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10-Kej: Truth’s journey (12 November 2017)

Born 10-Kej: Lewis Carroll, Amelia Earhart, Timothy Geithner, Aaron Russo, James Cook

Truth's journey

“Preparation, I have often said, is rightly two-thirds of any venture.” – Amelia Earhart (10-manik), Last Flight (1937)

Lewis Carroll, who was born on this Tzolkin day, is the author who wrote “Through the Looking Glass”. When Alice went through the rabbit hole she found herself in Wonderland, where the familiar and unfamiliar rearranged to create an alternative reality (which is entirely true in itself). Alice took her reality to Wonderland, and ultimately took Wonderland back to reality, and thus was able to better understand and develop both.

I do the same every day when I fall asleep and then wake up again.

Sleep and dreams, which I usually take for granted, are responsible for daily, natural cleansing and recharging processes, which both my body and mind desperately need at the end of each day. Whether I remember and relate to my dreams or not, they remain at the back of my awareness, as the backdrop and contrast to my daily, waking experience.

The deer Manik (Kej) is a transformative sun-sign which purifies the negative by healing. Thus, the reflective process of 1-Edznab manifests on this day and is embodied by my individual responsibility to heal within and without. According to 10-Kej, the way to heal and dispel the negative is by sharing fresh and sharp points of view with each other – the insights that were skillfully obtained “Through the Looking Glass” – and then applying them together and individually to our daily concerns.