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11-Cimi: Refined change (28 August 2016)

Born today: Kate Pierson (B-52’s)

Refined Change

“And we know that we’re alive, if we weren’t sure before. I reach for you by my side and – SOAR!” – Kate Pierson (11-Cimi) in Revolution Earth

What’s new?

It’s definitely different now.

I remember when we had to spell out the most obvious of life’s facts to an imbalanced crowd of sleepwalking people. They didn’t seem to understand the first thing about, well, all of the most important things.

Now it seems more customers are looking up beyond the billboards. Reality is being perturbed, turned into a psychedelic weirdness of snuff TV and viral fragments of uploaded home videos, none over 2 minutes long. This disturbance assists in identifying cognitive dissonances of truths that no longer hold. My understanding of reality is in a rapid process of development and evolution. What seemed to be different is that people now obviously can tell opinion from experience.

Can the world be weirder than I can ever hope to imagine?

Imagination, as Einstein (11-Ahau) maybe said, is more important than knowledge. But that’s a point of origin requiring further development. Knowledge that can be communicated is only one part of what knowledge is. For example, muscle memory and physical brain connections facilitate playing a musical instrument, or dancing. Imagination is indeed more important than the kind of ‘knowledge’ we acquire at school and mainstream academia (the trade schools). These are the miles and miles of words we all ingest during the fall semester so we can spew them out at mid-terms, on demand.

But on another level, there is knowledge which is superior to the gifts which imagination can bestow. This kind might be better referred to as wisdom, and the results of direct experience. In this domain, imagination which is uncontrolled can become a burden upon the mind and psyche. For example, when I imagine a false and disinformative conspiracy theory to be true, I’m actually a slave to a kind of imagination which disempowers and is often addictive.

The directness of experiencing now cannot be chatted away by mental abstractions.

And to those who strive to silence me I give thanks, since I often need to be reminded of the paramount importance of inner peace and silence. I keep doing this and doing that all through the day, while the sun shines. Then, much later, when my ‘doings’ are done, I get into my pyjamas and finally surrender to those who would silence and pacify me.

Mom and Dad

About the Nawal

11-Cimi is a subtle psychic connection with my ancient ancestors, who assist and guide me during the transition into a renewed and sanctified way of life – the inevitable result of yesterday’s destruction. This anti-climax kind of day also resounds with the 11th uinal in which it takes place, along with 11-Cauac further down the road.

The luck of the sun-sign Cimi is just what I need right now, resolving 1-Cib and reconciling past and present lessons in the school of life.

Under the hood

The 11th day of any given 13-day (trecena) period is where you’ll always find the sun-sign opposite to the one on the first day. In this case the opposite nawal is 11-Cimi, and the theme nawal is 1-Cib.

To be opposite always means to share many common traits and personality focal points, but in many cases it also means to have contradicting views on these points. So to know Cib well means to also know Cimi well. They are two sides of the same coin; two aspects of one archetype.

This is true for all the 10 sun-sign couples that are 10 signs apart from each other: Imix-Chuen, Ik-Eb, Akbal-Ben, etc.

And as an aside, this polarity principle is evident also in western astrology, where to know Torus means to know Scorpio, Gemini – Sagittarius, Cancer – Capricorn, etc.