7-Eb: Purposeful Paths (19 September 2017)

Born 7-Eb: Victoria Beckham, Hu Jintao, Ryan Klesko

Purposeful paths

7-Eb is the path from death back to reality

Stage 7 is all about purpose. The purpose of the 1-Cimi (death, change) growth pattern is to find a new way, which is 7-Eb. However, in this process it is obvious that finding a new way happens halfway through the 13-day journey, and there’s much more to come down the road before concluding on 13-Tijax.

Let’s say I get married on 1-Cimi. The bachelor I used to be dies on the day the husband is born. I’ll never do what I used to do, and never be who I used to be. That’s one way of looking at death, as something irreversible. Through this point of view, Cimi (Kame) or death can happen while I’m still alive, and I <usually> survive it.

As each individual life goes through at least some of these life-changing events, old roles and states of mind are left behind, as new responsibilities and aspirations are assumed. Growth continues through a series of transformations.

Naturally, it takes me time to realize what I lost, and go over the things I could have done differently. I must first shed my old habits like a reptilian skin, and get used to a new routine. As time goes by, I reach 7-Eb, when I begin to see the outlines of what lies ahead, and gain a better perspective of what I left behind.

Because the past tends to haunt me like a wolf, I might find myself being busy sulking for quite some time. This must come to pass and play out before I can fully realize why I couldn’t possibly have stayed single, and why getting married was the best thing that could ever happen to me.

When considering the above example, please note that the Tzolkin turn-based. In other words, out-of-time. Coming to terms with the death and rebirth process of getting married (or becoming a father, or an orphan, etc.) can take any measure of time. In the timeless Tzolkin round, the 1-Cimi paradigm of change lasts 13 days minimum.

It usually takes much more.

An epic, real-life-changing learning period like becoming a spouse can involve spending years of regret and perceived failure, staying in a house with someone who isn’t really a friend, out of meaning, and out of divine purpose.

This is due to the error in time.

It can also be quite different.

8-Ahau: Infinite Light (6 September 2017)

Born 8-Ahau: Alan Dershowitz, Warren Beatty, Toni Collette, Vincent van Gogh, Douglas Adams, Norah Jones, Idan Ofer

Infinite Light

“If the Universe came to an end every time there was some uncertainty about what had happened in it, it would never have got beyond the first picosecond. And many of course don’t.” – Douglas Adams (8-Ahau) from Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (1987)


A word with much gravity and a touch of romanticism. Is there really a destination that I can single out and abbreviate as being my destiny? The thing with destinations is that once you arrive at one of them you get a view good enough to recognize the next one. So how can there be a destiny in the sense of an ultimate destination, some life-long goal that can be actually realized and materialized? And if there is one, in what way do I continue living without destiny beyond its achievement?

There can’t be such a thing as a future destiny, unless I define death itself as a destiny, followed by nothing. Instead of looking to the future in search of it, I think destiny is everything that has already happened, along with whatever’s transpiring now. So in other words destiny is made up of my karmic accumulation of the past, over which I have no control, and the now moment, for which I have total responsibility.

… and 8-Ahau says: “perfection cannot be realized tomorrow, nor remembered as past glory. It abides now and always, beckoning me to discover it.”

7-Cauac: Cloudy horizon (5 September 2017)

Born 7-Cauac: James Buchanan (15th US president), Jerry Seinfeld, Kurt Cobain, Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim), Robert Altman, Mario Savio, David Guetta, Gala, Ofra Haza, Jonathan Segal

Cloudy Horizon

“With the lights out, it’s less dangerous. Here we are now, entertain us! I feel stupid and contagious. Here we are now, entertain us! A mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, my libido.” – Kurt Cobain (7-Cauac)

If yesterday’s Edznab (Tijax) is associated sometimes with quarrel and difficult friction, to-day’s stormy Cauac takes it to the next level.

If yesterday was about cleansing by the skillful hands of the surgeon/healer, today it’s about the kind of cleansing you go through on your knees, with your hands on the bowl. Cauac types are known to always be on the lookout for a new experience. Since freedom is of the essence to them, they always strive to outgrow old definitions and boundaries. To break out and break new ground.

Sooner or later, this kind of youthful mindset inevitably leads to getting sick over a toilet bowl.

And, being a 7-day, it also has to do with the omega point – the final Cauac before the 1-Cauac trecena begins (September 25th). So another meaning is thrown into the modulated frequency transmitted from the Sovereign Sun today.

The Feminine and the family hearth

Cauac (Rainstorm) shares traits with the current trecena theme of Ben. It appears on the North/feminine Mayan cross of Aj/Ben. Cauac is considered to be a homey sign, and people born under this sign tend to appreciate the comforts of home and family. This is the flip-side of the stormy nature of Cauac, who knows how stormy it can be outside the family and home settings.

In addition, Cauac, much like Ix on stage 2 and Kan on stage 12 of this trecena – embodies potential and a gathering of energy before release. It is therefore fitting for Cauac to appear on the 7th stage of this trecena, since it is on this day that destiny reaches its highest potential and gains purpose, as a cleansing and educating force within the hearth of HOME, which is Aj.7-Cauac Buchanan vs Savio