3-Tijax: Scattered Reflections (22 January 2018)

Born 3-Tijax: John Mahoney, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Enrique Iglesias, Jack DeJohnette, Napoleon Bonaparte, Keanu Reeves, Terence McKenna, Dana Carvey, Cesar Millan

Scattered Reflections

“From the heights of these pyramids, forty centuries look down on us.” – Napoleon Bonaparte (3-Tijax) speaking to his troops in Egypt

Stage 3 is the first stage in which the trecena’s 4 axis/theme days (Ajmaj, Ajpu, Kat, and Qanil) are objected to and criticized. Here stands the mirror of reality (Tijax), revealing current truths right in our esteemed, serious face. Ajmaj’s deep wisdom abides only because it is subjected to reality-show-type trials, to yet again prove its timelessness insights.

The scattered reflections of everything that’s true and real right now on earth points to a glaring deficiency in wisdom (no Ajmaj). In other words – everyone seems to be still sleeping soundly, dwelling on known evils, and dreaming about how things will work themselves out eventually. An end-date deadline will keep dangling in front of our collective eyes, so that we’ll keep plodding along through yet another day of grind and mental fatigue. This is how old karma is allowed to persist, and the location of responsibility remains externalized.

3-Tijax means exposing false beliefs wherever they may be, and regardless of where this exposure might lead. This is the only way to universalize ethics and truly accept the proverbial other (with all his ‘misguided’ ideas).

Culture shock

To me personally, Terence McKenna (3-Tijax) was a modern-day apostle and martyr of the religion of the Self. I often wonder what he would have to say after his earth-shaking 2012 prophecies came to naught. Regretfully, he didn’t live to see the world just around the corner, where his intricate and well-thought-through timeline led to.

I wonder if he would maintain his Utopian vision of a technocratic society, propelling itself towards distant habitation stars, leaving behind a dying cradle-planet it has successfully depleted beyond redemption. Would he join forces with the Ray Kurzweils and Elon Musks of the cyber tomorrow world? Would he be the first to take the fountain of youth pill they all promise?

Regardless of his own personal inclinations and techno-visions, Terence was a pioneer triptonaught, going well beyond our mental horizons. Multitudes of curious experience-buffs are now following his vanguard.

… and to think that American tax dollars payed for all his trips!

“What’s happening is that 8% of the world’s people use 35% of the world’s petroleum, and are ready to blow everybody off the map to keep it that way. This is nothing more than a manifestation of junkie psychology on a mass scale. We’re addicted, they got it, we’re happy to pay for it, but if they won’t sell it we’ll break into their house and take it, because by god it will go into our right arm. that’s the plan… Politics without responsibility IS fascism.” – TM (3-Tijax)

*Image curtsy of Israel Oliveras Horta.

1-Ajmaj trecena prelude: begins 20 January 2018

Born 1-Ajmaj: James Joyce, Kristin Scott Thomas, Jimmy Page, Damon Albarn, Emma Bunton (Spice Girl), Michael Douglas, Caroline Corr, Didier Drogba

Unified Sanctity

“Now, you had what it took to get into my office; the real question is whether you got what it takes to stay.” – Michael Douglas (1-Ajmaj) as Gordon Gekko

It’s definitely different now.

I remember when we had to spell out the most obvious of life’s facts to an imbalanced crowd of sleepwalking people. They didn’t seem to understand the first thing about, well, all of the most important things.

Now it seems more customers are looking up beyond the billboards. Reality is being perturbed, turned into a psycadelic weirdness of snuff TV and viral fragments of uploaded home videos, none over 2 minutes long. This disturbance assists in identifying cognitive dissonances of truths that no longer hold. My understanding of reality is in a rapid process of development and evolution. What seemed to be different is that people now obviously can tell opinion from experience.

Imagination, as Einstein (11-Ajpu, the previous Ajpu in the count) maybe said, is more important than knowledge. But that’s a point of origin requiring further development. Knowledge that can be communicated is only one part of what knowledge is. For example, muscle memory and physical brain connections facilitate playing a musical instrument, or dancing. Imagination is indeed more important than the kind of ‘knowledge’ we acquire at school and mainstream academia (the trade schools). These are the miles and miles of words we all ingest during the fall semester, so we can spew them out at mid-terms, on demand.

But on another level, there is knowledge which is superior to the gifts which imagination can bestow. This kind might be better referred to as wisdom, and the results of direct experience. In this domain, imagination which is uncontrolled can become a burden upon the mind and psyche. For example, when I imagine a false and dis-informative conspiracy theory to be true, I’m actually a slave to a kind of imagination which disempowers and is often addictive.

The directness of experiencing now cannot be chatted away by mental abstractions.

And to those who strive to silence me I give thanks, since I often need to be reminded of the paramount importance of inner peace and silence. I keep doing this and doing that all through the day, while the sun shines. Then, much later, when my ‘doings’ are done, I get into my pajamas and finally surrender to those who would silence and pacify me.

Mom and Dad


With 1-Imox as the beginning of autumn, 13-Tzikin is the last day of the Tzolkin spring, and 1-Ajmaj is the first day of summer. It is the first day of the last 65 days in the current Tzolkin round. It is also the Tzolkin’s summer solstice.

I begin the Tzolkin summer by pondering the holy place that is mother earth, as well as my own body – the best vehicle I can have, speeding through the material plain. Summer is when both body and earth celebrate the fruits of the labor of the preceding arduous seasons.

This 4th part of the 260-day cycle is represented by southern (yellow) sun-signs which appear more than other cardinal directions during this period. It has to do with kicking back and taking it easy. This laid-back sensation has to do with manifesting results that seem to independently unfold now, as I sit back and watch. Now gravity itself pulls the sheer weight of the previous 10 uinals of my intention and toil down to reality.

Ajmaj is also called “Vulture”, an eater of carcasses and a purifier of karma. As the trecena kick-starting the fun of summer, 1-Ajmaj is a suitable way to get a clean slate and draw a line between the karma that prevailed before and a fresh sequence of causality. Without this spiritually purifying period I would have stayed focused on my old debts, kept on working at the same job through the summer, and missed all the fun.


Vultures make the best recyclers


1-Ajmaj is the only trecena in the Tzolkin round that has the first 4 sun-signs of the uinal neatly adorning the crest of the trecena, populating stages 6 through 9. There is therefore a unique balance between the tenth uinal’s last 5 sun-signs initiating the trecena (Ajmaj, Noj, Tijax, Kawok, and Ajpu), and the first 8 of the eleventh uinal completing it.

Therefore, this trecena, which teaches me about the sanctity and holiness of both spirit and matter, begins with the complex and abstract aspects of the uinal, and is “turned around” by the most basic aspects of prehistory, raw reality, early teachings and understandings.

So what am I doing here writing this blog? I’m reaching back through the mists of the past into a fascinating ancient culture, to bring some valuable early teachings and understandings back to the now.

You know, the lessons most needed today. A pinch from grandpa’s old tobacco bag.

This is Ajmaj. It is realizing that in order to get rid of twisted karma that still, for some reason, interferes with achieving a better now – I need to go even further back in time for possible solutions. Ancient understandings seem to predate the modern origin of division and confusion I experience today (what the Maya called ‘the error in time’), so I’m therefore tapping into a singular/unifying-kind of wisdom.

I’m talking about those precise answers dad comes up with, wearing a wrinkled brow.


… there was an elderly medieval Jesuit monk, who looked a lot like Michael or Kirk Douglas. He left his hermitage (1-Ajmaj) after living there most of his adult life to travel the world (2-Noj) in search for truth (3-Tijax), spiritual purification (4-Kawok), Mastery and Enlightenment (5-Ajpu).

Just when he thought he found them, he realized that his journey has only begun. By the side of the road he met an ancient, farseeing and eloquent oracle (7-Iq). His discourse with the oracle made him realize that he still has so much more to learn, since the unknown is infinite (8-Ak’abal). He sat down to meditate for the first time ever, and his moment of realization soon came as he physically experienced his awakened kundalini (10-Kan), after which he was never the same again (11-Kame).

Sacred introspection as Heaven Eleven settles in

12-Ix: Deep majik (18 January 2018)

Born 12-Ix: Emma Watson, Alec Baldwin, Arnold Schwarzenegger,
Henry Ford, Zecharia Sitchin, Krist Novoselic (Nirvana), Horace Andy

Night-Vision Shamanism

“I’ll be back” – Arnold Schwarzenegger (12-Ix)

As I near the end of the 1-Ak’abal trecena, I have a chance to experience yet another Jaguar day of deep magic and stark involvement in this world. With the chance comes a choice of how would I prefer to experience it. That might sound a bit strange, since to ‘experience’ or ‘go through’ something commonly means an encounter which leaves me with no choice but to live to see the end of it. Something is happening to me, and I’m passive, or reactive. It’s not my doing.

However, for some indulgent reason my dad could never accept, I like to think I always have at least some choice. It’s to do with this weird age of abundance I find myself wading neck-deep through. My choice can be boiled down to either experience a day consciously, or be a victim of whatever befalls me between getting out of bed in the morning and going back to sleep some 17 hours later.


X-Plain office, 2008 – 2013

The latter path is a choice to actually remain asleep during the day. My routine is bound to be interrupted by some reality check, which would stick in my mind throughout the day, appearing and reappearing. Naturally, along with my daily routines, I’ll do my best to indulge in my daily distractions. I can always find new ways each day to kill boredom or to forget worries. To numb pain down to the point where it departs from my awareness. At least till tomorrow.

To experience the kin (day) consciously can mean any number of things on any given day. What sets it apart from sleepwalking is that it involves a periodical and voluntary halt of whatever’s going on in my mind and body. Out of nowhere, comes a voice in my head intoning “present“. My ears prick up and my nostrils expand. I expand my rib cage further and my breath deepens. I can feel tiny movements, eddies and twirling of sensation and emotion in my body.

What the senses and feelings seem to point me towards is a deeper understanding of what the now experience is doing to me and teaching me right now.

When, for example, I’m arguing with someone, an active and voluntary ‘stop!’ and presence on my part might suddenly make me aware of a tightness around my chest or abdomen. I breathe into that tightness, releasing it, while remaining very attentive to whoever’s yelling at me (how odd!).

At the same time, way up in the skies of my mind, I notice a frightened, nervous boy. He needs my attention and appears to be ready to forgive me. He’s been neglected, so he’s kicking my stomach till I turn a gaze towards him.

What kind of gaze am I to turn towards this precious child?

He tells me about what he would like me to do to that rude person arguing so loudly with me. He tells me not to listen to a single word, how he’s a denounced fake, deserving much less than he’s getting. He’s getting very excited, now that he has my complete attention. He soon breaks down, realizing I got it all.

I then tell him I’m sorry I didn’t pay enough attention to him before. I thank him for distracting me (from whatever I once thought was more important), even if he had to resort to kicking me in the gut. This too shall pass. I calmly explain that this yelling exchange is really nothing, and that it’s going to be alright very soon. That yelling person will soon be our friend again, you’ll see.

Next thing I know, that person is waiting for my equally passionate retort to his flawless argument.

Now that I’m no longer arguing with my entire body, I notice that I’ve freed up a lot of energy, which up until just a moment ago has been rapidly depleting throughout my body; especially around where the tightness appeared.

Whatever happens next really doesn’t matter, because this new-found energy usually results in me feeling much lighter, rising to a higher altitude, where I see what we’re really talking about. I suddenly notice new paths to the exchange.

One exchange becomes something else.

And so it goes. Couch and Rorschach blots be damned.