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5-Qanil: Busy-bunny stud (3 December 2017)

Born 5-Qanil: Liam Neeson, Salma Hayek, Paul Dano, Bobcat Goldthwait, Brian Blessed, Earl Warren, Peggy Lee, John Holmes

“Impetuous boy! Ah, well… who wants to live forever? DIVE!” – Brian Blessed (5-Qanil) as Prince Vultan in Flash Gordon

5-Qanil (seed/ripenning) is a day set aside to consider multiplication and its relation to abundance. Multiplication is the empowering force behind community and prosperity.

In the Bible, God commands Adam and Abraham to go forth and multiply like the stars in the heavens. Procreation multiplies souls on earth.

God further decrees that bread is to be won by the sweat of thy brow. Husbandry and agriculture multiply fruits, seeds, and livestock. Industry and commerce multiply just about everything else.

All these empower me, my family, and my neighbors. They are the keystones of prosperity.

Lamat is Yucatec for “Rabbit”. The one animal known for its abilities to multiply. ‘Nuff said.


What’s called for right now is a precise star (5-Qanil). ‘Star’ is another meaning related to this day of Qanil/Lamat.

When I’m out in the desert at night, looking for good shelter, all I need is 1 precise star. A single star from the multitude, which I’ll recognize immediately and navigate according to it to the nearest Oasis. It’s just a small star (5th stage star, not yet 6 or 7), but it pinpoints my location and maps the way to more abundance on this southern, sunny, and altogether grounded trecena.

FROM 1-KAt 10-BEN: trecena background

1-Kat is the best time to celebrate social networking and current social tools, the eternal Facebook included. It’s a time to celebrate each and every way of connecting with another person, regardless of the tools I use. Naturally, not using any tool and just meeting face to face still seems the best choice. But even if we can’t physically meet there are many means of connecting and sharing.

The day of manifestation in this process is 10-Ben (next Friday, 8 December 2017). This is the day on which a clear line is drawn between what’s real and what’s just an opinion; between theory and reality.

Known in the east Indian Vedic tradition as the Web of Indra, the union that abides between you and me (Kat) is not something that needs to be achieved or put together slowly over time. It has to be acknowledged as a constant and indestructible reality. No level of technology can finally alienate nor divide us.

The ironies of the universal artistic mind (1-Chuen) led me out of the cave of the ego and back to real people and real challenges. These are the challenges that I face when I move from the abstract musings of the artist to the crafty handiwork of the artisan.

Manifestation’s promise of abundance began to unfold last Wednesday, 1-Kat, and continues for the next 8 days.

Culture shock

In 1997 Hollywood director Paul Thomas Anderson (7-Imox genius-wacko) came out with the movie ‘Boogie nights”, retelling a thinly-veiled biography of porn-film infamy John Holmes (5-Qanil). It was a tale of meteor rising, followed closely by a spectacular crash and burn. A tale of lust and indulgences whose end was known well in advance. But the party went on as long as it lasted, and not all transformations were bad.

This is typical Qanil syombolism: the god of the vine, ever looking for a new high, insatiable when it comes to indulgences and getting lost in substance. It is Qanil as Lamat the sensual rabbit.

Although being just a wee rabbit, another aspect of the same spirited principal is one of bravery, leadership, maturity, deep wisdom and appreciation of every form of abundance. The stoned god, the father of many, is also the one who rushes first to battle, laughing hard enough to make any foe turn and run like hell.

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘Silmarilion’ it is the Valar (deity) called Tulkas.

In Flash Gordon it is Brian Blessed (5-Qanil) as Prince Voltan.