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10-Imix: Traversing the Mire (17 October 2017)

Born 10-Imox: Janis Joplin, Woody Harrelson, Kobe Bryant, Bryant Gumbel, Tilda Swinton, Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), Vladimir Vysotsky, David Kelly (Waking Ned), Clémence Poésy, Jean Houston, Kenneth Johnson


“Tomorrow never happens. It’s all the same fucking day, man.” – Janis Joplin (10-Imix) taken from “Ball and Chain” (1967)

The end of every road is the beginning of the next. Imix/Imox (the crocodile) is the first sun-sign, since everything begins and ends in the womb of creation – the primordial swamp that is the crocodile’s domain.

The previous day (Ahau) is also called “the master”, and in this respect, every master eventually becomes a novice of the next higher level of evolution.

Therefore, Imix (Crocodile, the 1st nawal by popular view) means that the one true road manifests when I find myself back on square one.

But this is scarcely a regression to my scool daze, since the journey itself has transformed me.

Equipped with the nurturing instincts of the mother crock, and the responsibility that stage 10 invokes – it is now time to go “back to school” to guide and show my fellow companions how the Road of Life (1-Eb, last 8 October) becomes an experience.

First day of school

I don’t remember much of my first year as a student in grade school. I remember all the new plastic and wooden stationary I got, and school bag, and all the rest. The smell of new books, workbooks, and notebooks we wrapped in colorful paper.

Naturally, we first learned the Hebrew alphabet, and basic math. Other 45-minute classes between fun and scary recesses periods were about our country, community, heritage, history, geography, agriculture, millinery tall tales, and the occasional dodge ball frenzy during PT, on crisp winter mornings.

For us 1st-graders, the school staff and headmaster tried to make it as much fun as possible, to facilitate our transition from kindergarten to the cell-block, bell-ringing, factory schooling establishment. The one geared towards getting each and every one of us a job when we grow older.

All through the 6 years of grade school, we had Friday all-hands-on-deck assemblies, in a concrete yard much like a boot camp marching yard, complete with music and square dances.

From that point onward, till right around final exams and graduation, when I first started dating, it’s all one extended bad-trip blur of exams, music, cigarettes, the beach, and other means of amnesia and raw experience.

Loud music, alone in my room, early console and PC computer games, and basketball in the other school yard.


Winter 1988, 8th grade (8-Qanil on the left and 8-Ak’bal on the right)

Looking at it 35 years on, it seems like prehistory. I can only relate to that personal history now by empathizing with 6-year-olds I know today.

Imox is like that in terms of having a prehistorical aspect to its symbolism. According to Darwin’s theory of natural selection and evolution, crocodiles and aligators represent a very ancient species, thriving among us (much like turtles). One that has reached evolutionary climax, equilibrium and perfection many millions of years ago.

Especially the crocodile mother, embodies perfection in nature. An enlightened member of our biosphere that’s altogether nurturing and ruthless. Territorial and berserk. Raw and genius. Magical and unexpected.

In other words – Imox as the universal, oceanic Gaian mother.

Picture the the ONE turtle carrying 4 elephants, who in turn carry the World on their backs and trumpeting trunks.

Culture shock

Martin Gore (10-Imox) singing ‘the bottom line’ from Depeche Mode’s 1997 album ‘Ultra’.

9-Ahau: Aslan is on the Move (16 Oct. 2017)

Born 9-Ahau:  Steve Jobs, C.S. Lewis, Steve Miller, Randy Johnson, Dusty Baker, last luner landing (Apollo 17), Micky Dolenz (The Monkees), Evelyn Robert de Rothschild


“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.” – Steve Jobs (9-Ahau) in his address at Stanford University (2005)

9-Ahau is when the memory of my great ancestors guides me on the Road to Life (1-Eb, last 8 October) and provides patience, perseverance, and peace of mind. Although it always seems that today is much more challenging than yesterday, on this day I am reminded that that’s not always true. Those who came before us also had to choose the one true path and to leave all other paths behind. Like me, they too walked the path to wherever it led. Their challenge was equal to mine.

On 9-Ahau this realization is an abundant source of comfort and insight, and it allows for enlightened completion and realization of the process thus far.


Ever since I began learning music (some 10 years ago) my overall approach to life has shifted. From a somewhat dreamy and fantasy-based approach, I’ve become oriented more and more towards whatever’s practical.

I used to hate going shopping, and shied away from any kitchen work besides setting the table and washing dishes. I knew what I liked doing and what I didn’t. That’s me – I hate cooking and love tidying up and cleaning. This is how I choose to define myself.

NOT. More freedom of choice begins by realizing that this ‘me’ doesn’t have to (and cannot) remain the same.

Today I realize how these ‘chores’ I’m so used to hate are practical, especially when it comes to keeping my family healthy and happy.

Since I acquired a new way of looking at the whole thing, I think less and do more. I go about learning shopping, cooking, and maybe much later – baking.
Doing and experiencing are love in action. No time to hate.


Not very long ago, when it came to work issues my outlook was – yeah, it’s a drag, but I need to earn a Buck (which is just another name for Manik/Kej ;-)). That approach doesn’t seem practical; too much catering to the other, when I should be out there just doing what I love. Once I realized how I can view ‘drags’ like work in more than one way – I began to really appreciate them. A new choice appears, to dive into their doings completely.

This is exactly why I’m still doing the Master Tzolkin.

It works. It’s personally practical first and foremost, if it’s stands a chance to have any value at all. Practicality is what a calendar is expected to provide you.

Days like today (9-Ajpu) can set the stage for me to actually experience how the Tzolkin works for me. It’s like having a dream vivid enough, that I know that I’m having it. And it goes on, without blowing to bits of forgetfulness the minute I realize I’m dreaming.

A resonance.

On the way back home today around 23:00, driving up a narrow, winding, country mountain road, I saw an owl standing between the dividing wall and the solid white line on my left. It was just standing there, facing right with wide eyes, waiting for the Las-Vegas headlight show to calm down before (flying I hope) and crossing the road safely to the other side, where the wood was.

Then I stopped at a bar where an open-stage rock band was playing. I met a young man, who I later learned was born 8-Kat. I told him a bit about his nawal and he seemed very interested.

Then we went on stage, and he played drums.

I realized the last drummer I played with in a band was also born 8-Kat (although at least 20 years older than the guy I met tonight).


Two days ago (Friday, 7-Tijax) I went to my friend’s house to hang out and play some music. He’s also a drummer, but at least 20 years older than me.

According so some scholars, his nawal (Kame) alludes to an owl.

More specifically, he was born 3-Kame. We play jazz together as a rhythm section, whenever we get the chance.

My younger brother (20 years younger) and me used to jam just the two of us, with him on drums, about 3 years ago. He was also born 3-Kame.

So, even though it’s more than 3000 years old, the master Tzolkin works.

Under the hood

An Ahau day is the final day of the 20-day uinal, and it represents enlightenment and the realization of all potential. 9-Ahau is the day when the 5th uinal of the Tzolkin ends, which means that on this day the entire 260-day process of gestation completes its 20-day cycle of Empowerment (5), which began on 3-Imix.

Culture shock

C.S. Lewis (9-Ajpu)

“Religious symbolism plays a major role in THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA. One of the best examples of this symbolism is Aslan, the noble Lion of Narnia. Aslan is a literary Christ figure who plays a pivotal role in the story of Narnia, just as Jesus Christ is central to the Christian faith. The Lion is the king of beasts, and Christ is called “The Lion of Judah” in the Bible. ” – Source

10-Men: Vision Manifested (21 September 2017)

Born 10-Men: Gillian Anderson, Brittany Murphy, Spike Lee, John Adams (2nd US president), Laurence Olivier, Stephen Graham

Vision Manifested

“The world grows more enlightened. Knowledge is more equally diffused.” – John Adams (10-Men), Discourses on Davila (1790)

The supreme magician 9-Ix evolves and obtains a real vision of what’s to come during the unfolding winter, and whatever’s beyond. When true change is followed through (and even surrendered to completely) from conception to birth, the reward is a crystal clear picture of reality.

Keep in mind that Cimi stands for luck, and Men stands for plenty (material or otherwise) – good combination, huh? So luck, and physical abundance, are fused with a clear vision to produce a unique and powerful day.

Revisiting the above quote by John Adams – it is evident that plenty is available to me wherever I turn, especially plenty of information. Enlightenment might not be as evidently abundant as data, but this is because data is not Knowledge.

Knowledge is human/organic from beginning to end. This is why we have plenty of artificial intelligence (AI) and absolutely no artificial knowledge/wisdom.

Even if I become Dr. Frankenstein and animate some organic tissue I’ll call Eye-Gore I will not be able to engineer and fashion him with a Spirit or a Soul, let alone download some childhood memories using a USB port to feed its emotional chip.

The vision instilled by the sun-sign Men belongs to the spirit of the winds. It is an ancient mode of consciousness that enables both Eagles and Men to see the unseen and even the never seen (and also to procrastinate, but that’s another issue). I’m afraid this aspect of reality cannot be coded into software and compiled successfully.

Maybe with a computer that runs on a 13-bit operating system…