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10-Imix: Traversing the Mire (17 October 2017)

Born 10-Imox: Janis Joplin, Woody Harrelson, Kobe Bryant, Bryant Gumbel, Tilda Swinton, Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), Vladimir Vysotsky, David Kelly (Waking Ned), Clémence Poésy, Jean Houston, Kenneth Johnson


“Tomorrow never happens. It’s all the same fucking day, man.” – Janis Joplin (10-Imix) taken from “Ball and Chain” (1967)

The end of every road is the beginning of the next. Imix/Imox (the crocodile) is the first sun-sign, since everything begins and ends in the womb of creation – the primordial swamp that is the crocodile’s domain.

The previous day (Ahau) is also called “the master”, and in this respect, every master eventually becomes a novice of the next higher level of evolution.

Therefore, Imix (Crocodile, the 1st nawal by popular view) means that the one true road manifests when I find myself back on square one.

But this is scarcely a regression to my scool daze, since the journey itself has transformed me.

Equipped with the nurturing instincts of the mother crock, and the responsibility that stage 10 invokes – it is now time to go “back to school” to guide and show my fellow companions how the Road of Life (1-Eb, last 8 October) becomes an experience.

First day of school

I don’t remember much of my first year as a student in grade school. I remember all the new plastic and wooden stationary I got, and school bag, and all the rest. The smell of new books, workbooks, and notebooks we wrapped in colorful paper.

Naturally, we first learned the Hebrew alphabet, and basic math. Other 45-minute classes between fun and scary recesses periods were about our country, community, heritage, history, geography, agriculture, millinery tall tales, and the occasional dodge ball frenzy during PT, on crisp winter mornings.

For us 1st-graders, the school staff and headmaster tried to make it as much fun as possible, to facilitate our transition from kindergarten to the cell-block, bell-ringing, factory schooling establishment. The one geared towards getting each and every one of us a job when we grow older.

All through the 6 years of grade school, we had Friday all-hands-on-deck assemblies, in a concrete yard much like a boot camp marching yard, complete with music and square dances.

From that point onward, till right around final exams and graduation, when I first started dating, it’s all one extended bad-trip blur of exams, music, cigarettes, the beach, and other means of amnesia and raw experience.

Loud music, alone in my room, early console and PC computer games, and basketball in the other school yard.


Winter 1988, 8th grade (8-Qanil on the left and 8-Ak’bal on the right)

Looking at it 35 years on, it seems like prehistory. I can only relate to that personal history now by empathizing with 6-year-olds I know today.

Imox is like that in terms of having a prehistorical aspect to its symbolism. According to Darwin’s theory of natural selection and evolution, crocodiles and aligators represent a very ancient species, thriving among us (much like turtles). One that has reached evolutionary climax, equilibrium and perfection many millions of years ago.

Especially the crocodile mother, embodies perfection in nature. An enlightened member of our biosphere that’s altogether nurturing and ruthless. Territorial and berserk. Raw and genius. Magical and unexpected.

In other words – Imox as the universal, oceanic Gaian mother.

Picture the the ONE turtle carrying 4 elephants, who in turn carry the World on their backs and trumpeting trunks.

Culture shock

Martin Gore (10-Imox) singing ‘the bottom line’ from Depeche Mode’s 1997 album ‘Ultra’.

9-Qanil: The patient rabbit (25 August 2017)

Born 9-Qanil: Björn Borg, Jimi Hendrix, Don McLean, Tina Dico, Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots), Robert Cray, John Hurt, Lea Thompson (Lorraine Baines McFly, “Back to the future”), Stellan Skarsgård, Rob Reiner

Final Star

“I’m the one that’s got to die when it’s time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to.” – Jimi Hendrix (9-Lamat), “If six was nine”

On this 9-day, just before tomorrow, I’d like to reflect on where we started this trecena from: 1-Ahau.

To understand those who were born on an Ahau kin (and possibly trecena), try to image what your life would be like if you were born already enlightened.

In Maya approach, when a nawal assumes “control” over any given period (for the day, it’s usually at dawn), it gathers the days accumulated so far, shoulders them like in a sack on its figurative back, and begins exerting its influence. This reflects the story behind the year-bearer concept.

So Ahau, being the last sun-sign to many day-keepers, does that for the entire uinal. The essences of the previous 19 nawals are packed together in a dufflebag, and together make up the Ahau archetype (along with its own unique Ahau symbology).

However, keep in mind that, like Ahau, every sun-sign can potentially “bear previous days on its back”, to an extent.

Ahau is therefore a nawal of completeness. This also ties in with the ancestor-related influences that are represented by Ahau. The ancestors are the ones who’ve see it all, been through all the things we think are our special little problems. They’ve completed their turn on the world stage, and finalized all cycles of physical development. They are now perfect.

Ahau-types are likewise aware of what perfection means, and how it could come about and manifest in the arts that they chose to engage in. This is why expectations can be an issue to them. People expect the moon of them, and they expect even more from themselves.

Under the hood: 1-Ahau trecena

1-Ahau is the trecena which demonstrates de-facto that the Tzolkin is unique in its mechanics, since it maps the movement of time in both directions (past/future, back/forward in common words).

Why? Well, Ahau is the last sun-sign, and its trecena is located a mere 3 trecenas (39 days) after 1-Imix – the first trecena.

This pattern is repeated and engraved within the Tzolkin biological composition: after 39 days, 1-Ahau is followed by 1-Cauac, then 1-Edznab, etc.

This is a holographic overtone built into the Tzolkin musical arrangement. It incorporates what I can simply refer to as a “double-helix”, with strands going forward and backwards in time, depending on their frequency.

Actually, it a “triple/quadruple/whatever-helix”, but I won’t get into this right now.

It’s still early.

Everyone gets a leg-up

When I go back in time, and rely on the ancient wise men who lived here before my fathers, every sun-sign gets a boost.

This is what this trecena is all about.

So, the first sun-sign Imix (crocodile) graduated to stage 2, Ik (spirit, wind) reached the communion of 3, Akbal (night) was defined by 4, etc.

Since Ahau also means enlightenment, this trecena teaches me the way to find the best wheels that have already been invented, instead of wasting time constantly starting over, reinventing whatever, and ultimately second-guessing grandpa.


“I try to get up every day.” – Jimi Hendrix (a typical 9-Qanil), when asked if he considered himself “a disciplined guy (who tries) to get up every day and work.”

Reflections on the Mayan cross, part II

Feminine and Masculine on the crossbar

Click here for part 1

In this installment I’ll learn with you about the Mayan cross crossbar – the Masculine and Feminine nawals of the heart (center) nawal. Now, the first thing to clarify is the way in which these polar terms are used in this system. Along with the mundane view of males being masculine and females being the opposite, we need to take on board additional considerations.

Gender in the Mayan cosmovision takes on a broader sense, which somewhat parallels the Taoist approach of Yin and Yang. Yang, for example, can manifest regardless of the individual’s sex, as an activity, as molding energy which strives to change and apply itself. While Yin is more receptive, hidden and encompassing, a yearning to be fertilized by someone or something.

When I look at the masculine (right-hand, diagram’s left) side I find the nawal which allows a person to “be the change s/he wants to be in the world”, to move, act, interact, and invoke miracles. This nawal determines what is noted, focused upon, worked on and shaped. The fertilizer.

The feminine (left-hand, diagram’s right) side is the lens through which awareness to the world is gained. Attention, absorption, digestion and contemplation. Whether male or female, the feminine nawal is the nourishing and protecting one. It can also be viewed as a balancing, invisible counterpart to whatever I am aware of. If the masculine occupies the foreground, the feminine is the background, border, lighting and everything else that’s usually taken for granted.

10-Imox Mayan Cross

10-Imox Mayan Cross

The heart nawal: 10-Imox (30 January 2017)


“I used to be you, then I evolved.” – Woody Harrelson (10-Imix) as Mickey Knox in “Natural Born Killers” (1994)

In 1994, Oliver Stone (6-Cib) released his music-video feature film ‘Natural Born Killers’, which was written by Quentin Tarantino (11-Ben), David Veloz, and Richard Rutowski. Being met with this neck-break cultural roller-coaster at the formative age of 21, I got a strong gut feeling the world is turning weirder by the day.

Today I can see that the reason I still carry the effect that movie had on me is mainly because of its epic soundtrack, which was artfully arranged and created by Trent Reznor (13-Men) of NIN. Very much like an older movie I also love (The Wall), this was a 90-minute, non-stop music video. But that’s a tangent, to be expediently shot down.

The movie’s story revolves around a young couple, Mickey (Woody Harrelson, 10-Imox) and Malory (Juliette Lewis, 6-Eb) Knox, who drive around the unsuspecting American Southwest in a vintage convertible car on an orgiastic murder spree. And much like Bonny and Clyde, these two charming killers are lauded in the media as rock star rebels, on the run from an oppressive system.

Jumping to an altogether different culture (and back to my point), the Mayan nawal Imox is often associated with craziness and genius. It is also a symbol of the Ocean, its immeasurable strength and unforgiving nature, and of the primordial forces that always underlie reality. Some say it is linked to the collective unconscious, our psychic fuel.

So here is an example of a 10-Imox-born male actor, playing the part of an unhinged human predator, who is at the same time preaching on prime-time TV a philosophy of life which resonates enough to spark a full-blown prison riot. A killer’s point of view which cuts through much of what a decedent society has taken for granted about what ‘violence’ and ‘murder’ means. The applause of the cheering crowds in the movie is echoed by the movie audience, who identifies with the protagonists, whatever happens and whoever they may be, and especially when they are caught and stand accused in trial.

Was Harrelson a good casting choice as Mickey Knox?

About 10-Imox

The end of every road is the beginning of the next. Imix (the crocodile) is the first sun-sign, since everything begins and ends in the womb of creation – the primordial swamp that is the crocodile’s domain.

The previous day (Ahau) is also called “the Master”, and in this respect, every master eventually becomes a novice of the next higher level of evolution.

Therefore, 10-Imix means that the one true road (1-Eb) manifests when I find myself back on square one. But this is scarcely a regression, since the journey itself has transformed me. Equipped with the nurturing instincts of Imix, and the responsibility that stage 10 invokes – it is now time to go “back to school” to guide and show my fellow companions how the Road of Life can be chosen and traveled.

The masculine nawal: 4-Men (24 January 2017)


“Sex alleviates tension. Love causes it.” – Woody Allen (4-Men) taken from A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy (1982)

Moving back 7 nawals, from one Woody to another, we have to imagine a whole other kind of male. In most of his films, Woody Allen’s character is a very passionate person, longing to be accepted and loved; to be at least half as self-assured and as dominant as a 10-Imox male like Harrelson could be. Instead, Allen is helplessly trapped inside his own mind, clinging to a false sense of intellectual superiority, unable to recognize that his own unconscious fears, neurotic insecurities and giant ego are all standing in the way between himself and any kind of happiness.

He is nevertheless brilliant and sophisticated, funny and full of life. The Eagle nawal represents a warrior spirit, a crusader of light and truth; generous, open, and at times combative. It operates within the material realm, and is the symbol of money and physical wealth.

All these represent the masculine aspect of Imox.

About 4-Men

The sun-sign Men is the Eagle that soars high above the road and sees dead-ends and insurmountable barriers that cannot possibly be foreseen by its predecessor – the Jaguar – at ground level. The 4th stage of the journey is when boundaries are placed and the entire process is stabilized as a result. The eagle’s vision on this day helps to avoid taking the wrong turns on the Road, and teaches me that, although there are always countless roads to take, I must use vision to define and stabilize my overall destination, and as a result – maintain my freedom of movement.

The feminine nawal: 3-Manik (5 February 2017)

"The track hits ya eardrum like a slug to ya chest. Pack a vest for your Jimmy in the city of sex" - Dr. Dre (3-Manik) taken from California Love

“Hollywood to me is what it is to you. It’s something other than what I am. I sit outside it.” – Meryl Streep (3-Manik) taken from James Mottram, “Meryl Streep: Movies, marriage, and turning sixty,” The Independent, 24 January 2009 (7-Ben)

On the feminine side of Imox we find Manik – a powerful, stable nawal. According to Kenneth Johnson:

“It is a day of power, authority, hierarchy, force, and the four cardinal points… The natives of Kej have a strong masculine energy regardless of their own gender. They are strong and brave, but often very refined at the same time… Kej women are agile and strong; they are able to assume great responsibilities and occupy important positions. They are affectionate and appreciative, but must often make sacrifices to achieve their goals.”

To exemplify 3-Manik in particular, I offer the indestructible, charming Mrs. Meryl Streep. Most would agree she indeed carries a masculine energy, and that she’s agile and strong in whatever role her career takes her to. Being refined can also be attributed to her, perhaps in the way she carries herself. As the feminine side of Imox, she offers refinement of the raw Imox energy, along with providing the tools and skills required to manifest Imox’s brillient ideas and creating drive.

About 3-Manik

Among many other interesting meanings, Manik (the Deer) represents the acquisition of skills and tools, as well as striving for accomplishment. During the course of life’s drama, skills are perfected and tools are acquired in order to overcome obstacles and accomplish goals. When coupled with the rhythmic and unbridled expression of stage 3, 3-Manik can be equated to a busy handyman with an overcrowded toolbox. He knows what needs to be done, wants to succeed, but has trouble deciding which tool to pick, so he leaves it for tomorrow. Therefore, on this day wisdom can be found in avoiding clutter, indecision, and procrastination.