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10-Imix: Traversing the Mire (17 October 2017)

Born 10-Imox: Janis Joplin, Woody Harrelson, Kobe Bryant, Bryant Gumbel, Tilda Swinton, Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), Vladimir Vysotsky, David Kelly (Waking Ned), Clémence Poésy, Jean Houston, Kenneth Johnson


“Tomorrow never happens. It’s all the same fucking day, man.” – Janis Joplin (10-Imix) taken from “Ball and Chain” (1967)

The end of every road is the beginning of the next. Imix/Imox (the crocodile) is the first sun-sign, since everything begins and ends in the womb of creation – the primordial swamp that is the crocodile’s domain.

The previous day (Ahau) is also called “the master”, and in this respect, every master eventually becomes a novice of the next higher level of evolution.

Therefore, Imix (Crocodile, the 1st nawal by popular view) means that the one true road manifests when I find myself back on square one.

But this is scarcely a regression to my scool daze, since the journey itself has transformed me.

Equipped with the nurturing instincts of the mother crock, and the responsibility that stage 10 invokes – it is now time to go “back to school” to guide and show my fellow companions how the Road of Life (1-Eb, last 8 October) becomes an experience.

First day of school

I don’t remember much of my first year as a student in grade school. I remember all the new plastic and wooden stationary I got, and school bag, and all the rest. The smell of new books, workbooks, and notebooks we wrapped in colorful paper.

Naturally, we first learned the Hebrew alphabet, and basic math. Other 45-minute classes between fun and scary recesses periods were about our country, community, heritage, history, geography, agriculture, millinery tall tales, and the occasional dodge ball frenzy during PT, on crisp winter mornings.

For us 1st-graders, the school staff and headmaster tried to make it as much fun as possible, to facilitate our transition from kindergarten to the cell-block, bell-ringing, factory schooling establishment. The one geared towards getting each and every one of us a job when we grow older.

All through the 6 years of grade school, we had Friday all-hands-on-deck assemblies, in a concrete yard much like a boot camp marching yard, complete with music and square dances.

From that point onward, till right around final exams and graduation, when I first started dating, it’s all one extended bad-trip blur of exams, music, cigarettes, the beach, and other means of amnesia and raw experience.

Loud music, alone in my room, early console and PC computer games, and basketball in the other school yard.


Winter 1988, 8th grade (8-Qanil on the left and 8-Ak’bal on the right)

Looking at it 35 years on, it seems like prehistory. I can only relate to that personal history now by empathizing with 6-year-olds I know today.

Imox is like that in terms of having a prehistorical aspect to its symbolism. According to Darwin’s theory of natural selection and evolution, crocodiles and aligators represent a very ancient species, thriving among us (much like turtles). One that has reached evolutionary climax, equilibrium and perfection many millions of years ago.

Especially the crocodile mother, embodies perfection in nature. An enlightened member of our biosphere that’s altogether nurturing and ruthless. Territorial and berserk. Raw and genius. Magical and unexpected.

In other words – Imox as the universal, oceanic Gaian mother.

Picture the the ONE turtle carrying 4 elephants, who in turn carry the World on their backs and trumpeting trunks.

Culture shock

Martin Gore (10-Imox) singing ‘the bottom line’ from Depeche Mode’s 1997 album ‘Ultra’.

1-Cauac trecena daily digest: begins 8 January 2017

Being hooked on authority is a tricky kind of addiction.

Let’s say I’ve recognized this ritualistic habit I have of externalizing my responsibility to some focal point of authority, like the government, or the CEO of the company I work for. For as long as I can remember myself I couldn’t see that, but then one day I could. It became so obvious I kicked myself for not seeing it before.

Once I recognize a destructive, sinister pattern that’s keeping me enslaved I begin to have more options. A choice.

So I choose to expose this authority figure for the mere imperfect human that s/he is. I find out about lies and power games, coercion and corrupt conduct. I find evidence of a conspiracy, a monopoly that exploits and defiles the very earth we all share. That one percent power gluttons are to blame.

Informing dormant communities about the Truth is important. But a new addiction is now upon me. An addiction to hidden knowledge, passive guerrilla resistance, and a deep desire for an ultimate unveiling that will bring the evil powers that be to justice. Once and for all.

Even when I’m crusading against it, I’m still relating to the very drug I need to kick. I’m the one who bestows authority, whether in adoration or in contempt. I’m still reading the same paper news hoping for headlines of salvation; hanging on the words of a programmed anchor-person celebrity, who’s vying for a cabinet position next year, voicing disarming opinions between tonight’s stories.

They are has-been authority focal points that can only suck and disempower. No. This is not the way, obviously.

“Inevitability is the strongest of all magic.” – Carolinus, the Green Wizard, “Flight of Dragons” by Peter Dickenson

You can’t get enough devious and corrupt billionaires conspiring together to make any difference whatsoever. No matter how much they spray the sky and deceive young soldiers to die in distant lands for greed. Unknown rich boys I hardly envy can stage a million false flag attacks and pull all my fear-strings. They can go ahead and deliberately dumb down my children all through their school years.

It’s all a fade-away jump-shot that’s an air-ball.

Interception, Bill and Melinda:

I choose infinite resources.

Disengage, reroute

The Gregorian and all other calendars, along with the wristwatch, have totally convinced me that time moves on all the time, and that consciousness is a one-way street from cradle to crematorium.

The Tzolkin is obviously a deeper map of human consciousness and experience of time and reality. This depth allows for different dots in time to be connected using different lines of context and meaning.

1-Cauac: An activating period in the midst of Winter

1-Cauac: Purification, morning bathroom style

Born on this day: Princess Diana, John Wayne, Sidney Lumet, Mike Shore (MayanMajix)

Purification, morning bathroom style

“I’d like to be a queen of people’s hearts, in people’s hearts, but I don’t see myself being Queen of this country.” – Princess Diana (1-Cauac) BBC Panorama, November 20, 1995 (3-Cauac, 1-Caban trecena)

At the beginning of each trecena a seed is planted deep inside the womb of consciousness. From its surrounding “soil” it draws the substances it needs to take root and grow. This “soil” is whatever’s already manifested in consciousness, and the most immediate soil in its vicinity is the previous trecena – in this case 1-Cimi, and more specifically its fruit – 13 Edznab.

The seed 1-Cauac is taken from the subtle, yet powerful fruit 13-Edznab (the mirror of truth). This truth-fruit leads to a process of purification and an upheaval of whatever’s false and redundant.

Dark and heavy clouds gather and gather potential. Then a barometric tipping point is crossed. The downpour commences mercilessly.

2-Ahau: The Invisible Sun

Born on this day: Roy Haynes, William Blake, Shaquille O’Neal, Anna Nicole Smith, Kate Hudson, Jesse Ventura, Hendrik Casimir

Invisible Sun

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is: infinite.” – William Blake (2-Ahau) The marriage of heaven and hell

The day after the seed of Cauac is planted is 2-Ahau. The sun-sign Ahau (Sun/Flower) is the last in the 20 -day period the Mayans called “uinal” (pronounced “wee-nal”), and it represents flowering and enlightenment.

In the Mayan Calendar, an Ahau day always marks the last day of the uinal (and of other, longer periods of growth). Therefore, 2-Ahau presents me with somewhat of a dilemma, since the final sun-sign appears at the beginning of the process, and also because the second day of each trecena always presents me with a dilemma.

This dilemma can be phrased: “will the cleansing process enlighten or disappoint?” It will probably do both, along with a score of other changes that have little to do with my expectations. The choice on what to focus remains subjectively mine.

Daddy’s upset

The 80’s were the hay-day of pro wrestlers, engaging in their extreme form of family entertainment. One of these heavy, muscular wariors was Jesse “the body” Ventura (2-Ahau). Back then he was part of a travelling circus of physical talents and freaks. Today, after serving a term as governor of Minnesota, he’s offering alternatives to the current festering forms of government. He actually hosts a TV show called “conspiracy theory”, wrestling verbally with unworthy contenders.

3-Imix: Bluegrass on the Bayou

Born on this day: Tom Hanks, Howard Hughes, Frank Sinatra, George Takei, Tori Amos, Chris Penn, Fred Ward, Bin Laden’s Assassination (according to MSM), Steve Howe, Danny Glover

Bluegrass on the Bayou

“If you don’t know the guy on the other side of the world, love him anyway because he’s just like you. He has the same dreams, the same hopes and fears. It’s one world, pal. We’re all neighbors.” – Frank Sinatra (3-Imix) on Playboy (1963)

3-Imix marks the day the seed begins to germinate, when the dilemma of the previous day is resolved, and the process begins to pulse with the rhythm of growth. The seed is cracked open as roots begin to delve into the ground and the trunk makes its way to the surface. Above the surface, however, nothing is yet visible.

3-Imix is also the beginning of a new uinal (as Imix always is), which means germination takes place on the most basic and material level. The Imix (crocodile) pushes the trecena process uphill with its primordial strength and nourishment.

Howard Hughes (3-Imix) was a genius that became deranged before dying too young. I’d like to see “The Aviator” redone with Tom Hanks (3-Imix too). Here’s the real deal:

4-Ik: The Compass Spins

Born on this day: Michael Jackson, Natalie Portman, Mathew Broderick, John Cusack, Andy Summers, Rafael Nadal, Anoushka Shankar, Harpo Marx, Dave Brubeck, Sheila E

The Compass Spins

“Each Time The Wind Blows I Hear Your Voice, so I Call Your Name. Whispers at morning, our love is dawning. Heaven’s glad you came.” – Michael Jackson (4-Wind) taken from ‘I just can’t stop loving you’, Bad (1987)

Since the action of 3-Imix is unbridled and almost out of control, the following day of 4-Ik comes along to stabilize the process. The wind of communication and good ideas blows in all four directions on this day, refines the raw intensity of the Imix, and sets the boundaries required to establish freedom of speech and movement.

In the context of this trecena – no rainstorm (Cauac) can take place without the wind to take it wherever it is needed. In the growth process, this is when the surrounding soil needs to react and make way for the new plant that’s obviously here to stay.

Harpo Marx was one of my childhood heroes. Here he is in a TV show from the early 60’s (note the blatant product placement for Winston – amazing times!).

5-Akbal: That Night

Born on this day: Jack Nicholson, Steve Buscemi, Penelope Cruise, Anne Hathaway, Peter Gabriel, Ronan Keating, Elizabeth I of England, Andrei Gromyko

That Night

“My grip is surely slipping. I think I’ve lost my hold… I cannot get insurance any more, they don’t take credit, only gold.” – Peter Gabriel (5-Akbal) The Blood of Eden

Once the process is stabilized, and the soil’s reaction allows growth to continue, 5-Akbal comes along. Akbal means “Night/the unknown”, and it stands for transformation through intuition (among many other meanings). 5 is the exact crossing point that is achieved when connecting opposing corners of the rectangular cube (which is 4). It is the apex of the pyramid, and is also considered to be an expression of the masculine aspect of creation.

In the growth process it is the moment in time when the trunk breaks through the surface and sprouting takes place. Combined together, 5-Akbal is empowerment through intuition and the courage to concentrate growth through the potential that lies within the dark unknown.

6-Kan: Windblown Seeds

Born on this day: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Billy Corgan

Windblown Seeds

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald (6-Kan), The Great Gatsby final sentence

Today (6-Kan) marks the stage in growth when the balancing effects of the crest of the trecena begin to unfold (stages 6 through 9 represent balanced energy). Kan is the seed of basic abundance, and it always comes after traversing the unknown Night/Akbal sun-sign. The seed sun-sign is coupled with the number 6, which represents flow and responsiveness. Therefore, the cleansing rainstorm of the current trecena bring flowing abundance on this day.

7-Chicchan: Lightning of Zeus

Born on this day: Tom Clancy, David Letterman, Matt Damon, Joe Henderson, Martin Luther, Gio Gonzalez, D-Day WWII

“The difference between reality and fiction? Fiction has to make sense.” – Tom Clancy (7-Chicchan) on Larry King

The apex (stage 7) of the gathering rainstorm Cauac takes place when lightning tears through the skies. The lightning is Chicchan – the Serpent, and it stands for sensuality, flexibility, and the blood-lightning coiling up the spine (a.k.a. Kundalini). This quintessential dramatic aspect of creation stands at the absolute mid-point of the Cauac trecena, separating the stages of gathering (1-6) from those of release and manifestation (8-13): planning – execution, inhale – exhale.

In the growth process, this stage is when leaves begin to take form and the plant grows in height and matures. On this day we are reminded of the seed that was planted on 1-Cauac, and the journey gains purpose because at the top of the “mountain” (see chart) we can see for the first time the fruits that the final stage of ascension (13) promises.

8-Cimi: Infinite Change

Born on this day: Bill Gates, Robin Williams, Andrew Fletcher (Depeche Mode), Rade Šerbedžija, Bubba Sparxxx

Infinite Change

“You know the difference between a tornado and divorce in the south? Nothing! Someone is losing a trailer.” – Robin Williams (8-Cimi), discussing Cauac

The sign of the Serpent on the previous day inevitably brings spiritual death and transition on this day of Cimi. In this trecena, Cimi is coupled with the number 8, which represents infinity and balance. From this we learn that a true rainstorm at its peak brings infinite change.

The storm uproots old trees, causes streams to overflow, and floods the landscape. 8-Cimi guides us through this transition, and shows that every change elevates us to a new level of harmony. Regardless of the extent by which old patterns are disrupted during the cleansing rainstorm – equilibrium is always regained between the old and the new.

The 8th day of the trecena is also the day in which the theme of the previous trecena (1-Cimi) reappears to balance the effects of the current one.

Here’s Robin Williams (8-Cimi) on the Scottish and a sport they invented – Golf:

9-Manik: Health in the Making

Born on this day: Desmond Morris, Joe Satriani, Raymond Cruz, John Stockton

Health in the Making

9-Manik is the eternal purifier of the negative, the ever-present healer of skill and solace

Like its predecessor Cimi, Manik is also a highly spiritual sun-sign, but its energy lies in the healing craft, that is always called for after the death and change which Cimi invokes. The healing hand of Manik dispels negative aftereffects of whatever was lost forever in the storm, and together with the divine number 9 – provides a bird’s eye perspective of the entire process so far. 9 is the final stage of action before manifestation, just like the nine months of human pregnancy. In the growth process stage 9 is when buds begin to appear on the mature tree.

9-Manik means that the ever-present purpose of the purification process (1-Cauac) is to heal physical and spiritual illness and imbalance, and to dispel negative factors.

10-Lamat: Starry, Starry Night

Born on this day: Kate Winslet, Julio Iglesias, Morrissey (The Smiths), John Boorman, David Blatt (Basketball), Mike Einziger (Incubus), Barry Bostwick (Rocky Horror movie), Arcadi Gaydamak, Reinhold Niebuhr, Elizabeth Fraser, Cybill Shepherd

“Why pamper life’s complexity when the leather runs smooth on the passenger’s seat?” – Morrissey (10-Lamat) taken from ‘This Charming Man’ (1984)

The stormy trecena Cauac manifests on the 10th day, and those who see the first star Lamat in the night sky know that the clouds have finally passed.

Like any southern sun-sign (colored yellow in the chart) Lamat is a sign of abundance, and thus the star abundantly shines in all directions and stands for the many gifts that the manifested rainstorm has left in its wake.

Apart from Manifestation, stage 10 of any trecena also means beauty and responsibility. Beauty reveals itself as a newborn on the 10th month following patient gestation. But it’s obviously just the beginning, since caring for the newly manifested baby carries a great deal of responsibility.

It is the easily accepted responsibility of those who rebuild at the wake of the storm.

11-Muluc: Water Lilly

Born on this day: Neil Young, Saddam Hussein, John Ritter, Lynda Carter, Bob Sinclar, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kevin McHale

Water Lilly

“I call on you not to hate, because hate does not leave space for a person to be fair and it makes you blind and closes all doors of thinking.” – Saddam Hussein (11-Muluc) in his farewell letter

The 11th stage of each trecena stands for resolution and adjustment. The newborn that manifested yesterday needs to adjust to whatever’s already manifested.

On this trecena, day 11 is coupled with Muluc – the sign of water and an offering of appreciation. Following the storm, streams of running water carve the landscape and wash debris away. On this day we let go of the old refuse and offer it in appreciation downstream to complete the entire process of cleansing. In the growth process this is when flowering takes place, and the tree gloriously blossoms.

Here’s one of Bob Sinclar (11-Muluc) ‘s best known tune. As usual, the lyrics are telling:

12-Oc: Love & Understanding

Born on this day: David Eigenberg (Sex & the City), Michael Winslow (Police Academy), Robert Gates, Libi Solomon, Brandon Lee, Sammy Davis Jr., Robin van Persie, David Eckstein

Love & Understanding

“Most governments lie to each other. That’s the way business gets done.” – Robert Gates (12-Oc) to CNN on 12-Muluc

Oc is the dog, loyal and loving, and in the Cauac trecena it appears on the 12th day of understanding and retrospection. After the waters of Muluc resolved the storm’s effects we come to a complete understanding that the rainstorm, although devastating and unsettling – is ultimately a blessing of Love. On this day the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle is placed, and we can finally understand how each stage of the trecena contributed in its own time to the entire process. In this trecena, the loyalty and unconditional love of the dog guides us in this process of retrospection and closure.

13-Chuen: Tomorrow’s Art

Born on this day: Barbra Streisand, Missy Elliot, Ray Romano, Jeremy Irons, Holly Johnson, Burt Lancaster

Tomorrow's Art

“The World is my Oyster” – Holly Johnson (13-Chuen) in ‘Welcome to the Pleasuredone’

Fruition comes on the 13th and last day of the trecena, and in this process the artisan monkey Chuen represents the ripe fruit which carries within it the seeds of the next step of creation.

On 13-Chuen artistic expression and innocent curiosity is called for to carry the successes and failures of the past to the benefit of future endeavors down the road.

The rainstorm has passed, old patterns have been washed away, and the Road to Life (Eb) can now begin to unfold.

To wrap the rainstorm up, I offer you a Jeremy Irons (13-Chuen) you didn’t know about. An artisan in every way:

1-Chuen: Seed of imagination (14 June 2016)

Born on this day: Ronald Reagan (40th US president), Roland Orzabal (Tears for Fears), Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode), Neil Tennant (Pet Shop Boys), Winston Burdett


“The United States does not start fights. We will never be an aggressor.” – Ronald Reagan (1-Chuen) Address on the Strategic Defense Initiative (1983)

Being well aware of his/her own little imperfections and evils, the artist finds a sublime/sublimated way to harness maladjustment and flaw to create something new, beautiful, and meaningful with slender fingers – something that’s a little closer to perfection.

Both the artist and artisan (who are considered to be one and the same according to the Mayan tradition) share this trait of truth-seeking. Some artists dedicate their talent to exposing and accentuating what’s wrong in their world. Their presented artwork is an original and fresh display of sanity and truth for everyone to digest, within works of prose, comedy and art. Others simply feel like tools in the hands of an unseen craftsperson, a vessel that carries new perspectives and value to the artist’s immediate community.

The artist’s hallmark is an innate ability to rearrange existing materials and ideas in a unique and imaginary way, which actually creates a new reality. S/he takes ideas and perspectives, which were collected during 1-Edznab and before, and weaves them like fresh and colorful threads to create a new tapestry of existence. When existing threads are entwined with new ones – patterns that were never seen before begin to take shape.

1-Chuen is the right time to begin viewing the old and mundane through the curious eyes of a child, who cannot accept a fossilized definition of reality and needs to experiment. It is the perfect time to reinvent myself and redefine the meaning of innocence. To a child, most of reality is interesting and engaging. It seems that there are always new things to create out of the old, and novel experiences are waiting just around the corner.


Here’s Ronald Arzabal (1-Chuen) and Tears for Fears singing about the next trecena.