8-Cauac: Perpetually Wet (13 May 2016)

Born on this day: Lenny Kravitz, Christopher Lee, Ravi Shankar, Brian Molko (Placebo), Thomas Pynchon, Erin Burnett, Amy Goodman, WWI began (1914)

Perpetually Wet

“All investigations of Time, however sophisticated or abstract, have at their true base the human fear of mortality.” – Thomas Pynchon (8-Cauac) in Against the Day

The second half of any given trecena revolves around a process of manifestation. In the first half an energetic wave of change is gathered below the surface of existing reality (stage 1 through 5). It then reaches equilibrium around the crest (6 through 9), crosses the breaking-point of stage 10 (wo/manifestation), and finally resolves and completes the cycle (11 and 12), before the next wave begins to gather as the undertow (13).

The 8th day of the trecena is the day in which the theme of the previous trecena reappears to balance the effects of the current one. The previous trecena was 1-Cauac, which is the blessing of the cleansing rainstorm. Today (8-Cauac) an activating and balancing change takes place, as a direct result of facing the stark reality of yesterday (7-Edznab).

In the context of this trecena, when the Road of Life (Eb) is chosen, and the point of no return (7) is crossed – a storm breaks out, and the old skin of the past is shed and washed away. The lesson of this day is that even when a true path is chosen, storms of change are always a possibility as I actually walk the path towards my personal materialization and manifest reality.

It also shows that meticulous cleansing of intentions, relations, and how I view my past (the path so far) – when practiced and experienced at the everyday mundane level – invariably transforms the whole. This is based on the significance of the 8th stage as a point of harmony and equilibrium. It is the point where the smallest details are of equal importance as the big-picture stratagies. And so attention to detail affects and gives meaning to whatever greater goal is at hand.

Today’s sun-sign (Cauac/Rainstorm) attunement is therefore purification, teaching and learning, the Feminine and the Clan’s future. And the tone or expression (8) of this sun-sign is by harmony and infinity.


Next is Lenny Kravitz (8-Cauac) asking me whether I’ll be going his Way (Eb). Sure Lenny, at least for a while.

After flowering (9-Ahau) takes place tomorrow, I’ll probably figure out my own way back to the swamp of a reality (10-Imix).

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