongside him, the mentor talked about Bloodhound’s future, his destiny.

“Dream on” he said. “Inspire them.”

5-Ix [10 November 2015]

Exact Magic

Born on this day: Carl Johan Calleman, Phil Collins, Steven Tyler, Keith Richards, Matt Thornton (MLB), Rafael van der Vaart

Exact Magic

“Sing with me, if it’s just for today, maybe tomorrow the good lord’ll take you away.”- Steven Tyler (5-Ix), Dream On

The industry which employs spies is known as Intelligence. What it does is first collect information and then try to make sense of it. Bits of data are connected to create a new and more complete understanding, which in turn allows for better decision making and action taking.

At his/her best, a spy always knows something that you do not. This is the edge which makes them spies and the rest, well, just citizens. It’s a kind of ancient magic which is known only to the most skilled and cunning.

Day five began with evasion and concealment drills, taught by an astute cat (Ix the Jaguar). Bloodhound realized the hard way that any dog can learn plenty from a cat.

Alan Watts (1-Imix) once said he had met many Zen masters during his life, “all of them cats.” The indirect approach, the sudden leap into a fury of action, the stealthy moves that escape detection – all these were new to Bloodhound. Just last week he was still deep in his comfort zone, with no secrets and no scars. Now nothing came easy.

6-Men [11 November 2015]

Flowing Vision

Born on this day: Winston Churchill, David Koresh, Gary Lewis (film actor), Daniel Craig

Flowing Vision

“I pass with relief from the tossing sea of Cause and Theory to the firm ground of Result and Fact.” – Winston Churchill (6-Men)

Although he never climbed any trees, Bloodhound learned a lot from the cat. On day six he began to see the big picture, having realized a new and elevated perspective. It was a new equilibrium between effort and observation, focus and periphery.

He regained his love for duels and sports. Being a spy is a constant match between opposing teams, a battle of wits and nerves. The sun-sign Men (eagle) is known for its affinity to challenges and high-stake winning. It is physical abundance achieved effortlessly by good vision. On Men days the Maya give thanks to money and success in the most positive and guilt-free way possible.

Bloodhound strived to live the high-life of a spy because it’s a generously rewarded job. The risks are high, but the pay is higher. Only true, all-heart players like him could pull it off.

7-Cib [12 November 2015]

Sacred Purpose

Born on this day: Hilary Swank, Ted Nugent

7-Cib: Wisdom and Sacredness reflect upon themselves in the Trecena of Love

8-Caban [13 November 2015]

Balanced Earth

Born on this day: Jimmy Carter (39th US president), Elvis Costello, Richard Gere, Kim Basinger, Priscilla Presley, Sam Kinison

Balanced Earth

“We are a purely idealistic Nation, but let no one confuse our idealism with weakness.” – Jimmy Carter (8-Caban), inauguration address

B turned out to have a special talent to slip through borders as if they weren’t there. Without really trying he seldom drew any attention to his presence, unless he chose to do so. Wherever he traveled on his new job, he looked and acted just like the local folk. He became sensitive to the canine nature that is common to all breeds.

The earth (one of Caban’s meanings) breeds people and dogs of all kinds. It has a frequency and resonance that borders cannot contain. When tuned into it, whales are able to navigate great distances from spawning seas to hunting seas. Herons can do the same over the oceans, and so can elephants on land.

It is the resonance which allows for synchronicity and coincidences around your neighborhood and on the other side of the earth. When strangers reverse ill fortune and help comes from nowhere, when least expected.

Make yourself at home.

9-Edznab [14 November 2015]

Macro Reflected

Born on this day: J. R. R. Tolkien, Paul Wolfowitz, Benjamin Harrison (23rd US president), Sophia Loren, John Malkovich

Macro Reflected

“We Americans have no commission from God to police the world.” – Benjamin Harrison (9-Edznab)

“All that is gold does not glitter,
not all those who wander are lost;
the old that is strong does not wither,
deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
a light from the shadows shall spring;
renewed shall be blade that was broken,
the crownless again shall be king.”
- J.R.R. Tolkien, from The Lord 
of the Rings

10-Cauac [15 November 2015]

Responsible Havoc

Born on this day: Harry Shearer, Leonard Cohen, Al Gore, Nicole Kidman, Peter O’Toole, Jon Voight, James Stewart, Jason Lee, Tennessee Williams

Responsible Havoc
“You sit around here and you spin your little webs and you think the whole world revolves around you and your money! Well, it doesn’t, Mr. Potter!” – Jimmy Stewart (10-Cauac) as George Bailey in “It’s a wonderful life” (1946)

11-Ahau [16 November 2015]

Anti-Climatic Enlightenment

Born on this day: Mary J. Blige, Eve (singer), T-Boz (Tionne Watkins), Art Blakey, Mikhail Gorbachev, Sathya Sai Baba, Holly Hunter, Jim Breuer, Mike Wallace,  Oh yeah, one more – Albert Einstein

Anti-Climatic Enlightenment

“The cult of individual personalities is always, in my view, unjustified… This has been my fate, and the contrast between the popular estimate of my powers and achievements and the reality is simply grotesque.” – Albert Einstein (11-Ahau)

12-Imix [17 November 2015]

Deep Swamp

Born on this day: Art Garfunkel, Gary Oldman, Bernie Taupin, Leonid Brezhnev, Andy Pettite, Tony Gwynn

Deep Swamp

“God will not forgive us if we fail.” – Leonid Brezhnev (12-Imix)

13-Ik [18 November 2015]

Ascending Spirit

Born on this day: Bono, Joe Pass, Martina Navratilova, Bill Paxton, Ben Bernanke, Alfonso Soriano, Stephen Lang, Stephen Rea

Ascending Spirit

“Regarding the Great Depression. You’re right, we did it. We’re very sorry.” – Ben Shalom Bernanke (13-Ik)