Welcome to ‘Another Time’. In this blog you will find many happy Mayan Journey Tales, and more.

The Journey begins with the Traditional Mayan Calendar – the 260-day Tzolkin round.

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Our ongoing feature is the Daily Trecena Analysis.

11 responses to “Home

  1. Hi, I appreciate your blog very much.
    I have a hyves site about the maya calendar(s):
    Can you give me permission to put a picture and a little peace of text in my daily documents:
    Of course I will mention your name and blog.

    Best regards

    • Dear Marij,

      I sent you an email to your live.nl account.
      It would be very nice if you place a picture and mention “Another Time” in your site.

      Appreciated, and have a safe journey,

  2. I am new at this, how would one go about finding out one’s
    Mayan “sign” ; to understand this article and how it pertains
    to ones “sign”…ei: Saggitarius, Nov. 21/Dec. 20? thanks

  3. Hello Eagle, We may have some common friends out there. I just wished to thank you for your time and well organized website. But your daily Daily Tzolkin Analysis really helped me put several things going on in my world together.

    As the year has progressed, I am experiencing much. But I am a Blue Magnetic Storm, so as you can imagine there has been some rather wide shaking of my world tree of late.

    Yet I find the answers everyday in unexpected places. Like here this morning. One more minute day week I prepare to be an Agent of Calm. It seems that even is making more sense. I am going to confirm my following of your blog when I return this morning. But mainly thanks again.

    Eagles are Blue also aren’t they. That just occurred to me.

    Well I am sure I will return before long…
    Until then my little ode that I am transmitting out, my mantra if you will. Good days to you Eagle.

    Nothing is written in stone
    Something that may not happen
    Nothing is inverse and inevitable
    Something is waiting for us every day
    So why is everyone waiting on doomsday
    What reason do we need to make darkness day
    As time is spent watching over your shoulder
    Remember, It Ain’t Over ‘Till It’s Over… IAOTIO


    • Hey Blake,

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment and kind words! I wonder who are our common friends…
      Eagles are indeed blue according to the Dreamspell calendar. This simply means that the Eagle is a western sun-sign. However, my given name is Eagle, and my Mayan sun-sign is actually Star.
      I liked your little ode/mantra. It does seem as though everyone is waiting on doomsday. It’s a form of immaturity in my mind, of externalizing responsibility.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  4. Hi, i read some of your analisys and i`m glad to mention you make a good bridge between different tribal readings.
    What i missed was the 13-tone interpretation. Do you have any text about it?
    Regards and keep the way.
    in lakech

    • Hi Felipe! Thanks for your valuable feedback. I include my tone interpretations within each day, here and there, although I do emphasize the sun-signs. Generally speaking, I follow Ian Lungold’s interpretations of the tones (see mayanmajix.com).

  5. Hi Whats your take on a day sign changing at sundown? I was born at 6 pm in Minnesota dec 10th 1988 which was an hour and a half after sunset

    • Hi Levin253,
      Very much like in the Jewish religion, the Mayans mark the sun’s setting event as a beginning of something new, of tomorrow. This is why a Jewish holiday is celebrated at sundown on the day before the actual holiday, and the holiday itself is considered over when the sun sets on the day.
      However, the western viewpoint of taking a single moment in time (11:59) as the very last of yesterday, and the next moment as the very first of today – is not shared by most ancient cultures, Mayan and Jewish included.
      As anything in nature, one cannot definitively mark a moment in time when the change happens. At the moment of sunset tomorrow’s energy might already be present, but only as a fragile new seed. The energy of the day now ending remains, however, the dominant factor (in your case 2-Akbal). It has to complete its process of diminishing and finally fading away as the sun rises on the new day (3-Kan).
      Even if one can mark a moment in time, like midnight, as a “switch” or “pivot” point, it leads to a technical depth of particulars (like, say, in the Human Design wisdom and contemporary western astrology). This depth might hold many truths, but is accessible only to true followers of that particular way of reading – specialists. General laymen and Tzolkin students might be more comfortable first diving into their sun-sign and the unique symbolism of the mesoamerican traditions. Later speciality and technical depth might take focus, or not.
      Here is a link to the 1-Ik trecena post, where your birthday (2-Akbal) is mentioned.


  6. Thanks I’ve actually been studying for a while and feel the transition begins at sundown in my humble opinion on the matter and from “experiencing” the natural transition in the day on a personal level night to night…

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