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8-Noj: Balanced earth (1 January 2018)

Born 8-Noj: Jimmy Carter (39th US president), Elvis Costello, Richard Gere, Kim Basinger, Priscilla Presley, Sam Kinison, Barbara Walters

Balanced Earth

“We should live our lives as though Christ were coming this afternoon.” – Jimmy Carter (8-Noj)

Happy new year!

2018 rolls on beginning today, and will feature daily on your calendar for the next 365 days, come rain or shine. The Gregorian calendar is the one concept of time most common to most people on earth. It has been so since only quite recently. Before that, each culture had its own solar calendar, equivalent to the (quite inaccurate) Gregorian. These indigenous technologies have long since been wiped away, save some staunch ones (including the Tzolkin. Each such legacy masterpiece of calculation and culture would weave its own folklore into the meanings of each month. This way, each farmer would follow the solar cycles, and plan his work accordingly.

The agricultural context has long been lost for most people using the solar calendar known as the Gregorian today. Also, this most popular of calendars has a flawed mechanism, based on an irregular sequence of months, each having a different duration. Once every 4 years, February needs an additional day to correct for multi-year drifts. That forced calibration, by the way, doesn’t calibrate the calendar precisely enough, since there is also a multi-year correction that had to be introduced approximately every 75-years.

But then, when superimposing the 7-day work week over this mediocre, notice contraption, chaos finally rears its confused head. Each week day falls on a different numerical day of the month, with no apparent or meaningful pattern.

Kind of reminds me of Microsoft software. It’s crap, but everyone’s used to it.

Although it is exclusively used by Christians to mark their religious holidays, the Gregorian is also the one calendar exclusively used by everyone to celebrate the one true universal holiday:

Happy birthday!

Global heartbeat frequency

The earth (one of Noj’s meanings) breeds people and dogs of all kinds. It has a frequency and resonance that borders cannot contain. When tuned into it, whales are able to navigate great distances from spawning seas to hunting seas. Herons can do the same over the oceans, and so can elephants on land.

It is the resonance which allows for synchronicity and coincidences around your neighborhood and on the other side of the earth. When strangers reverse ill fortune and help comes from nowhere, when least expected.

Make yourself at home.

Culture shock

Here’s Sam Kinison’s (8-Noj) very last TV interview, before he died in a car crash. His host here is TV-man Paul Provenza (13-Qanil).

One thing I’ve learned about Noj-type people (be it male or female) is that when they erupt in anger or any other kind of emotional excitement, it is a sight to see and it gets everyone’s attention. This trait is also shared by Noj’s burner-day companions Iq and Kej. Kinison made a living out of his classic eruptions.

1-Oc Trecena Analysis Part 1 of 2

1-Oc: Know your Territory

Link to previous trecena: 1-Caban

Prelude: Video Lesson

1-Oc [30 July 2011] One Love

Born on this day: Eric Idle, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Sammy Sosa, Frances McDormand, Gabrielle, Sharon Stone

"American Beer is a lot like making love on a canoe - it's F-ing close to water." - Eric Idle (1-Oc)

The first stage of each trecena is equivalent in the stage sequence to Imix in the uinal sequence, since it comes first. This assumption is quickly put in parentheses and must be taken in context, since the Tzolkin is cyclical, and has no beginning nor end. It is only for instructional and research purposes (especially for Western scholars) that Imix is considered to be the first sun-sign.

Stage 1 can be called “All-in-One”, since it is the most rough and basic form of a particular sun-sign (Oc in this case). Ian Xel Lungold called stage 1 Unity for good reason. It is the unity of mind and purpose that is embodied in the first stage, split asunder in the second stage (much like a living cell), and continues to develop and manifest throughout the trecena. Imix serves the same purpose for the 20-day uinal.

Many of the Stage 1 people I know personally have the same naïve sense that everyone can work out things together if they really tried. It is a young mindset, typical to the Source of all things.

So, 1-Oc is the condensed, most subtle and primary version of everything you’ve ever learned/experienced about the sun-sign known as Dog (refer to the video lesson above for some keywords). It is the brainstorming session of sowing Seeds of Love and Loyalty, which begins to grow tomorrow and continues to evolve over the next 12 days.

Here is one of my favorite sketches featuring two Monty Pythons. Terry Jones (9-Muluc) is pestered by the young and naïve  bachelor Eric Idle (1-Oc) about intimacy with ladies.

  • In the uinal, Muluc comes right before Oc.
  • In the Tzolkin, 9-Muluc comes long before 1-Oc.

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2-Chuen [31 July 2011] Artists and Artisans

Born on this day: Gabriel Byrne, Harrison Ford

"The Force is within you. Force yourself." - Harrison Ford (2-Chuen)

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3-Eb [1 August 2011] Rhythmic Road

Born on this day: William Henry Harrison, Stevie Wonder, Chaim Weizmann, Dan Aykroyd, Christopher Walken

"The strongest of all governments is that which is most free." - William Henry Harrison (3-Eb)

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4-Ben* [2 August 2011] Stable Destiny

Born on this day: Bud Powell, Isaac Asimov, Deepak Chopra, O. J. Simpson, Jacque Fresco, John F. Kennedy Assassination

"...having no unusual coincidence is far more unusual than any coincidence could possibly be." - Isaac Asimov

Portal Day

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5-Ix [3 August 2011] Exacting Shaman

Born on this day: Carl Johan Calleman, Phil Collins, Steven Tyler, Keith Richards

"If there's anybody lazier than me, it's Eric." - Keith Richards (5-Ix) referring to Eric Clapton (5-Ik)

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6-Men [4 August 2011] Flowing Vision

Born on this day: Winston Churchill, David Koresh, Gary Lewis (film actor)

"Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." - Winston Churchill (6-Men)

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7-Cib* [5 August 2011] Reflecting Wisdom

Born on this day: Hilary Swank

7-Cib: Wisdom and Sacredness reflect upon themselves in the Trecena of Love.

Portal Day

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Link to Part 2.